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Steve Farrell  says:

Government tells police and councils to target bikers for cash

Police and councils were told to target motorcyclists in order to get government road safety funding. The instructions were contained in a brief setting out how applications should be made for funding for this year. It’s why at least four counties have devised operations targeting motorcyclists. Derbyshire has a new ‘motorcycle detection’ system on popular riding routes including the Cat and...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (08 April 2009 11:48)

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Aug 02

Posts: 8

dave8204 says:

More paranoid crap from MCN,which is why I don't buy it any more.All the so-called "bikers being picked on" stories are no such thing,they apply to all road users.

If you don't break the traffic laws you'll never,ever get done for anything.Maybe MCN will run a  "Bikers don't like sticking to the same laws as everyone else" story.Thought not,Kevin Ash and co do us no favours at all,stop bloody moaning and making stories out of nothing and you might just get some readers back.

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Jan 08

Posts: 998

I Agree With dave8204

Im sick of reading these stories just to drum up some speed-freak MCN reader.

Come on, this isnt the 70's chaps....

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Jul 08

Posts: 190

zephyrdave says:


What about the £250k that was awarded to target the Somali population in Hounslow? Why aren't they complaining about victimisation? Or far, far more worryingly the £900k that Lancashire got to test 'innovative in-vehicle systems that warn drivers when they are speeding or approaching sharp curves' which sounds a lot like ISA to me... wouldn't that £900k have been better spent training people to use their eyes and brain - the bits already in car or bike that tell you when you're speeding, approaching a sharp curve or jumping a red light etc.

The DfT wanted bids that focused on bikes because bikes are over represented in the statistics, it would have been hard to justify awarding grants for projects that focus on 35 year old dwarf lesbians with one leg as they make up such a tiny % of road casualties...

Yes it's good that projects are focusing on keeping riders alive and rubber side down but perhaps some of the projects are a little mis-guided. If you live in the one of the areas that have got a big fat DfT grant, or even if you don't, why not get in touch with your local road safety unit and tell them what you, as a biker, want in respect to road safety be it further training, better visibility at junctions or just a re-test for all taxi drivers.... you never know until you ask...

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Feb 09

Posts: 11

FOGs says:

Not Again!

How about putting the funding towards the new sandy coloured road surface that is being used at the approch to pedestrian crossings and tight corners and put it on ALL Round A Bouts? 

Oh AND! a re-test for all taxi drivers who think the red cycle box at traffic lights is THEIR! stop line even though it's clearly marked with a cycle picture, why arn't the Police targeting them to make money for Councils.They would have far more money in the coffers for the end of the year bash!

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Apr 09

Posts: 1

emmsscott says:

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Mar 09

Posts: 71

Kingsil says:


In the early sixties a psychologist called Stanley Milgram conducted an experiment on how people defer to authority figures, he took a group of people and got them to administer electric shocks (obviously not real ones!) to a victim strapped to a chair. The white lab coat wearing authority figure pressured them to ramp up the voltage finally reaching 420 volts. 65% of people went all the way to the highest figure despite the actors by now agonised screams. In that 65% you can place all the people who say 'if you don't do anything wrong/ break any rules you've got nothing to worry about'. Most motorcyclists tend to be anti-authoritarian and that's a good thing.

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Feb 09

Posts: 266

ergf says:

im with dave8204

The rules do apply to all road users. I have been done for speeding twice in the car not once on the bike yet.
If you drive at 30 in a 30 zone you will end up with a queue of traffic behind you because most road users speed.
If we speed we take the risk of being caught. I am not going to let it make me paranoid just like riding a bike its an accepted risk

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Aug 08

Posts: 4

Wrong focus

In the last few months I've had three incidents which could have been worse, but I was able to deal with them safely.  The first a driver changing lanes who never knew I was there.  The secondly a van driver tried to squash me onto the hard shoulder.  If he'd been a  bit more observant he'd have seen the cop car behind him.  This weekend a car driver did a U turn from a parked position without looking.  Luckily I braked in time and only suffered a click from the pillions helmet.  All three incidents caused by car/van drivers.  Why are they targetting bikers?  If all vehcile drivers learnt the observation skills bikers have to learn to stay alive we would all be a bit safer.  Spend the money on improving driving standards!

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