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Andy Downes  says:

MAC Motorcycles - a new British manufacturer appears

New British motorcycle manufacturer, Mac Motorcycles, is gearing up to start producing a range of 500cc single cylinder bikes. Designed over the past nine months the bikes are set to use a 500cc Buell Blast single cylinder motor with a tubular steel backbone chassis. Design studio Xenophya Design and Ellis Pitt have joined together and this has led to the launch of...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (28 May 2009 17:02)

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Aug 02

Posts: 76

hjworton says:

The bikes look super-cool but I wonder about the wisdom of using a single cylinder. They are not exactly going to be practical....but I suppose that is what they are about. Good luck to them but I won't be buying one of those personally.

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Feb 06

Posts: 60

mcrmike says:


very nice images, but they arn't finished built bikes are they? where are the samples? can I ride one? anyone can put together a webpage, lets see the finished product???

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Apr 09

Posts: 5

JimBaker68 says:

Where are the finished products?

Yes, I saw this company on an American website some time ago.

MCRMIKE is right - where are the finished products? At present we have nothing but a stylish website and a lot of hot air - there are 100s of sites promoting this kind of thinking.

The artcile is just a cut'n'paste job taken from their website.

When can we expect to see the finished products. Moroever, when will they be in the shops with a decent after sales service to back things up?

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Aug 03

Posts: 56

deadloud says:

Comic book

Nah ... your having a laugh ... maybe I just don't get it but THAT isn't styling. It's bloody 'orrible, but each to his own and someone might buy it ... but not me.

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Apr 06

Posts: 1217

CosherB says:

British pluck?

I reckon these look great .... but the company must have balls of steel if they are really going to put them into production at this time

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Feb 09

Posts: 96

Not Bad..

They quite nice but look a little on the hollow side. Reserve my final judgement until a final production model has been built and displayed...................

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Oct 08

Posts: 68

JS4119 says:


Where's the rest of it? Visually, it's so odd it works, but you'd have to be pretty commited (perhaps literally) to buy one over a triumph.

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May 09

Posts: 34

Ribbit says:

MAC? Make Away with your Cash?

Are they completely and utterly NUTS?

£8,000 to £10,000 for a four stroke single, that would cost no more to make than a Honda 125 that retails in Thailand for less than £600 (with a very substantial profit margin still), and they have higher duties and taxes there than here????

£800 would be chronically overpriced - especially as prices are set to fall dramatically into this deflationary Depression that's coming (and we will end up with the present Thai price for NGK spark plugs that are retailing at 53p - made in the exact same factories mind you - and iridium at just under 60p retail, looking like a chronic rip off).

We have been comprehensively taken to the cleaners for far too long in this Country (aided and abetted in this, sad to say, by our very own motorcycle press), and those days are now ending. The mentality that expects to be able to sell something that simple and cheap to make, at such an extortionate price, doesn't deserve to be supported. 

It ain't 2006 any more Toto, and the quicker these rip-off outfits stop considering potential customers as a free lunch (and breakfast, and supper, and the bells and whistles jetset lifestyle entitlement attitude - what do they think they are? Politicians?), the more chance they have of surviving what approaches.

As things are, they are embracing financial extinction with open arms, and it's no more than they deserve. They do not deserve to succeed, and I for one will not be buying their products.

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Oct 08

Posts: 68

JS4119 says:

Not an apt analogy

These bikes are clearly 'toys', comparing them to work a day commuters made in far eastern factories is plainly unfair. My major criticism is that at £8k they're more expensive than bikes like the Triumph triples that are a fair comparison. The real test for them will be the quality and attention to detail, they'll have to be pretty special to make it. It isn't a no hoper though, if they can rival Buell and undercut them I'm sure there are enough patriotic weekend warriors to keep them bobbing along making low volume exotics.

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Apr 08

Posts: 79

iMarcus says:

I'm Confused!

I think it looks great whilst also looking wrong, I shouldn't like it but I do, but I don't - agggghhhhhh!

Couldn't justify that price tag though, at £8 - 10k the competition is just too great and more powerful, even the 900cc Buell costs less - sorry like.

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