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Steve Farrell  says:

First new test candidate crashes

One of the first learner riders to take a new motorcycle test crashed and broke his arm in the middle of the examination. In a chaotic start to the new test regime, a second candidate crashed while a source at the test site was on the phone to MCN telling us about the earlier accident.   Riding instructor Graham Woodcock blamed...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (28 April 2009 14:55)

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Mar 09

Posts: 8828

jaffa90 says:


It`s simple:shock::shock::shock: The government (any) do not want any more m/c`s on the road:shock:It will take about 40yrs to do this!:upset::upset::upset:

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Jan 05

Posts: 3428

MADMARK99 says:

New Test is a joke

I`ve been an instructor for about 8 years now, and i have never had a student have a crash serious enough to break an arm.

Ok, some have dropped the bike during the U turn and 1 or 2 have dropped the bike doing the emergency stop, but thats only a few (less than 10) in 8 years.

I have been waiting since the new test started the other day, to hear something like this. Its an utter p*ss take and i hope the injured person sues the hell out of the DSA and the European govt. for making this happen.

The off road section (module 1) has nothing to do with real life riding!!!!



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Mar 09

Posts: 10

robbyban says:


If I can pop a wheelie at 110MPH in heavy rain I am sure I could manoeuvre at 31mph. This government is a shambles.. bring in the torys!!!

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Mar 06

Posts: 399

wpotter says:

Highway code

Does the highway code not state that you are supposed to match your speed to the approriate conditions (within the speed limit as a hot sunny day doesn't mean you can belt along at 100mph!), whether it is dark / foggy / wet / icy / etc.

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Mar 09

Posts: 257

airwane says:


So none of the instructors (union of instructor if it does exist) can do something about this. Did the government even consult with some instructors???
Beside why allow learners to pass they test under the rain!!

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Jul 08

Posts: 286

MCN LiamM says:


'Cos at some point or other they're going to ride in the rain...

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Dec 03

Posts: 317

hairyMuppet says:


Not if they buy a HD or a sportsbike!  :oP

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Jan 09

Posts: 47

greenhat says:

new test

The new motorcycle test is flawed and probably will have to change at some point in the future for safety and liability reasons, here are a few problems:

the test requires for some exercises a speed no less than 31mph, most speedometers are inaccurate, so an indicated 31mph will actually be 29mph.The rider must exceed his/her speedo to achieve the "correct" speed, what speed is correct and should the rider use 33mph as a 30mph on the following road ride?

The "swerve" exercise implies that a rider should take avoiding action at the point when a hazard is now unavoidable, through forward observation,use of road signs/markings,change in position if available,speed change and use of the horn, this swerve need never happen, i worry about the message this gives to a  novice rider about his/her future riding plan for the road, "swerve you'll be fine". Whether in a controlled environment such as a DSA test centre or on the road, swerving tells you that there is a problem with your riding and it is without doubt DANGEROUS.

The test centres, in some cases are positioned in unsuitable areas, one is surrounded by roads with speed limits no greater than 40mph, this means that riders are being assessed (again speedo readings being optomistic) at  speeds no greater than 38mph? Is this really safer than the old test? A modern sports bike will certainly supprise a few unwitting riders who, having already successfully swerved and ridden at speeds that would embarrass a few cyclists, will now hop onto a you decide.

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Sep 06

Posts: 10

studownie says:

test candidate crashes

We have some right twerps in charge of this country, sometimes you just couldn't make up some of the daft things they come up with. In this case if the candidate felt it was unsafe to ride at 50kph they should not be forced to do so. Any fool can drive fast the hard bit is driving safely and that means you do not do 50kph if the conditions dicate otherwise for if you do you must, by default, be driving carelessly. The women who was failed because she wasn't going fast enough should not have been penalised because she obviously rode at the right speed for the conditions whereas the poor blokes who fell off were being pushed to go too fast for the conditions. In all these cases the riders should be given free retest.

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Jan 08

Posts: 998

Funny Thing Is....

Its a perfect example of the test being "right" but everything else being "wrong".

ive had to make some lairy moves in the wet thanks to idiot get-home-syndrome drivers, and its been in worse weather than today i can tell you!!!!

It could boil down to the way people are told to overcome their pre-conceived fears, WHICH NOT MANY RIDING SCHOOLS DO!!!

Mine was good cos they drilled it in to "trust the bike will do ........when you do ......." many test places around mine have been telling riders not to use the front brakes cos they cant teach riders well enough.

Id go so far as to blame a lot of this on instructors being well, crap at their jobs as people who need to teach road craft, trust, riding philiosophy and what bikes can actually do!

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