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Apr 09

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The problem with the swerve test is...

Well, the new test is here, very sorry to hear of people dropping the bike on test and, even worse, someone getting hurt. We have our own Mod 1 course for trainee's to practice on. So far no-one has dropped the bike, we are very carefull with our trainee's only allowing them to do the avoidance exercise when we think they are...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (30 April 2009 15:18)

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Apr 09

Posts: 13

paula4u says:

50 kmph yes but

Am I just being stupid but once you are through the speed test, why carry on increasing your speed, you know what you have got to do..  so take it to the speed and then concentrate on the swerve and controlled stop at the end of it..  This is real life, you are going at 50 kmph  and you see a hazard..  surely you slow down automatically. Anyone? I agree the speedtrap, is too close to the swerve but the idea is to do the swerve at that speed I suppose.

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Aug 02

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spondonste says:

DOT - fingers in ears and not listening

In a real ife scenario, if a car pulls out from a side road you will automatically brake whilst swerving out of the way. To not accept this situation and force students to maintain an idiotic speed shows that this section of the test is to appease car drivers (so they don't have to even bother to look at junctions - the onus is now on the bikers to swerve out of the way - thats what they're trained to do, apparently) and significantly reduce the pass rate. It is a dangerous move and in the wet is potentially leathal.

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Feb 09

Posts: 260

CBR69 says:

i agree...........

it's all a total waste of time,:blink: i never done a swerve test and theres millions of people with alot more experience than me who never done one either and a large pecentage have never had an accident......... there's one very good reason that this test will not decrease bike casualties:mad:, bike riders get more confident and more able on roads with experience!!!! not doing a poxy swerve test, realisticly, if and when a car is suddenly put in front of a new rider, chances are they will freeze up and hit it, a more experienced rider will automaticly look for the safe area/gap a head for that therefore standing a much less chance of crashing, it almost becomes an instinctive reaction, no amout of training can prepare a new rider for that, i think it just comes to you in time, probably with a combination of avoiding drain covers, debris etc....... in the road is what really trains you in moving the bike and any scary moments you have will eventually train you to stay calm and do what you have to to stay upright and safe,but this is just my opinion on it:smile

RIDE SAFE!! THINK BIKE!!:sunglasses:

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Oct 08

Posts: 11

Johndercat says:

"swerve test"

Another thing to consider is that not all bikes are as manoeuvrable (spelling?) in those circumstances as an ER5 or whatever they're using. Which renders this "tactic" useless.

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Jul 08

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vardypeeps says:


On another note it would be nice to be able to choose which side you swerve to as people might be more confident left or right?

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Mar 09

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Chris14 says:

New serve test

I totally agree that this new serve test is usless.

I've been riding since December 2008, and after 6 weeks of riding a car pulled out in front of me, and i hit it at 40mph, writing my new Honda CBF125 off, Cat B.
I've also recently done training for the new test, particularly the serve and in all honestly it's nothing like an actual car pullin gout on you or whatever.

The DSA need to get their act together.

Does anyone have any advice on how to do this serve easily, I'm really struggling with it? Thanks

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Aug 02

Posts: 2736

spondonste says:


The best way to tackle this swerve test depends on the bike your riding. On a modern bike you can countersteer but on older less nimble bikes you have to use a different technique. Keep your shoulders loose with your elbows down and sligthly bent. You can either leave you first turn in until the right and left apex form a straight line to you and then counter steer after the right hand apex or alternatively ride on the left hand side of the entrance road apex to the right slightly late and countersteering to the left just as your approaching the right apex.

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Jun 09

Posts: 1

AggyG says:

Right then...

I have failed today Module 1 due to my wisdom... Basically I was riding 49 km however it wasn't enough so Instructor was happy of me to correct it. I was riding around 55 km at the point and on the finish line he said sorry you weren't confident enough doing this speed... my questions is who would? I m not professional, I had many lessons but still I m not an expert.
To be honest few of my friends who were practising with my on car park couldn't ride with this speed and do even u turn correctly, they are good old riders well... makes you wonder
How much DSA believe in new riders... or maybe they just want to top up their salary at the end of the month.
Is there anyone from DSA on this forum who would be able to answer this for me please?

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Aug 09

Posts: 1

dezeboy says:

Mod 1 test

During a training exercise at a professional motorbike school i skidded off and landed on my shoulder  during wet condtions and was lucky that i suffered servely damaged ligaments and not a broken collar bone.  I don't blame the motorcycle school but the government for insisting on a minimum speed and that the test should be carried out in all weather conditions. 

I was wondering if i had any chance of sueing the government for the injuries sustained?

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Nov 09

Posts: 1

trumalou says:

Suing DSA

Did you manage to successfully file a claim? I came off during the swerve test when it was very cold and wet. The DSA have said if a rider was ready there would be no accidents. However, they have said there are no opportunities to practice at Silverstone, where I had my test, like there are at other test centres. They also said there is adequate drainage, so the wet shouldn't be a problem and they did not have to adhere to the Highway Code stopping distances! I observed two puddles on the course near the speed trap after I had come off the bike, so not sure what they consider adequate drainage!

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