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Steve Farrell  says:

Tagged for dropping sweets

A motorcyclist has told how he was electronically tagged for four months and given a 36-hour community order – for dropping mint imperials while riding. Thomas Payne, 19, must be at home from 8pm till 6am under the terms of his ankle tag after police spotted the trail of sweets left by his Yamaha DT175. A police charge notice said...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (15 May 2009 14:39)

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Feb 09

Posts: 1

rgbarge says:

Sweet Droppings

Were they Humbugs ?

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Richard T


Aug 07

Posts: 33

Richard T says:


Should have appealed, might have got his costs too.

(How much are mint imperials thee days?)

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Oct 05

Posts: 13

deebeeh says:

But why plead quilty?

The charges say  "in such circumstances that it would have been obvious to a reasonable person that to do so would be dangerous"

Any reasonable person would not, I wager, agree.

Lucky  it wasn't jelly babies or the filth would have stuck child cruelty on for good measure

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Aug 02

Posts: 3

bizza says:

quote: intentionally and without authority or reasonable cause, caused sweets to be on a road,
should have got a lawyer if you did sack him and get a better one next time

look at the bright side you will be able to make your own furniture now after the woodwork classes

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Sep 08

Posts: 498

Somone is taking the piss right? This can't be serious surely. 'caused sweets to be on the road'... policing is a sad joke it really is. The idea of going to Afghanistan in a few months is seeming less worth while as this is what I will come back to. I think i'm going to emigrate when i can because the people in charge of this once great country are poor jokes just like the ones that enforce their pathetic unjust laws

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Mar 09

Posts: 56

ibike says:

the face of evil

This man is on a par with any bigtime criminal.  One minute it's "intentionally dropping sweets" from his motorcycle, the next it'll be bank robbery.  He really should be publicly flogged as well as being given an electronic tag, a curfew and community service.

Seriously -

1) why was he charged with this in the first place?

2) why the hell did he plead guilty?


PS. it's reports like this that remind us that common sense really isn't all that common afterall

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Oct 05

Posts: 6

moorepitz says:


Lets hope the same coppers & magistrate get one of those B*st*rd car drivers that throw their cigerettes out of car windows. Now they are dangerous on the roads I've been burnt by the w**kers  a few times in my thirty odd years on the road!

That should warrant at least a life sentence.

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Oct 05

Posts: 6

moorepitz says:

Half my comment dissapeared!!!

Half the comment deissappeared. I was complaining about Car drivers that throw out cigarette ends and that they should meet the same copper & magistrate. Now that would be justice. I've been burnt by these folk ignoring whats going on around them and throwing their rubbish out.   That should warrant at least a life sentence!

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Feb 09

Posts: 260

CBR69 says:


cant believe he's got all that from dropping sweets, if they were falling from his pocket, clearly it was unintentional and they said for the amount of time they were following.......he should have known......:mad:, if they felt so strongly about it they should have stopped him straight away and got the the lad to pick them up, not punish him like that!! so whats next, if you get caught breathing on a motorbike, 3 points and a £50 fine, c'mon...... giz a f***ing break!!:mad: surely his only crime is that bloody haircut!! :lol::lol:

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Jun 07

Posts: 5

trevrobwhite says:

Sounds about right

Sounds about right, yet if you were riding while banned, had no insurance or was involved in a master credit card scam no charges would have been brought.


This country has become nothing more than a rip off and pathetic no wonder the brits a fleeing it.  It's very sad to see.

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