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Steve Farrell  says:

The scooter the law says is a car

This 100mph scooter can be ridden by car drivers without a motorcycle licence or helmet.  The 400cc Piaggio MP3 LT is Piaggio’s latest scooter with two leaning front wheels, after the smaller 125 and 250cc versions. Piaggio MP3s for sale But this one can be ridden with no bike training because it’s the same as a three-wheeled car in the eyes of the...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (10 June 2009 10:52)

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Jun 09

Posts: 1

The scooter the law says is a car

If the contact patch between the two wheels on the same axle is more than  18.5" (460mm) apart, then it's a trike, not a car, but can be ridden either with a bike or car liecence. I have an XS750 engined trike which I use to carry large stuff I cant get on my bikes. Don't really see the sence in the MP3 as you don't get the extra carrying capacity, but you loose the filtering ability of a bike

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Jun 09

Posts: 8

rog5150 says:


Hey Mr Farrell, I realise that you work for 'Motorcycle News' so more than likely you ride a bike? I ride a bike also but also a Tmax. Different tools for different jobs? definately. Comparing the two is not really valid? Scooter don't build speed anything like a bike, don't mono much, but the rest is pure convenience. Feet up U turns, a decent steering lock, weather protection, storage and enough handling and speed  for me most of the time.

Helmet fit under the seat usually upside down, did you try?

Hey you provoked my first rant - you must be proud!


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Nov 06

Posts: 1

mp0pp0 says:

bus lames

As a bike rider (London commuter) I am looking forward to passing these MP3's either in the bus lane (assuming they remain open to motorcyclists) or by filtering.  Of course, the reality will be that I will be either stuck behind an MP3 because its sitting in my filter path, or some inexperienced scooter jockey will not be life-saving when pulling into the bus lane and will side swipe me.  Personally I hope they are taxed and charged as if they are a car.

PS for emin8.  I have....avoide!!!!!d using ...excesive???? exclamations!!??and...ellipses..??!!as its annoying.

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Apr 07

Posts: 462

DrFutura says:

The thing is

you can get a real car for this money, and one that will be subject to lower road tax at that. Why bother with one of these unless you maybe live in London.

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Aug 03

Posts: 105


3 Pin Plug

I live in Melbourne Australia (Eastern Suburbs). Moved here in from the UK in 2005. I've seen only one of these things (250cc). Had a chat with the guy who owned it. He reckoned commuting to the city in peak hour on his was a breeze. Saying that, the roads are wider here, and in comparison to the UK, congestion in peak hour is slow but manageable. The Aussies are bike mad. However, for work travel, 90% of non public transport commuters still use the car. I can see the problem with filtering in peak hour on UK roads for 3 wheelers and the knock on effects for those of you on 2 wheels (bad enough with the cyclists thinking they own the whole road as well as the curb). It would be great to see these sell well here in Oz. Getting people on to 2 wheels or even 3 is great for commuting wherever you live.

P.S. GO NORI !!!

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Oct 05

Posts: 100

how much !!!!!


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