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Kevin Ash  says:

Opinion: Time to remove our loud pipes

MCN columnist Kevin Ash stirred up a hornets’ nest when he said motorcyclists should give up on loud exhausts. Here are the edited highlights of his comments – MCN would be interested in what you think... The pressure on police forces and councils around the country to ‘do something’ about motorcycles doesn’t come from accident rates, and is little to do...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (24 June 2009 10:36)

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Jun 09

Posts: 1

75jmr says:

Louder = Safer

As far as I'm concerned loud cans are an aid to rider safety. Fair enough people don't want to listen to loud bikes howling past their houses all weekend, but... would they rather be there looking at some poor sod being scraped off the road after being bounced off his bike?

We all know that most car drivers are fairly poor at looking out for bikes, regardless of the fact that most of us ride with our lights on.

If their eyes are not up for the job then we should be using other means of making us more noticeable, and as far as I'm concerned noise is one way of making us more noticeable.

If P.C. Plod isn't persuaded by this, then I'll just have to pay the fine if I get pulled for it.

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Jun 09

Posts: 1

Range02 says:


I think ndawson highlights the problem. People do NOT turn their heads with awe as a bike with loud cans goes past.

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Sep 08

Posts: 498

as much as I do admit that kevin ash has shot himself in hte foot in this one by coming across as a complete idiot. I do agree with some of the comments that people need to stop acting like idiots through crowded areas acting no better than your average idiot in a hatchback with wheelie bin exhaust. The noise does add to the excitement and drama, but just save it for when your on some quieter roads as oppose to through towns and cities, or just generaly where lots of the public are, act curteous and friendly and all that bull then wring the neck out of the throttle when theyre not looking... or hearing... besides I think that cars with loud exhausts are much more common and annoying. Also I agree with the safety aspect several times my scorpion can has worked to better effect than my horn. People just need to not take the piss and we'll all be ok :)

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May 09

Posts: 10

scorpiomia says:

grow up!

this issue is heating up in the 'land of the free' too, with the same arguments from both sides. i say exercise some rationality. my 07 bonnie sounds like a sewing machine w/ stock exhaust so i had it unstrangled before i even took delivery, but i do not redline it past every sidewalk cafe so i can 'impress' everyone by ending their conversations like some ogri wannabe on crack. as the ama (american motorcycle association) is now saying: loud pipes lose rights! what they're not saying is it's the childish and/or selfish use of loud pipes that's the problem. we all need to grow up, or someone else will legislate maturity (and more) for us...

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brutale r


Dec 07

Posts: 3248

brutale r says:

kev n powell

powell800 your either a windup or you need ro get back in ur retirement village 50 luv the sound of any bike loud or quiet as  for the weekend warrior maybe its the only time they can get out .. GOD created bikes to have fun on  and yes you will always get a knob doing the wrong thing same as we get wowsers like you


Kev m8 MCN should start to look at accidents in traffic most bikes knocked off have std exhausts too quiet  cant be heard .. Back in the day the nice thud n runbel of a  norton rattelumph  the scream of a 2 stroke and the roar of jap 4  car drivers new you were comeing up   even today its the same . , Trucks and sports cars are just as noisey

so why cant we just leave it as it is

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May 09

Posts: 24

gazspaz says:

loud pipes

Ahh,,  the PC brigade have invaded... get some BALLS and live the way you like.   all is needed is to ride with consideration threw villages and the like.. and when out in the open, be as loud as you like.    your never going to be able to please everyone.   there is always some deadbeat sitting by the window looking for things to complain about!!

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Jun 09

Posts: 271


I agree. They'll ban red bikes next because they 'look' like racing bikes...

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Oct 08

Posts: 1066

950Darren says:

Agree .....

with gazspaz on this one. I have twin akro`s on my bike with baffels out and every morning im polite enough to start my bike at the end of my road as not to annoy the curtain brigade! thank god i live on a hill:lol:

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Aug 06

Posts: 21

svsz says:

loud pipes

next time your out on your bike and about to overtake a line of cars watch how many wind there window down to listen to the aural sound of your bike you,ll be suprised

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Jun 09

Posts: 2

jackdaniels1 says:

loud cans

read all this thread, biking is doomed, attitudes shown here are mostly infantile at best, congratulations you lot are playning right into the hands of the nuts that really run the country!.... mind you the  tw*ts who think loud cans are a safety item did make me larf.....funny tragic not funny haha

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