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Kevin Ash  says:

Opinion: Time to remove our loud pipes

MCN columnist Kevin Ash stirred up a hornets’ nest when he said motorcyclists should give up on loud exhausts. Here are the edited highlights of his comments – MCN would be interested in what you think... The pressure on police forces and councils around the country to ‘do something’ about motorcycles doesn’t come from accident rates, and is little to do...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (24 June 2009 10:36)

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Jan 09

Posts: 61

tinktonk says:


I'm guessing that most of the people here who think loud cans out of town are fun don't live on a Sunday-rider-only death route. Imagine having every Sunday ruined because of a few idiots in there teenage neutered turtle suit shouting 'look at me!'. They can be a mile away - well past where loud stereos & knackered Vauxhall Coma exhausts could be heard. And on these routes, to those that live there, the noise is constant - it's like being on a race track. I'm not even sure what the additional noise is for. Willy-wagging? In town there's a point for loud (to a degree) pipes - pedestrian safety. People rarely look, but they can't but hear, even over their iPod. Out of town? There's nothing to warn. There isn't even much sound in front of the bike where you may be claiming to 'warn' a car. Have enough Sundays ruined & most people would just want to get rid of bikes, full-stop - and if there enough that want this to happen, it can. Which is the point of the article. The inconsiderate few who don't really care - riding just being a hobby to them - screwing things up for those who do really care. And no, I live in town rather than on a death route, but have still had many Sundays ruined by turtles.

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mr zulu


Mar 07

Posts: 103

mr zulu says:



you miss the point ya spacka twat

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Sep 06

Posts: 52

hughbastard says:

Loud pipes save lives

Tell the iPod generation to take the plugs out of their ears and look where they are going, tell the idiot in the woman-driver to check the blind spot, tell the taxi driver not to cut lanes on a roundabout. Never going to happen. Open throated pipes in urban areas is safer as people "know" that you are coming. There is no room for debate on this issue.

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Aug 02

Posts: 9

Desmo says:

I love my Akra Evo's on my Superduke. They look great and sound superb without baffles plus reduce weight by 12KG. They are loud but then you need something to wake up dozy twats in cars too busy with phones, satnav's and other gadgets to concentrate on driving.

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Jun 09

Posts: 1

BullyNSW says:

I am amazed that some of you just do not get what Kevin is saying. It cannot be any simpler really. He's right, dead right, but there's loads of dead heads here unable to understand his point. Dead heads who just to carry on wanking off, thinking that people admire their loud bike, and what a superhero they must be to ride it like that. Just don't go bleating to anyone when legislation clamps down and starts impounding bikes, or banning them from certain routes 24/7 (and that will be ALL bikes, not just loud ones, we already have laws covering excessive noise), as the law makers will eventually start doing this sort of thing if we don't learn to behave in an acceptable manner. Annoy enough people for long enough, and a reaction will occur. And as the annoyance we are inflicting is voluntary WE can sort this out ourselves.

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Jan 04

Posts: 1

sncarr says:

Loud pipes

Well, I have bikes with louder than stock pipes, as well as bikes with stock pipes.  I do enjoy hearing the exhaust note, too, like many others of you.  That said, he has a point - too much noise and the populace, as well as the police, will turn against you big time.  We're seeing the same with cars with mega loud modified exhausts, plus subwoofers here in Christchurch.  It's gotten so bad that people living near the cruising streets can't sleep at nights, as convoys of "boy racers" circle the inner city.

So yes, while I enjoy loud pipes on my bikes, to arrogantly say to people they annoy that they can just "f*ck off" is blind and stupid. We are a minority, let's not become a totally opperssed minority just because we fit a mellow sounding exhaust system!

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Apr 09

Posts: 1

shanel1980 says:

Loud Pipes Save Lives

I have always ridden bikes with loud pipes and lets face it it adds to the buzz when u have a really sweet exhaust note, that said there are valid points made within the article and bikers do not need any more enemies!  Stock pipes simply are not loud enough and anyone who has ridden a bike with both stock and loud pipes will know that loud pipes increase the chances pf cars pedestrians looking before pulling out or stepping onto the road!  Maybe if a comprimise was made and stock pipes were a little louder things would be different but I know i`d rather be a nuisance than a casaulty!

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Aug 02

Posts: 20

artybee says:

Loud Pipes

Lets get to the bottom of this loud pipe, you love 'em because they sound great - thats it. It's just there are some bizarre excuses for have them.  

It wakes the twats up,.... really - If they don't notice a 20 tonne red fire engine bearing down on them with all it lights and horns going, their not going to notice you sounding like a large fly on helium.

It saves weight ?! Of course unsprung weight is a primary concern for all of us.  As I in 5 of us are over weight, loss the gut or get  your suspension tuned.

All the Harley  are loud pick on them - Harley are bikes too, it may be a shock to some of you but when we are talking about removing loud pipe, we are including the yank tanks.

If you have a loud pipe ( I haven't said aftermarket) live with being criticize, you love 'em fine, knock yourself out. Calling people twats, f**k idiots and telling them to F**K off it they don't agree with you shows a low social skills level.

Keep it real (I think I've nick that from someone?)





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Jun 09

Posts: 271


My point was that in other media the focus always tends to be on bikers with loud pipes and not other anti-social individuals.

I never stated I disagreed but I also don't like extremely loud pipes on bikes - I do have aftermarket exhausts but they are within the legal limit and by keeping the revs low it can be as quiet as the average car in the mornings and my neighbours have never complained - and I have asked them a few times to be sure. There are some bikers however who have pipes that actually hurt the ear drum to stand next to them at tick over - and this is where the proplem arises I believe.

These can't all be claimed to be performance boosting as at many BSB and WSB meets the exhausts aren't all that much louder then the road ones when in the paddock with them.

As previously said this is a case of being sensible in what we buy in order to not give the rest of us a bad name.

And is knocking mirrors off said Nova's illegal or just desserts?

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Sep 05

Posts: 24

jcbenbow says:


I ride my bike to go fast, loud pipes are turning the general public against us you grey haired power ranger twats who keep crashing  sound as if you are racing even if you  bother to ride at 30mph through thier villages. Dont dive them any reason to lower the speed limits! Bikes are for riding fast not posing.

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