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Rupert Paul  says:

UK’s 10 most dangerous biking roads – do you ride them?

A new Eurorap report has identified ten roads, nearly all of them in the midlands and north of England, as more dangerous to bikes than any others.    We want to hear from riders who know these roads. What do you think of them? Why are serious or fatal crashes more likely to happen here? Is it something to do with...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (25 June 2009 10:00)

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Apr 09

Posts: 3

rupertpaul says:

Well not exactly 1927. Bike deaths are down 16% to 493, the lowest since 1996. Before that they had hovered just below 600 for several years. The roads are the ones with the worst bike crash record over the period 2005-07.

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Jun 09

Posts: 3

mojocrew says:

what a laugh'  the top 10 most dangerous roads in the uk' ' take a ride down your local road '   pot hole alley springs to mind'     with millions gathered from tax 'n' fine  revenue and no signs of re investment after  how many years the message is LOUD AND CLEAR every road is the most dangerous road.

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Aug 02

Posts: 76

hjworton says:

Astonished to see A255 on there. Anyone have knowledge of it ? Never occurred to me that it is a dangerous road.

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Apr 05

Posts: 77

firkit says:


i have a mate who works for the councils on RTA's he investigates them he has told me that most 95% are caused by driver error whether they are on a GLF( go like fuck ) road national speed limit road or a 20 mph road things like farting about with sat nav texting or on the phone are the fav 1s and only 3% are by excess speed there is to much road signage that ppl when driving really on instead of watching the road and thinking for themselves if speed kills why do not motogp bsb wsb etc who crash at very high speeds all die when they fall of ????

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Jul 08

Posts: 190

zephyrdave says:


Roads themselves can't really be dangerous - they're inanimate objects - they can be challenging or interesting but really it's the use that makes it dangerous. If you're aim on a ride over the cat and fiddle is to do it as quickly as possible and get your knee down on the corners then yes it will be dangerous.

Most crashes on roads like these are down to rider error. It's not necessarily that they haven't been taught how to ride properly it's more often than not that they only ride a thousand miles a year over a couple of sunny months on bikes they're unfamiliar with . One of the golden rules is ride to the conditions and that includes the condition of the road whether it's rutted, pot holed or perfect. 

At the end of the day if you want to ride like a twat go do a track day or get into club racing. If you're riding on the road and you can't enjoy yourself unless your into 3 figure speeds then perhaps you should reconsider why you ride or what you ride because you'll end up ruining it for the rest of us when you get in the papers for getting nicked or killed.

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Aug 02

Posts: 10

mcgroital says:

hy do not motogp bsb wsb etc who crash at very high speeds all die when they fall of ????


Strictly speaking its colliding with another object not speed that kills. Whether it's static, say street furniture, kerbs. Or moving, another vehicle etc.

People who ride on tracks have lovely great run offs, often filled with energy sapping gravel. Thats not to say they are impervious to injury. Just less likely to die. Someone made a good point about people riding bikes for only a thousand miles a year and only when the weather was good. And how these riders have neither the experience nor skill to cope when things get a little bit hairy.

Bear this in mind and in tandem with the plethora of 0% finance deals at the moment. Making it easier than ever to get that dream machine. Is anybody willing to bet that the death toll could rise over the next few years?

I hope I'm wrong, but I might not be.


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Jun 09

Posts: 123

antimagneto says:

A537 & A5004

I have ridden these wonderful roads for 25 years. All they need is a great big sign, and I will contribute to the cost, saying 'DON'T RIDE FAST HERE TILL YOU'VE BEEN 100 TIMES'. Anyone with a loud pipe should also pay a £1 levy each visit - proceeds to the poor buggers who live nearby. Stick to your side of the road only in case of Westfields etc., and always do a steady run 1st to check for sheep, diesel, and sly Cheshire Police.



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Feb 09

Posts: 13

SpankyWombat says:

Well said zephyrdave

You are spot on, roads don't cause accidents. It took me a long time to learn that. I'm in my mid years now but only through good fortune. During my early years I entered a left hand bend on an unfamiliar road. Part way round the surface changed and I drifted across the path of an oncoming car. I was very fortunate to escape with concussion, bruises and sufficient flesh torn from my left hand to expose the bones in two of my fingers. For far too long I blamed the road surface, (after all in the tiny mind I had then I was the best rider around.)

As a general guide, if you cannot change speed and/or direction at any given time you are travelling way too fast for the conditions it's as simple as that.

Also for the benefit of firkit, the reason racing participants crash at speed and suffer fewer deaths and injuries is this - when they slide off they don't slide under a 40 foot trailer and get crushed under the rear wheels, they don't get decapitated after bouncing off a wall and into a road sign and they don't become impaled on road side fences. I have a former colleague who was in the traffic police and he has witnessed some reallly horrific scenes.

Safe riding everyone

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Sep 05

Posts: 24

jcbenbow says:

cat and fiddle

Rode the cat and fiddle both ways  yesterday, saw the aftermath of a bike accident I dont know how he or she is so not going to comment, but that road needs respect and will catch you out if you are not careful, it will also catch other road users out so you have to be prepared to changeline mid corner. A modern sporty car with a local driver will be equal with any sportsbike around the very twisty sections granted the bike will make them look silly out of the corners, but we are all used to overtaking cars at will so I can imagine some people geting sucked in. Have you tried sticking your car in cruise at 50mph and trying to do the whole route without chickening out? Well I am sure some folks are trying it!

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Mar 09

Posts: 4548

smoto5 says:

A161 Goole to A18

is one of major routes for bikes from North Lincolnshire to North Yorkshire Moors, has some fair straights with tight corners and  villages, surface had deteriorated markedly last time I was there, and big ditches at sides. Throw in the regular farm machinery as its a big agricultural area, and lorries with produce on and theres a lot of potential to get it wrong.

A40 Landovery to A479 is also a major route across South Wales for agricultural vehicles (livestock farms this time) and tourists (caravans/motorhomes etc.) Big bike meeting spots at each end, lots of twisting, swooping bends, fast straights, changes in visibility and road underneath trees in one area, cars are often trapping on along here. Have also seen livestock driven along the road, field to field. Also marked changes in altitude and weather conditions. Quite a lot of tourist pull in spots and laybys too, some with bad visibility.

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