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Steve Farrell  says:

Rural road to get 50mph limit

Speed limits on rural roads will be cut from 60mph to 50mph under plans announced by the Government. Limits on residential roads near schools will be lowered from 20mph to 30mph under the proposals, which aim to cut road deaths by a third by 2020. The Department for Transport wants reviews of rural road speed limits and 50mph zones ‘where this...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (22 April 2009 13:52)

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Aug 07

Posts: 2

James10 says:

Limits are already being lowered

I live in Warwickshire and lots of good (for bikers) local A and B roads have already been lowered to 50mph. My wife also drives to Oxford on a regular basis and likes to avoid the Motorways but almost the entire route has been lowered to 50. Try driving in 5th gear in a car at 50 on an A road and you will find that the gearing is all wrong and you spend half of the tim in 4th therefore costing you more in Petrol and probably producing more pollution!


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May 07

Posts: 852

Government Road Safety Propaganda...

Again its all based on lower limits. Fitzpatrick is another piece of crap MP like 'Hoon the Goon' who embrarressingly enough is my MP!!! They sh*t in the same pot and that pot is there to make them money, keep the moaning ba*tardsquiet and fill the publics heads full of crap and propaganda.

He wants the safest roads in the world but is happy going for the easy option of lowering limits not using clever road design to keep us safe and traffic flowing freely. The mans a sad excuse of somebody who hasn't an ounce of innovation in him but plenty of time for those who prpbably don't even drive!!!

I say ignore the limits unless there's cameras and ignore the advice from our loving and caring Government. Its a bloody mess this country and then there's the financial side after the roads cock-ups!!! If you aren't a middle aged, single parent who moans about cars driving past schools and people having noisy bikes then the Government don't give a sh*t. If you go to work to keep the dossers on the dole in booze but like to go out and ride a powerful bike at the weekends they try and label you an anti-social moron out to kill himself!!!!!

The G20 was just a taste of what's to come for the Police too. I'm hoping for more filming of the fuzz and more evidence they try and make it an 'us and them' Big Brother UK. They should think about the G20 filmings of them killing and maming when they film cars and bikes on the roads.

Where will it all end? Its as if the UK is heading for meltdown with everyone filming everyone and hating everyone elses hobbies or choice of transport or chosen clothing. Will we really ever be satisfied until as a race we've destroyed ourselves because we certain ly can't all getalong can we?

AND I agree with James10, most good roads have already been trashed by the 50mph limit so although I don't agree with it at all they may as well make the UK a blanket 20mph zone as far as I'm concerned because they've forced speed limits to become nothing more than something to ignore.

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Mar 09

Posts: 190

kittykat79 says:

reversing the laws of maths

"Limits on residential roads near schools will be lowered from 20mph to 30mph"


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Jan 08

Posts: 5

MR SP2 says:

Rural road to get 50mph limit

Try signing the petition on the Prime Minister's website, it lets you sign it then fails to send the confirmation e-mail thus preventing the vote being recorded.

Were I a cynic I might take the view that this is deliberate to avoid the embarrassment of > 1,000,000 signatures as in the road pricing debacle. But of course, this goverment and this Prime Minister would never manipulate!! 

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Jul 07

Posts: 15

AllyB1200 says:


Speed limits and what next, according to statistics you are twice as likely to have an accident if you are over weight, Fat people beware!

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Aug 02

Posts: 1

klbiker says:

Rural road to get 50mph limit

That wonk Fitzpatrick said "most motorists are responsible and drive carefully, it's the minority who ignore the speed limits that we are targeting" - by lowering the speed limits that they already ignore, huh? :lol:

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Mar 07

Posts: 1464

joeslow says:

If accidents and fatalities go up

Do you think the do gooders will put the limits back up to their original levels?

I think not...

After the 20mph limit they will go for a 10mph one and so on until the man with the red flag returns.

They can't stop fidding with limits just to screw more money out of the motorist.


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Nov 07

Posts: 541

As a sideline...

Does that mean that by travelling at 50mph you spend MORE time on the badly maintained and shambolically constructed roads?


I really cannot see this happening. It's a red herring to piss people off... Surely???


One minute the talk is of increasing the limits and then the next it is of decreasing them... Idea worth considering is that if you REALLY want to reduce deaths and major accidents why not properly seperate pedestrians from vehicles rather than having them co-habiting the same areas. More by-passes, better education in the schools and some REAL policing of the roads rather than parking 'revenue vans' all over the place...

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May 08

Posts: 96

Bikefar says:


According to UNECE statistics, Norway has a slightly higher rate of accidents per 100,000 population than the UK. The speed limit for rural roads there? 60km/hr.

But as I commented before, round where I live, there are some car drivers laugh at speed limits anyway - school or no school and carve up law abiding motorcyclists wherever they can.

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Jul 07

Posts: 116

jnh-hrc07 says:

i agree with yellowninja600. the problem with our roads at the moment is, for the most part, not a drivers speed, its a drivers attitude. and i dont mean just towards bikers but the roads in general. it needs policing and not via a man in a van with a speed gun. i couldnt tell you the amount of times i've seen cars weaving in and out of lanes, cutting people up, sitting in the outside lane because they dont want to be over taken... etc etc etc. all things that spark a bit of anger in other drivers and just causes our roads to feel like a constant fight or race. i've seen one guy dive into the inside lane because the outside was braking, causing the car he pulled in front of to lock up and nearly lose control. the car behind that was a fully marked volvo traffic police car and he did absolutely nothing. just slammed on as well then carried on following the traffic. i'm guessing because trying to get to the person who nearly caused the accident would be too much effort and would be of no use? i mean, he probably wouldnt be able to hand out any points so i guess he couldnt be arsed.


its stupid. traffic policing needs to become more proactive, and not about speeding but the way people are driving. add to that a maximum capacity limit for new drivers like we have with bikes and the roads become a lot safer with out messing around with speed limits or putting up more speed cameras.

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