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Steve Farrell  says:

Tagged for dropping sweets

A motorcyclist has told how he was electronically tagged for four months and given a 36-hour community order – for dropping mint imperials while riding. Thomas Payne, 19, must be at home from 8pm till 6am under the terms of his ankle tag after police spotted the trail of sweets left by his Yamaha DT175. A police charge notice said...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (15 May 2009 14:39)

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Sep 06

Posts: 8

orbitchicken says:

Someone tell me this story a joke??  If not, surely there is more to the story?  ie he has history with the Law etc.  Gobsmacked!!!

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May 08

Posts: 8

asmtraining says:


What would he have got for dropping Acid drops? (no pun intended).  Probably a custodial scentence... The Police should be nicking shit drivers and concentrating their efforts on really making the roads safer from the dickheads that I have to put up with when I am out training. Still, well done PC Nob for protecting the public from kamakazi mints!!

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Mar 09

Posts: 161

jonnyrocket says:

Giss a Dodd

Tom will now be known as "Paynes Poppetts"...well done the police good to see the British peoples taxes being well spent on fighting crime.  No more will the mint imperial be the scourge of Birmingham's roads.

The Police Officer concerned should earn a commendation for tackling such a worthy adversary!

Yep get a hair-cut...

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Apr 07

Posts: 2

bikerhoss says:


I'm ashamed to be an ex-traffic cop.

What the fuck are they thinking, How to make yourself look a complete over zealous twat.

I can't believe the CPS even took up the case, Must be a VERY quiet neighbourhood!!

I swear it wouldn't happen in Scotland.


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Aug 02

Posts: 15

Arrow says:

Remember the lad is only 19 so to take on the law at his age must seem pretty daunting not to mention having to pay for a solicitor and barrister should he decide to plead not guilty.

Quite frankly it is just bully-boy tactics, prosecuting an easy and soft subject to achieve their monthly target of motoring prosecutions no doubt.. What must the lad think having this at the start of his life - I wouldn't blame him now if he stood for parliament and became an MP with desires on becoming the Speaker of the House of Commons. If he was really ambitious of course he could become chief executive of a large bank and take his revenge on society by bankrupting the UK economy complete with a seven figure pension.

Don't you just love this country?

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Jul 07

Posts: 16

clive.king says:

Justice at last

It was about time something was done about this danger to other road users. Diesel spill are nothing compared to the menace that is the imperial mint. This could incorrage hungry woodland creatures to snuffle onto the road in search of getting rid of that nasty after taste of two day old cat food that the little old lady down the road put out for it. The lad got his just deserts.....oh sorry no they were imperial mints not after eights......

I'm off to beachy head.....I've had enough.....

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steve swann


Mar 07

Posts: 2

steve swann says:

minty madness

Is this for real??!! I cant believe it. Maybe we should ALL take our local Councils to court for leaving such a lethat trail of mint sized pebbles scatterred along the roads. Those coppers are fruit cakes, or in this instance, I should call them Humbugs! It really does beggar belief. Oh, and perhaps we should all watch out for all that Pig shit too. Thats the first time I've called a policeman a Pig - but in this case, I feel truly justified.

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May 09

Posts: 1

Triumph1983 says:


I'm really glad this villian was caught before it was too late. Just imagine if he re-offended with a more dangerous sweet like a gob-stopper or sherbert lemons? Never mind the HGV's spilling diesel on the roads or the state of the roads in general.

No, I for one am glad to see that my tax money is being put to a good use and not spent wasting police time chasing bank robbers or other soft crimes such as murder.

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Dec 07

Posts: 234

henryscat666 says:

This just confirms...

That this country is a fookin joke!

"intentionally" dropping them? Shoulda pled not guilty my friend. Your lawyer is a muppet.

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Mar 07

Posts: 102

Evs7 says:

It's only sweets....

I can't quite believe this.... sweet would disappear and melt how was it causing a hazard or any more of a hazard than the countless potholes that litter the streets.

Always amazed how someone can get done for this and yet the other countless litterbugs get away with it. Only today I was riding along before having to duck out of the way of an empty packet of cigerettes that the car owner decided they no longer required and thought would decorate the street better. It made me sick.

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