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Mar 09

Posts: 16

sammixxx says:

any advice for a damsel in distress?

can anyone give me some advice?

im a provisional rider, done my cbt just under a year ago and have always been a reasonably safe driver.

i recently got flashed twice in 2 days by the same speed camera right by where i live!no excuse but my light on my speedo isnt working and camera right at bottom of hill so i had no idea how fast i was going. was doing 45 in a 30 both times when i got flashed.

iv just recieved the letter to send of confirming it was me pretty worried as i know i will get 2 fines of 60 quid qhich is annoying, but what realy bothers me is that im gonna loose all the points of my provisional.will that mean i lose my licence? and if i do do i have to and can i just retake my cbt? i will be lost without my little bike!i work 10 miles you think if i protest that im a nurse in a trauma ward and need my bike to get to work to save lives, do you think this will make a difference? hehe.

any advice would be great.thankyou, sammi :smile

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  • Posted 6 years ago (14 March 2009 16:36)

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Sep 08

Posts: 330

andysyzfr1 says:

Dont look good.

The only thing i could advise is plead your case. If you can prove that your light on the speedo was not working which hamppered you seeing what speed you were doing. Then plead your case and explane that you need your bike for work. The combination of the two might let you off so you dont loose your licence. Maybe lesser points and a bigger fine.

Also email this chap he is a top lawyer and will be able to give you some free advise.-

Good luck love :unsure:

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Jul 05

Posts: 3814

EasyNinja says:

i think...

telling the mags ur speedo light wasnt working at the time of the offence may backfire.. as it cud be deemed ur bike was unroadworth to be ridden at that time of the day / night... y cause more headache for yourself???

with regards to being caught twice whilst on ur provisional.. normally means a ban in ur first 2 yrs of driving / riding if u get 6 points or more.

u will be asked to surrender your licence at court when u attend.

with regards to stating you need ur bike to get to from work.. im afraid doesnt cut it with mags either in my experience.

sorry but its the cold hard truth.


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Apr 07

Posts: 2292


Take the letters and throw them in the dust bin

Take the second set of letters and throw them in the bin also.

I am not joking.

The worst thing they will do is take your licence off you, so throw away the nip's and wait and see what they decide to do.

I have tried the above method twice with good results.

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Jan 08

Posts: 110

tj-666 says:


once you've passed your test you only have 6 points to play with for 2 years,

if your on provisional as far as im aware any points puts you in a buggersome situation.

saying your speedo light was out would techincally make the bike unroadworthy for night/dark riding adding another possible conviction,

id have to say the best you can hope for if you absolutely rely on it is to do what the guy above said and act like you havent recieved anything,

you cant be prosecuted for what *ahem* never happened :wink:

at least it keeps you going for the time being until they decide what to do about it

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Mar 04

Posts: 160

jdavies123 says:

try Dont do nothing, if they sent them NIP's first class it has be assumed that they did arrive. I would suggest sending 1 NIP back unsigned, just before the time limit. Hopefully it will be timed out/ they will forget/cant be arsed. I dont think you can get away with saying that 2 NIP's didnt arrive.

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May 05

Posts: 51

r6buz says:

No Ban for 6 points

You can have upto 12 points on a provisional before you get banned. Being a nurse will get you a lighter penalty as they allways go easy on anyone who works for the govornment.

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Jul 05

Posts: 3814

EasyNinja says:


the law changed a few yrs ago,.... 6 points on a provisional licence for bike ( ie cbt done ) will get u a ban .. trust me.

as for not signing n.i.p u can try it... but they have upto 6 mths from the time of offence to deal with you.

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Apr 07

Posts: 2292


My theory

99% of motorists caught will pay the fine etc, the 1% are just not worth chasing up. I've used the pace letters twice and have heard nothing after filling all of the following correspondence in the bin.

Maybe you'll end up in court and maybe you wont, the way I see it you have nothing to loose, the problem with returning the nip's is that just by returning them unsigned or not its an admission of guilt.

I say dump them and if you are successful I think you should come round my house in your uniform and get down and dirty for saving your licence lol:wink:

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Jun 07

Posts: 5241

R100R says:


I would send back the confirmation I was riding.  They will send you two nips inviting you to pay the fine and accept the points.  Throw them in the bin.  They might not chase up them up as court time is valuable.  If they do chase both up then you can go to court, say you have learned your lesson and will never do it again and that you are a nurse and need the bike to get to work.  You'll get a fine, but might keep your licence.:doubt:

And get the speedo fixed.:wacko:

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Jan 09

Posts: 228

papasmurf78 says:


do you not have that road safety class in your area where you pay the fine and listen to some boring bloke with a beard tell you how naughty you have been and not get the points

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