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Kevin Ash  says:

Opinion: Time to remove our loud pipes

MCN columnist Kevin Ash stirred up a hornets’ nest when he said motorcyclists should give up on loud exhausts. Here are the edited highlights of his comments – MCN would be interested in what you think... The pressure on police forces and councils around the country to ‘do something’ about motorcycles doesn’t come from accident rates, and is little to do...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (24 June 2009 10:36)

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Feb 09

Posts: 5

blusta says:

do I offend you sir!!!

how about the shoes I wear are they to you liking sir???

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Oct 08

Posts: 60

guyincognito says:

race cans

it's my bike and i'll put whatever can i want on it!! and if that offends people then tuff tit!!

old people don't like the noise one cos they are old twats and second it makes their

hearing aids go haywire! good! old winge bags!!

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Mar 08

Posts: 72

sallison30 says:

Loud pipes are not the issue.

There is such strong anti bike feeling that you can do whatever you want to appease the do-gooders, they still won't be happy. We have bent over backwards not to offend people and all they do is find new ways to be offended. We ride at the speed limit, we try to keep quite in built up areas and we don't smoke when we get where we are going. Nothing we do has helped! Take you loud pipes off and next week they'll find something else to put more and more restrictions on bikes.

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Jun 09

Posts: 8

Rooos says:

loud heard noise exhaust on 2wheels

Get Real You Muppet,

Yes That's it, I as a rider would say [say] that aloud to all the other Public(taking note of this sh.. stuff). First, as  if cars don't have same noise levels on some touchedup models. Secondily, as if your(we) all such saints living in a perfect world ruled by perfect people....Get Real You Muppet. It's Lucky enough been alive and lucky to ride a bike in this world, is plenty enough luck for me.... So then 'Live and Let Live' should be a practice not just a saying.... [As for noise factor that should apply to trucks, trains and airoplanes (imagein, trucks quiet and up ur rear before u knew, trains so quiet u would probably miss them leaving, quiet planes fly pass so quick shadows fall leaving no traces) this would be a better world, some what quieter].:laugh:  

P.S. can't teach them (or show them).:wink:

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Jan 09

Posts: 210

H2pots says:

kevin ash

kevin, you're the first biker i have ever heard complain that bikes with loud cans are annoying... it should be music to your ears... maybe you should be writing for house and garden. maybe you're just a journo, not a motorcycling journo... whose side are you on? sometimes i wonder what the motives are at MCN... oh, and well done with the empty MCN stand at donny WSB.... fitting

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Aug 02

Posts: 1002

ANichol says:

Loud pipes don't save lives...

Increased sound damping in cars + stereo + people's growing propensity to only consider their immediate environment = total obliviousness - ask any emergency service driver. And this is beofre you consider that sirens project sound forward and cans (largely) backward. They won't hear you coming, but you'll give them a bigger jolt when you do go passed - for which they'll hate you more :upset:.

Personal choice? Piss off. This is not a contest between nosie and silence, but noise and loud noise. Just 'coz you love a flat four on full chat doesn't mean everyone else should be forced to 'enjoy' it too :mad:.

Type of bike? Actually there is a valid point here. Volume of noise itself isn't always the irritant, its the pitch of the noise. Ducati's and Harleys are routinely louder that (other) sportsbikes when they have race cans or straight pipes fitted. But the depth of noise is less offensive; which is also why people are happy for cinemas, etc, to have potent bass amplifiers.
But...a screaming 4 through race cans has that high pitch sound, which sounds like speed (even if you're only doing 40 in 1st gear). The association therein is loud bike = fast bike = reckless riding.

Finally...this is a non-issue? Kenin should discuss something worthy? You might feel different if we start following the French anti-modification route.....:shock::upset::mad:

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Aug 02

Posts: 1002

ANichol says:


to add that Harley have recently banned dealers from installing Loud pipes; and Screaming Eagle will only produce legal cans (mufflers) from here on. All in an effort to tackle the situation before polticians get involved.

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May 07

Posts: 66

andybiker says:

Loud pipes

Incident One

Elephant and Castle, South London, rush hour. GSX-R something-or-other. Loud can. Rider revving like mad because he couldn't get through, presumeably believing he had an automatic right to a clear path through traffic. Me on ER6-f (great for commuting) quietly slips through traffic unnoticed leaving Mr Loud (and angry) behind. Loud can didn't help the GSX-R rider. Pissed off drivers probably closed ranks. Maybe some didn't like bikers to begin with. Maybe some didn't care one way or the other. But you can bet everyone within ear shot of Mr Loud is now more prejudiced against bikers. Thanks, Mr Loud.

Incident Two

Rock climbing in the Peak District at Stannage Edge near Hathersage. Three off-road bikes with open cans blast along road down below and can be heard until way after they are out of sight. They pissed me off. Not so much because of the noise they made, though this was more than a little irritating and probably illegal, but because there was many a muttering of 'wankers' from a lot of the climbers around me and I was put in the position of trying to defend the indefensible – too fast and too noisy. And that was from a group renowned for being independent of spirit, free thinking and anarchic (as are bikers, though some would argue we don't think at all, especially about other people)!

Shortly after about a dozen old Brit bikes travelled the same road at a pace best described as 'making considerable progress'. These guys were having a good time and weren't hanging around. The result? No disparaging mutterings about either noise or speed. Many of the climbers didn't even notice but of those that did the comments were largely appreciative.

So what did loud cans achieve in both these incidents? Not the desired effect, that's for sure. Mr GSX-R rider was rendered impotent while the off road riders managed to put another nail in their own coffin by creating more prejudice against off-roading in the Peaks. Well done. I hope all concerned are proud of themselves.

All you pratts who believe you should be left alone to make as much noise as you want, ride as fast as you like, fit small number plates, speed through villages and bully your way through traffic are doing nothing more than pissing off a lot of people and playing into the hands of the legislators. Be clever about these things. Choose when and where you want to enjoy your freedom and don't deliberately set out to piss off all those around you. That way we'll all be riding with the freedoms we enjoy today for a lot longer.

I suppose it comes down to being mature about your riding or being a twat. It's your choice. Just don't complain when legislation bans you from being even mildly anarchic!

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