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Apr 08

Posts: 1036

geoffart says:

Is this suspicious behaviour?

I was parked inside a COOP car park the other day.  Some bloke came up to me and my YBR125. He said he was buying a new scooter and wanted to change the licence plate. Then he put his hand to my plate, and seemed to be measuring it for size. He said he was thinking of replacing his scooter licence plate with one from his landrover. I didn't quite understand what he was doing, but considering all the plate cloning that has been going on, and being eager not to be done for doing 184mph in a far away county on my YBR125, I was quite suspicious of his actions. 

He walked away, but then returned and did the same thing, so I started to look to see if he was carrying a note book or anything of that nature (taking down my plate details?), but the only thing in his hand was a couple of letters. So, I questioned him: "so you want to swap a car plate with a bike plate?", and at that point he became a bit irritated: "no I'm replacing it!" he half shouted back. I just said, "you'd have to probably OK it with the DVLA, and he walked off. 

Does this sound weird??  

He seemed to be just measuring a bike one up for size, and I suppose if he was a real criminal, he could have easily chosen a bike where the rider wasn't present. But considering a lady was just done for doing 41mph on her mobility scooter (top speed 8mph), and a tractor was done last year for doing over 100mph (top speed 26mph), I suppose we have to be on our guard.

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  • Posted 6 years ago (25 April 2009 11:50)

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Jul 08

Posts: 1448

THEAK says:

Oh yeah

That sounds darned suspicious, even more so that he chose to do it with you there. That is, to do it like that, is a sign of someone who is on their way to Son of Sam status (aggression, lack of proper social understanding), or who is, in some way, desperate.

Weird doings!

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Jul 08

Posts: 4423

ninjachica says:


Believe it or not, when buying a bra from a market stall in Spain, they measure you up for cup size manually!!!

If that not suspicious, I don't know what is!   :blink:

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Feb 09

Posts: 131

harleyxdave says:

Report it

I'd report it to your local police, explain what happened and that your plate may be cloned and caught on a different vehicle in the future. I think then what they will do is report your number plate as a stolen vehicle (which may mean you get pulled a bit) and if the vehicle they pull isn't the right one for the plate they've got the clone (and possibly cloner). If nothin comes of it then no harm done, but if so it'll make it alot easier to prove its not you that did 180, because you've notified the possibility of it happening.

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Mar 07

Posts: 272

Ginnelli says:


He could have took his log book and license to Halfords and got a plate made up to his own spec. as plates come in standard sizes. Did you write down his reg or make and colour of his vehicle. Its a lot easier for the police to trace his car...

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Apr 06

Posts: 667

BEXI says:


very suspicious but tbh i wouldnt worry to much, cos if you get a ticket saying you done 180 in a 30 then take it all the way and laugh, cos they would have to proove your bike is capable, and it aint.

no seriously report it to the local cop shop and keep a reference of the name and number of the person you reported it to

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Apr 08

Posts: 1036

geoffart says:

"I thought I was in the twlightzone!"

thanks for the replies!  A much different response that I expected! 

OK, I think I'll at least tell the police.  He said he wanted to replace it with the one currently on his land rover, but... hmmm.

Recently I've had loads of random people coming up to me and asking me about my bike!  Very strange, but it may be a sign of recession that people are interested in a YBR125?

I was at the garage the other week tanking up, and when I walked into to pay for my petrol the guy serving started asking me questions like "do you like it?" and "how far does it go on one tank?" He was an Indian and apparently he said it reminded him of his bike in India and he wanted to get one - lol.  Well, then I came out of the petrol station, was just about to get back on my bike, and the guy next to me got straight out of his car and said "excuse me, your bike: how much did it cost you? Do you like it? " LOL!!!  I thought I was in the twlightzone!  Never heard of a £900 125 getting so much attention! Had it a year, and no one asked about it, then two people in the same petrol station start asking about it!  Not suggesting anything suspicious there, but was strange!  Then this bloke appears a week later, measuring out my plate. 

Sometimes coincidences happen - lol!

Having said that, I guess a guy measuring up a licence plate has to be reported, so I'll mention him to the police - just in case!  Thanks!

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Jan 08

Posts: 206

ninja1k says:


Hi mate,

Defo report it and get a reference number. So if it is cloned and the NIPs start falling on your door mat you stand half a chance of clearing your name and keeping your licence.


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Aug 02

Posts: 5980

tazzer says:


fuck this IT malarky, I'm moving to Spain and opening a market stall selling bras :lol:

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Jan 05

Posts: 3428

MADMARK99 says:


me too :biggrin:

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Mar 09

Posts: 4548

smoto5 says:


that's suspicious behaviour all right! :lol: Need an assistant?

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