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Apr 07

Posts: 997

gizzabreak says:

The Herding mentality

What does biking mean to you.

Is about travelling over long journeys feeling at one with your environment ?

Is it about surgically dissecting a gloriously twisty road on a superb handling machine that you feel at one with ?

Or are you one of the huge number of lonely social bikers, that have little interest in bikes other than the social circle and friends they provide you with.

It's interesting that the image that non riders have of bikers is of solitary souls, out there, enjoying the freedoms from constraints that blight ordinary folks, and dare I say it, going against the grain a little - non conformist if you like.

Interestingly though, the reality is that we exhibit the herding mentality, more than the average person.

We go to bike meetings, hang around with others who ride the same bikes as we do, and dress the same way.

Some people cannot bear the thought of riding alone, and prefer groups.

So, are you a herding biker, who, like cattle, wonder around in groups to feel secure ?

Or are you a solitary tiger, preying on these weak animals ?

What is it about so many bikers that they feel they simply must head out and join in with large groups of other bikers and drink tea and chew burgers all day.

It's pathetic



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  • Posted 6 years ago (23 March 2009 05:47)

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Mar 09

Posts: 6

GenX says:

No one likes you Gizza

I can relate to some of the stuff you say Gizzabreak

esp this

'Is it about travelling over long journeys feeling at one with your environment ?'

and some of what you said about some sportsbike riders (but those types don't stay/last long) 

but why the hate?...let them do what they want

Personally I ride alone or with 1 or 2 close friends and its great. The great thing about riding alone is that you can please yourself, not constantly waiting for others to eat, crap or fix their bike. The other hazard about groups is when certain numpties start showing off to their mates and take you off with them.

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Steel Boy


Nov 07

Posts: 5

Steel Boy says:

riding alone

Wish i could ride something, my wifes pregnant and my bikes fucked.:upset:

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Feb 09

Posts: 122

yuzzy9 says:

i agree

i think when gizza has finnish goose stepping around his front room in pink laderhoesans and invading small countries should get some fuckin mates and go out riding with them....tosser.

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Jan 08

Posts: 5770

steve.g says:


tit, i ride my bike for my own pleasure, be it with a mate or posing down high streets.


and people turn heads to look, as they would even if i didnt have to wear a helmet....:winkie:



i think railway platforms are more your forte, in yer anorak mate.

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Mar 07

Posts: 3231

weasel64 says:


i REALLY couldnt have put that sweeter my self,on the nail 100pc bang on no bull.....WELL PUT M8 :biggrin:

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Feb 09

Posts: 600

nik77 says:


no good giza being a train spotter cos thats herding mate:lol::lol:

he's be better as a lolly pop man then he can be the predator and do the herding for his power trip:wink:

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Aug 06

Posts: 34

MIKEYZZR600 says:


Gizzabreak - log on to

its up to us how WE want to ride,what we ride and how we spend our time.


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Mar 09

Posts: 2444

whiskers says:

does it matter

:huh: what you ride where you go as long as you enjoy youself

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Jan 08

Posts: 5770

steve.g says:


if it was gizzabreak, he would have dayglow leathers on, dayglo vest, unworn tyres, and be shitting himself as it must have been a bike he borrowed.


has anyone thought, gizza may be the pleb that rode a bike feigning to be a copper that was in paper few month ago?


im not the only one with suspicions. you know the guy, :winkie:

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