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May 09

Posts: 3

slorida says:

33 BHP Restricted first bike. which one is best

As an older rider I have just  passed the new style standard test on my Yamaha 125 and want a new bike which must be  restricted to 33 b.h.p.

 Would prefer faired with abs and have looked at the Honda CBF 600 SA and Kawasaki. ER6F.
Some say the Honda is better built but a bit boring...any ideas anyone?

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  • Posted 6 years ago (08 May 2009 09:32)

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Nov 10

Posts: 1

omorton88 says:

33hp restricted bike

I would reccommend a twin cylinder machine to restrict. its pointless getting a 125 with just 33hp as they are expensive and as soon as your not restricted you have to get a new bike. Where as with a 500 or 600 restricted at least you have a bike that has the potential to be over the 33hp when the restriction is over, therefore not having to splash out on a new bike. I have a restricted licence and own a suzuki gs500 and i have ridden it restriced and unrestricted. The only thing that changes is the top end as it is a twin cylinder it gets its power from low in the revs meaning little lack of acceleration compared to say a 4 cylinder machine.

hope this helps



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Feb 08

Posts: 817

Andy949494 says:

Its your choice...

I've had the Ninja 250R  for 12 months, an unrestricted ER6F for 18 and ridden the naked version of the CBF quite a few times. Iv'e also seen a pitiful SV struggle (rider desperately trying to hide behind the fairing ) to overtake me a few times at 70mph (must be restricted).
The Ninja is cute but expensive to insure because the insurance company ignore the capacity and give it an insurance group of 12 (even for me it was 250 vs 160 for the ER6 and I phoned around). It handles really well (particularly once the tyres are replaced with good ones) and it has excellent brakes. However the engine is weak. When thrashing down B roads its great fun but many normal cars can out accelerate you when you get onto dual carriageways...
The unrestricted CBF and ER6 are great bikes. I would struggle to choose between them unless looking at things like dealers, cost, size of fuel tank, preference for 4 vs 2 cylinders (In fact because I prefer 4 cylinder bikes I find the CBF more exciting) It really depends on what you want to do with the bike. However I don't know how they behave when restricted.
I don't think the ER6 quality is much different to the CBF. Neither is quite as well forged as a deauville or a VFR but with scotoiler anti-corrosion spray both should go through a winter without rust ...

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Nov 10

Posts: 75

mj12cz says:


My Hornet was restricted when I first got her and she was fine, very smoothe just topped out at 90-95 mph, plenty there to overtake.

I would not waste money restricting anything over 600cc

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Feb 11

Posts: 1

windsor2417 says:


i would just like to add me and many ov my m8s are 33bhp restrited
heres the list ov bikes
sv 650 110mph
z750 130mph
fzr600 120mph two up
r6 120mph two up
zx6r 110mph
gs500 90mph
zzr 400 100mph

bandit 650 pulls away from the fzr

as you can c dont fink you are limted too much by 33bhp as it only really removes summat like 10percent off the top end  av never had any restriction releted issus with the motor and some speeds are what i have bin told never winesed on a few of the bikes just to give anyone a had on wever desiding if they wanna restrict a 600 or bigger

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Jan 11

Posts: 4

riarunde says:


It's been said a few times on here, but it's a much better idea to find a bike that's 33hp as standard, saves all the issues of having carb restrictors turning your fuel economy to range rover territory, as well of course, as the weight.
Ninja 250, Nuff said.

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Oct 10

Posts: 180

flookyk says:


you say you are an older rider but don't say how old, from the bikes you have mentioned I would assume you are not looking for a sports bike, so I would forget all the Ninja stuff and the like mentioned.

I started myself just over 3 years ago but went the DAS route so not experienced the restriction but have met quite a few that have had a restricted 600/650 then were able to take the restricors back off.

They have all said the only thing they noticed was the top end speed and full on acceleration (this is on ordinary bikes you have been looking at not the sports crotch rockets).

If you are anywhere near my age, the mention of insurance will not be an issue, my first 650 after passing DAS was £180 fully comp with business use kept outside, this came down to £110 after the first year.

Whatever one you choose, enjoy your riding and look into a Bikewise day or similar if there is one in your area.

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Apr 10

Posts: 245

Andyvfr1 says:

Restriction makes a big difference.

Im riding an unrestricted vfr400, realistically probably got a smidge under 50hp at the wheel considering its age and loss of power from the crank.


My mates are on a restricted Monster m600 an SV650 and a Bandit 600. Theyre all sat with dyno print outs at between 28-32hp at the wheel, none of them will go over 110mph, infact most struggle past 100, the figures posted above are all rubbish about top speeds, no bike on 33hp will do 130mph unless it weighs 100kg and is shaped like a bullet.


The vfr, with 20hp more, totally runs away from all the restricted bikes, accelerates much, much faster, top speed is atleast 20mph more, revs more freely, just better.

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Apr 08

Posts: 3042

AdieR says:

Dredging up an old thread

but the OTHER point with 33bhp, is therte is ALSO a power to weight ratio limit of 0.16kw/kg.

Can't recall the math formula off-hand, but if I recall, I think the bike, as well as being restricted to 33bhp, needs a minimum weight of just over 156kg.

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Oct 11

Posts: 1

d420 says:


So that power to weight ratio restriction means all you 17yr olds with cbt's that have derestricted your rg125, rs125, Mito, Planet, tzr125 or nsr125 will still be riding illegaly even when you pass your A2. Same goes if you restrict a rgv250/wolf, nsr250, kr1s, tzr250 or rs250 on an A2. Plus these bikes do not like restriction at all.

When i passed my A2 i got an old Honda VT250 with 34bhp. luckily the insurance company didn't ask for a certificate and it would top 100mph. Then moved on to a CB500 that came with restrictors in a baggie. I put them in and it went well up to 80 and could reach 100 on the motorway on the flat but did struggle a bit 2 up. Unrestricted it was a good bike and could out do most cars. Topped out about 120-125 but hit 131 2 up downhill on the A303. Had that bike for maybe 5 years and loved it but then someone had to crash their car in to the car behind me shunting that one in to me. So i got another one. Anyway that got nicked about 4 months later and in desperation i got a tweaked up gsx-r750 srad cos it was local and cheap. That was a shock.

My advice is the 400bros or one of the 500's. CB and GPZ are the best from the range and can be found part or fully faired but ER and GS are fine alternatives. Also fairings are expensive when you drop or crash a bike. ZZR400, CBR400 ,ZXR400 or CB1 are aged but good bikes that can be restricted. As said though 250 ninja is good if you got the cash. CBR250 looks a bit too low on power to me(the new one that is).

Truth is the UK bike market today is not suited to new riders and bikes mostly jump from 125cc to 600cc to 1000cc although recently a few more seem to be filling the 600-1000 gap. The 250cc is dominated by the ninja but where are the 400's? Hopefully soon manufacturers will put back the stepping stone because 33 - 75 or even 100+bhp is a big dangerous jump.

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