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Adrian Wilcock  says:

One word describes the new test - pathetic!

It comes as no surprise to the majority of bikers that on day one of the 'new test' two accidents occur causing injury to one learner. Why is it that in conditions that look pretty awful and wet in the picture was the swerve test even allowed to take place in the first place? More importantly, why does the DSA and...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (06 May 2009 10:03)

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Jun 07

Posts: 1990

mobileenoph says:


I totaly agree with every comment you have made, I think the DSA need to re-design the test, as you say defensive driving is the way to teach new students...boy, am I glad I passed my test in 1974. (showing my age now)

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May 07

Posts: 23

jowjow says:


I did my test in 2001, failed because of putting a foot down on the U-turn, examiner said my riding was excellent and although he would like to pass me he could not, I thought that this was bad enough. Who does a U-turn these days? Apart from risking 2 grands worth of fairing, you are just asking for some noob 17 year old on their mobile to collect you on their way past. This new test is just a case of people with too much time to sit in front of a white board and brain storm. They should have all been made to do the test themselves in the wet and see if they still thought it was a good idea. It is about time this government went and we got some people who had a grip on reality.

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Feb 09

Posts: 2

wilkinsonjd says:

totaly agreed

been riding for 2 years on a cruiser and now i have finally saved up for my test am now wondering why i bothered its not like were in europe where the moped riders ect do what they feel like,  just be alert and aware of hazards and youll be fine

Ride safe

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Mar 06

Posts: 1

davyc says:

my experience

Or rather my wife's. TOday she called me after sitting her module 1 to tell me that every single person who sat it today with her (a block booking from her bike school) failed the test. In the main this was because no-one could get up to speed for the avoidance test and the emergency stop and it seems it wasn't for lack of trying. Even ignoring the relevance of it altogether, surely it doesn't take a genius to work out that a larger run up would solve this particular issue? Of course the DSA won't change it for love nor money I reckon, that'd be an admission that it's a shambles.


God help biking.....

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Jun 07

Posts: 14

CRITCH01 says:

Totaly agree

My 1st test was on the old test, 17th april, i didnt get a chance to take it cos they said it was tooo windy,,

I was the 5th person to take the test in Blackburn on the  morning of 27th April, this was the next avalible slot.

I can see why they do the test, the 4 people infront of me failed, they were all like Bambi on ice.. and prob would not have passed the old test.

I failed cos I was 1kph too slow on the swerve test, so cos your allowed two attempts, I went at it again, yeh hit the speed 69 kph, but I clipped a cone...ooops posss a little too fast. what a load of crap. even the examiner said i was a vgood rider, and should have passed...

I have been riding for 5 years, now on my third cbt, I commute 30 miles everyday to work and have never needed to swerve like they suggest in the test,, Why cos I read the road and ride defensively, and you would not put yourself in such a position,, and yes I am bitter about not passing, I think they really need to reassess certain aspects of the test...what they are asking you to do on the swerve test is Dangerous, and anyone who has done it may agree with me the course at the speed in the wet   Oh and did i mention it had not rained for about 1 week and this day the rain was awful !!!  is dangerous, what ever happend to ride for the conditions...


Anywho rant over, and i hope no one esle gets hurt while doing their test,   Ride safe, keep it silverside up ! 

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Jun 07

Posts: 14

CRITCH01 says:

Oh on another note

 Davyc, when i was doing my test, the examiners were disscussing out side while we were watching people fail, they said they had tried the test on a couple of Cgs, and they could only JUST get them upto the speed required !!!  but had to give it loads through the corner, even they said it is dangerous !!

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May 09

Posts: 1

stellabunny says:

Another statistic

After two attempts at the old style test I ended up taking my 3rd attempt yesterday, starting with Part 1.  Yes you guessed it I too failed on the swerve test and no minors!

I dont think the problem here is it being a dangerous manouver as there is plenty of space to make the swerve, where the problem lies is that it is impossible to find somewhere to practice.  I struggled to do the U-turn but with practice I got there and now they are easy. 

Apparently the DSA have agreed to let riding schools rent time on these off road pads to allow for trainees to practice all the manouveres.  Fingers crossed this happens sooner rather than later.

I'm not giving up 4th attempt here we come!

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May 09

Posts: 3

Davestocko says:

1kph too slow

I did my mod 1 today, first attempt at hazard avoidance 42kph second attempt 49kph, after failing my first test for putting my foot down on u turn, i was over the moon to get round the course easily, only to find out in the examiners room that i had failed because i was 1 kph under the limit, looks weird seeing my green sheet..................Faults 0     Fail.

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Mar 09

Posts: 190

kittykat79 says:

Mod 1

I'm getting worried about having to do this test now.

I was planning on going for it in June, but am now tempted to see if something is done about the swerve test. I think I'd end up crying if I failed by 1 kph an hour just because they wont give you an extra couple of metres to pick up speed.

How does that test skill, all it tests is the bikes acceleration, which chances are isn't even your bike.

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Apr 09

Posts: 12

crusha says:

Bob on Adrian !

I couldn't agree with you more adrian, you've  hit the nail on the head.  What really baffles or should I say dismays me is why the DSa have not made the test for car drivers any more challenging !  This new test is like asking a learner car driver to perform a handbrake turn to park his/her vehicle and saying the reason why is,  "well ONE day you might have to do it !! " 

Before I became a motorcycle instructor I used to think the DSA was a good organisation that did serve a useful purpose but now I I think they are just government puppets that have been told to make the motorcycle test more difficult to reduce the no of people taking up motorcycling as a hobby or to commute on.

Why  would this be ? it's not as if we cost the NHS a massive amount of money,  say, compared to the friday /saturday night  revellry of the hundreds of pissheads that purposely go out to cause mayhem and injury and damage !  The police have a much harder time dealing with this activity every weekend, than having to deal with incidents involving motorcycles. Another thing was jeremy clarkson on the commitee that thought this new test up, (cos he's a T£/$T as well).

This change to the testing system for motorcycles will slow the whole industry down and cause a lot of schools to reconsider wether it's worth carrying on. Costs for training schools are going to go through the roof  in fuel,  repairs and paying instructors extra time. Training for the new test won't be much more difficult just more costly for the candidate and more nerve wracking.

I feel the DSA have taken a very arrogant and dictatorial stance on this new test. I myself don't disagree, the test, could have had a few tweeks and adjustments to make it slightly more challenging BUT this is taking the piss. They are pissing down every motorcycle instructors and ATB's  back and telling us it's raining !!

The dsa will skirt round the issue of H&S for the public by making candidates sign the disclaimer  like the old test but this time it's probably got even more small print in it.  Signing off now to calm down and clean my bike. " Come the revolution ! ! power to the people ! "      

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