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gary hendry  says:

New test claims another victim

My mate had an accident yesterday on the mod1 test. It was pissing it down, high winds, went to do swerve manuover and the front tucked. He wrecked his boots, jacket, gloves and unfortunatly had jeans on, so road rashed his knee. He feels pretty stiff today. Never have I seen such a dangerous piece of legislation, what's next? seatbelts for bikes?

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  • Posted 6 years ago (07 May 2009 16:08)

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Aug 08

Posts: 340

BadD0g says:


Hope your mate hasn't been put off :/

Stabilisers are next... then the roll-cage followed then by the third and finally a forth wheel. 

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Aug 08

Posts: 2

kaneva says:


Is anyone else wondering why drivers are not being educated to NOT pull out without ACTUALLY MAKING SURE the road is CLEAR??!! Why is it that yet again motorcyclists are being put to the test for the errors of others?

I am also quite annoyed with the cagers who think they're clever when siting on my back tyre in speed restricted areas. But again  it's the bikers who are dangerous - we obviously ask drivers to try and goad us into acting like twats!

I do know there are a few out there, every summer, but on the whole most of us are decent, and I find it disgusting that sooner or later we will be officially deemed as criminals.

Because of the hardship of the new test, I think I am going to give some encouragement to the next generation of motorcyclists and give them a cheery wave as we pass by.

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Jan 09

Posts: 42


When are they going to stop it

What is it going to take to stop this idiotic shambles, is it going to take the first death, we all know it is just a matter of time until someone hits the fence, just look at the stress on all the instructors faces and even more so on the examiners faces,please lets get back to teaching people to ride a bike on the road and not in a play pen.

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Bramley Bim


Dec 07

Posts: 207

Bramley Bim says:

New test

I've been following all the new test threads with a sinking feeling of horror.  Has anyone got to the bottom of whether there's any possibility of a claim against the DVLA - if its them - for bad surface/excessive speed in bad conditions? :upset: Sweve test seems the main culprit.

I know quite a few instructors have posted on this subject but can anyone actually say whether there's a possibility of getting anything changed or are we stuck with this test??

I naively thought the off road manoeuvers were to give you a "Safe" place to do them outside of traffic albeit at the 50kpm directed by the EEC. But from what I've read it seems that there's no safety run off and you're heading towards a fence!!!  :upset:

I know its easy to play All Right Jack and say I've got my licence but surely as a community we should try and get the powers that be to recognise that this is a stupid maneouver for a novice?? Note sure or how we could or should do it though.  Instructors any ideas??





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Aug 02

Posts: 1542

superbol says:

Sue the DSA

Go on they`re a bunch of Khunts !

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Feb 09

Posts: 260

CBR69 says:


already posted my view's on this........... when will d.v.l.a get it into their thick skull's that these riding skills only come with experience, any rider who has been riding for a while should be able to back me on this, no amount of training will get anyone ready for a car pulling out on them!!! it's all the little things you do over time on the road that get you ready, y'no, avoiding drain covers, debris in the road etc........... there's your swerving skill, also all the little near misses and just time on the road that builds your confidence and keeps you relaxed in those situations, so you dont fix your eyes on the car, slam on the brakes, freeze up and hit it, experience..........." will instinctivley"......... look for the safe area/spot/gap even and head for it and prob 9/10 times avoid it safely!! all i can add to this is........ if your new to riding, take your time!! get to know your bike and your limits, one day at a time!! and mainly......enjoy it!!!


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Apr 09

Posts: 12

crusha says:

Injured mate

Sorry to hear about your mate gary but you know what the DSA will say :sleep: "he wasn't up to the standard required and the instructor shouldn't have put him in for test if he wasn't ready"  ?!?! :wacko::wacko:  you and I and thousands of others know this is bollocks but try telling that to the DSa. In any other industry if a business or company put a member of the public in a position of danger they would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law but the DSA is a GOV dept,and anybody will tell you, who has tried to prosecute/sue the GOV it's a very long and expensive battle because they will put every obstacle they can in front of you. Cost is usually the deciding factor why people don't bother. Anyway put it behind you cheer your mate up and try and talk him out of calling it a day trying to pass his test. The joys of riding are long lived and the fun and enjoyment are there for years. (keep trying and safe riding ) Another concerned instructor.:ph43r::blink:  

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May 09

Posts: 8

jonny101 says:

sorry to hear about your mate

sorry to hear about your mate however at 32 m/ph its not hard to do the break and swerve! i took my mod 1 2 weeks ago and the brakes are not required as you can just roll off the throttle and weave through and as much abuse as i might get for this i agree with the instructor if you manage to drop the bike on the hazard avoidance then you are not in control enough to evade an accident on the road if someone comes out infront of you!

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Mar 06

Posts: 2

weegaz22 says:

Hi guys, Im the original poster, no he hasnt been put off, which is good, just going to be a set back for him

Q for jonny101, did you do swerve test in absolutly abysmal conditions? high winds, bucketing it down?

ive been riding 6 years and i wouldnt swerve in those conditons,  as you can stop way quicker with the brakes as you preload the suspension and spread more of the tyre into the tarmac to give you a bigger contact patch as the weight shifts, if you swerve you dont have anywhere near the same grip on the tyres, specially in the wet

besides you shouldnt have to swerve, you should have spotted the hazard before it became a hazard in the first place


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May 09

Posts: 8

jonny101 says:

response to weegaz

no i didnt do it in the conditions stated however if you where riding on the road and some one pulled out on you from a blind junction you have to swerve, unless its raining and windy of course then noone would pull out on you because its too dangerous of course! but the degree that you have to move your bike to do the test is miniscule and dropping the bike shows a lack of control.

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