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May 09

Posts: 3

slorida says:

33 BHP Restricted first bike. which one is best

As an older rider I have just  passed the new style standard test on my Yamaha 125 and want a new bike which must be  restricted to 33 b.h.p.

 Would prefer faired with abs and have looked at the Honda CBF 600 SA and Kawasaki. ER6F.
Some say the Honda is better built but a bit boring...any ideas anyone?

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  • Posted 6 years ago (08 May 2009 09:32)

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May 09

Posts: 261

JustBe says:


I wouldn't ride a 600 33BHP bike unless you don't care about the performance and only the looks. Cause my mate did the same thing and the bike had all the size and weight of a 600 without any of the power. I could be wrong and he could of just f'd up his bike or something but it wasn't fun.

I also did the same thing I got a bike when I was 18 and then I did my test when I was 20 and then I decided to wait before getting a bigger bike. I just got an Aprilia RS 125 33BHP and it'll do 110mph which isn't bad for a 125 but I wouldn't rag it like that all the time lol. I've seen some youtube videos of it doing 120mph, dunno how they did that.

Though now I'm 22 and legal to ride a bigger bike, I have no idea what to go for lol.

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Jan 08

Posts: 110

tj-666 says:

I have one restricted year left...

and I'm riding a Bandit 600 thats been restricted, I also had the joy of riding it unrestricted,

it runs much the same but you cant really full throttle it due to the nature of the restriction, its still more than fast enough for every day use and a bit of fun,

I rode mine up to Bristol from Paignton a few weeks ago and it went absolutely fine :smile theres times where you notice the restriction more so than others, but the advantage on the Bandit is the Torque...

Bikes with carbs tend to restrict better because you still have full use of the throttle and the rev band.

Fuel Injected bikes are easy to restrict (usually an ECU swap) but they tend to not run as well.

Its your choice on the bike :smile personally im more than happy with my restricted bandit at the moment, and when it comes to the end, i can unrestrict it and have what feels like a new bike again :smile

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Mar 09

Posts: 4

Britto says:

first bike

I passed on a Dt125 and bought a gsxr750 lol
I got 112mph out of it! but restrictor did ruin the bike
it's up to you. It goes quick enough as you still have the grunt. Most of the throttle i had was a joke and useless after 6,000rpm (which for a gixer is the best bit lol)
I just wanted to get used to the weight and handling of the bike before the power, as it was ridiculously quick when I rode it before the restictor coming from a 125!

Just get whichever bike makes you happy, restricor only lasts 2 years!:smile

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Dec 05

Posts: 39

owensj says:


The ER6 f is a great bike to develop your skills on.  It's fairly small - larger than a 125 but smaller than many other 600's.  It is easy going and never does anything unexpected.

The finish looks better than it was originally and fully faired looks just like a proper Ninja.

JustBe may be right with carb restrictors but not the injected ER6.  The restrictor kit is simply a throttle stop.  All you can't do is go to full throttle and therefore use the high end power/revs.  Still a great deal of fun.


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Apr 09

Posts: 908

m1ks says:

Another possibility

Is to get a reasonable sized machine with 33BHP already on tap.
I'd recommend a Honda Bros 400 if you can find one, it's a 400 v twin, liquid cooled, single sided rear swingarm, lovely sound and bags of grunt, nothing feels strangled as it's naturally powered at 33BHP too.
Good solid Honda build.
I had one and sold it a while ago, it was a great machine and would make a good stepping bike and keep up with most day to day 600 sport riders.
Any bike you restrict will feel strangled in comparison.
The virago i'm currently selling had restrictors in when i bought it and was awful, different machine when I removed them

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Aug 08

Posts: 12

Shakeyjake says:


I agree with owensi, my er6 f has been quicker up every motorway slip road than any car I've encounted (you know the type, try to overtake and then regret trying!:biggrin:). The restricter does not stop the bike being quick and can be removed in exactly 14 months. The build quality is not as good as my Honda CBR125 but at the price I'm laughing in my helmet every where I go. The best thing I ever bought!

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Sep 08

Posts: 264

Waddy24 says:

Ninja 250

is the bike i got and advise as it comes in at 33bhp, i looked into a bigger bike to restrict, but most advice i got was the bikes are not as stable and are not really meant to be altered, its not cheap either, and you have tp pay to get it un-restricted, the other downside is the insurance companies will load their charges.

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May 09

Posts: 3

slorida says:

33 BHP Restricted first bike

Thanks for that everyone. I like the look of the ER6f.  It seems to have the best reviews and a great machine for improving skills on. 

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Oct 08

Posts: 68

JS4119 says:

Newer bike

Any newer bike would be alright to restrict as fuel injected bikes are restricted by altering the CPU so you only lose power at the top, keeping the torque low down and at the mid stops the bike feeling heavy and underpowered. Older bikes and exotic two strokes like the aprilla and cagiva lose power in a less controlled way, although with the exotic 125's they're so light they're still fast. You should ask yourself if you want to buy a bike for years to come or if you want to buy something to wait out your restricted license. The ER6f is a great choice if you want to keep it, if not then you could save yourself a lot of money to put towards insurance.

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Apr 09

Posts: 12

paddy89 says:

Ninja 250

I also have a Ninja 250, aka GPX250, but the older one (94 model).  It's great fun, no need to restrict and it's pretty sporty for a 250. it's also nice and light, cheap to buy and insure and if you go for the older models you can sell at the end of your restricted time without losing too much.  I think it's a great option.

Also remember, if you restrict a bigger bike, you will still pay insurance as if you had the unrestricted version.  Weird but true, very expensive!


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