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Rupert Paul  says:

UK’s 10 most dangerous biking roads – do you ride them?

A new Eurorap report has identified ten roads, nearly all of them in the midlands and north of England, as more dangerous to bikes than any others.    We want to hear from riders who know these roads. What do you think of them? Why are serious or fatal crashes more likely to happen here? Is it something to do with...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (25 June 2009 10:00)

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Jul 06

Posts: 22

To tomo870- I think 'bummer' might be a slight understatement for stumpyjock's situation...

And Stumpyjock; Where do you stand insurance wise with an uninsured, unlicensed driver hitting you? If he'd been insured you'd be looking at some sort of compensation (no real compensation, I'm sure but would obviously help out finance wise short term at least) but will your insurance cover such things? I very much hope that the offending driver gets the book well and truly thrown at them and that you can somehow get on wiht your life.

On the dangers of roads, I completely agree that it's the reckless riders and insanely poor driving that cause accidents. As a driver as well, I'm a firm believer that far more accidents are caused by people driving too slowly on national speed limit roads, effectively forcing people to overtake them just to continue making good progress. 40 in a 60 limit? Head on crash due to rushed overtakes waiting to happen.

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Jun 08

Posts: 137

Ridefree says:

Eurorap Report

Looking at the Eurorap report we can see that a huge number of F & S motorcycle accidents happen at junctions.

I don't know why cars pull out in front of motorcycles, visibility blocked at junctions by street furniture? poor design of car windscreen pillars? misjugement of mc speed (I don't believe this one - if your not sure the road is clear why pull out?) poor driving? insufficient training (I don't believe this one either, it doesn't really take much imagination to know what will happen)? just don't care? no policing?

But from the report it looks like the accidents at junctions should be the first area for investigation.

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Aug 02

Posts: 19

stumpyjock says:

insurance claim

To answer your question buddy, my fully comp covers my solictors fees up to 100k. Even though he didn't have insurance the car was covered so that is one possible route. Also there is the National Insurance Bureau or something similar that provides cover for people in my position. I won't lose out, or so I've been assured. It will take ages though, maybe years. As for him, still with the CPS at the mo', dunno if they can make dangerous driving stick with so few witnesses and him 'only' 1 1/2 times over the limit! On the plus side I got my cathater out of my pecker today, 5 weeks to the day. Hurt like hell, peeing blood to start with!

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Jul 06

Posts: 22


Not much I can say to that. Thanks for the response and I wish you all the best for your recovery.

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Mar 09

Posts: 5

shawno says:

Would be interesting to know the statistics for the number of crashes caused by speed cameras and enforcement warnings.  The ones that flash at you telling you your speed.  In Swindon a few months back a guy was killed when his mate knocked him off by slamming the anchors on.  Unfortunately he went into a lampost.  Freak accident  [it wasn't a camera, just a speed warning].  In my car the other day [it was raining], I was travelling up the Fosse Way and I had to slam on the brakes when I noticed a Truvelo at the last second at the end of a sweeper.  The guy behind nearly went up my arse! [not literally] and I was preparing for the impact.  And no, I wasn't going at a crazy speed, I'm no nutter.  it wasn't a busy road and I was doing about 60 which is national speed limit.  The limit is 50 up there and NO, there are hardly and signs telling you this!  [Kaching, Kaching] They cause more accidents than they prevent.  If you want to cut the road death stats, then stick em in residenital streets and outside schools where most accidents happen.  Slightly different subject, but I don't agree with banning loud pipes.  Akrapovics will save your life.  It's scientifically proven my mate told me down the pub

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Jun 09

Posts: 6

Daz1975 says:

I don't see the problem with most of the roads listed, I only live around the corner from Buxton so get to enjoy the majority of the runs. Try spending two weeks going through the Austrian and Swizz Alps then see how tame those roads really are!! Yes maybe I was spoilt by the fact that the roads in the Alps are VERY well maintained, unlike the roads around the Cat, but the corners and sheer drops is far more exhilarating than anything we have! I would love to see where these roads would come in poll of the roads in Europe!!

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Jul 07

Posts: 2

aj1066 says:

I am lucky!!!

I regularly ride 5 of these fantastic roads as I live nearby. The reason for the high number of accidents is simple, they are fantastic highly popular roads with bikers due to nice bends. Stop at any cafe or pub on these roads and the car parks are full of bikes. Just through the law of averges there will be more bike accidents on these roads.

Couple this with piss poor road mantanace and there will be a higher number of accidents.

The majority of bike accidents happen on a sunny day on a bendy road with no other vehicle involved, what dose that tell you?? maybe the road safty partnerships should spend more time educating than speed traping. Ironically whenever you see a mobile camera unit it's on a fast straight to maximise revenue and not where accidents happen. Prehaps they should spend more time outside the cafes and in the pub carparks attemting to educate people on safe riding and conering

Bikers love bends and will travel to ride them, why else do many of us travel to the alps?

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Jun 09

Posts: 22

46vale46 says:

#9 Llandovery to A479

I have ridden this road alot in the past and to be fair there are a few tricky bends that tighten up, if you are into fast at the start, its going to get scarey!! 

Blind crests and swooping down hill corners are all the fun of the fair, but you have to have your wits about you if you are going to ride them fast.

My biggest fear is on the longer staights, there are some real A holes of bad riders out there who over take with no room for error or just make their own room forcing other road users out of the way. And them who ride in groups, playing catch up on the straights doing silly speeds well into 3 figures, this is a one way ticket people!!

My opinion is this road is a cracker if ridden well, spoilt by inconsiderate riders.

And before I get shot down for being a do gooder I ride a blade fast but within the limits of the conditions.

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Jul 08

Posts: 190

zephyrdave says:

greed cameras

The reason they don't put speed cameras at the bends is that by the time Johnny Gixxer gets to the end of the straight doing 160 to try and catch his mates, realises his can't make the bend and bins it into the scenery or an oncoming truck, it's all a bit too late.

If you keep it sensible (ish) on the straight bits then the bendy bits shouldn't be a problem. Greed cameras have been around long enough for us to know the game by now....

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Apr 07

Posts: 4

brikfiend says:



Its a great road with a multidude of different sections.
When I first brought my SRAD 750 back in 98' I tried to drive this road every day for a year !
Like every country road there are many hazards to be aware of,but Dangerous,I don't think so.
I think it's more dangerous riding around town with the ,half asleep,boyracer,Grandad-20mph'ers,dogs,children,cyclists,diesel.......blah,blah,blah.

I think that firstly ,perhaps, the winers that dis' this stretch of "challenging tarmac" should firstly asses their own capabilities.

Probably a lot of bikers come here to ride it and find themselves wanting........

They should take it easy, not the people who know this road.

I wonder what percentage of people in accidents actually come from somewhere far from here ??

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