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Rupert Paul  says:

UK’s 10 most dangerous biking roads – do you ride them?

A new Eurorap report has identified ten roads, nearly all of them in the midlands and north of England, as more dangerous to bikes than any others.    We want to hear from riders who know these roads. What do you think of them? Why are serious or fatal crashes more likely to happen here? Is it something to do with...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (25 June 2009 10:00)

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Feb 06

Posts: 14

New Rideout Route

Hmmm... Now how can I string all of these together on a rideout? Anyone up for trying it this Sunday?!

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Jul 07

Posts: 41

tomo870 says:

Cat and Fiddle

The road should be treated with respect, I'm not the best rider in the world, and we can all make mistakes. I think when you ride the road or any other like it, you feel you have to cane it, treat it like a race track ect ect. This can lead to pushing the envlope too much, making rash decisions and god forbid being or causing an accident.

When I first rode this route, I nearly got wiped out by a car, which wasn't my fault, he was on the wrong side of the road, and some of the riding on display should be reserved for the race track.

I always ride with the mentality, that I always think of the "What if" factor in the back of the mind, some bikers and car drivers like to live on the edge, and get their thrills from diceing with death, fair do's, thats upto you, I always thank god that I've made it home in one piece, as much as i love my bikes, i'd never die for one, i think education is the key, but at what standard?, bike safe, arrive alive roadshows, think campaign, I don't know.

Camera's wont work, there will still be serious accidents and deaths on this route and many others like it.

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Nov 08

Posts: 878

Cameras won't work...

The Cat & Fiddle cameras won't work.  "Problem" sportsbikers and sportycardrivers (i.e. those who seem to confuse skill, judgement, survival and luck) will take their killling elsewhere, onto roads where other road users are even less prepared for their antics.  The Cat  & Fiddle will be safer, calmer and quieter, but at what cost, apart from the £1.2M?

It's obvious really.  The local stats will show the new cameras are saving lives, so the other nine will have to have them too, but the carnage will just go elsewhere, increasing instead of declining...  For every £1M spent on these cameras, dozens of extra lives will be lost every year.  The opportunity to engage, set examples, educate and inspire, etc.  will be lost, as the target population won't converge in such predictable places.

There has to be a better way.

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Jan 09

Posts: 158

A537 et al

I agree with the comments that roads in themselves are not dangerous, however ALL roads must be treated with respect by ANY vehicle user, otherwise problems will arrise as they have done on the A537. This started to be a problem road when MCN and Performance Bike eulogised over it being a "biker's dream road", some years ago. The AGNI's - All the Gear, No Idea, fell for the hype, some of them literally unfortunately, and began wiping themselves out  against the stone walls and  fellow AGNI's coming the other way.  Officialdom intervenes and slaps a 50MPH limit on the C&F, which perversely, has led to an INCREASE of 42% in accidents!

The really annoying thing to us locals and nearly-locals is that the AGNI'sand their 4 wheel couterparts in Suburu unimpressives and Caterham roller skates,  then migrated to other nearby routes which we all use for getting to work, shopping etc in Buxton, Congleton, Macc and Whaley Bridge and elsewhere and inevitably brought their lack of skill and respect to these roads, resulting in 50 mph limits on the A54, A5004, B 5470, some of the A53 etc etc.

Now we ALL have to trundle along in cars or on bikes at unrealistically slow speeds on roads we used for years without problems thanks to these muppets whose expectations exceed their limited abilities.

A very wise man once gave me a piece of adice I have tried to adhere to all my life : "before you pull out to overtake, think what would happen if you met yourself coming the other way" The same advice can be applied to any "bendy" road, ie if you are chancing it round a blind bend, such as many on the C&F, what would  happen if someone else does it coming the other way. If you cannot answer that question , leave the bike or car at home and go on the bus.


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Nov 08

Posts: 3

oni22 says:

B645 chelveston-st neots

the b645 from chelveston to st neots is hectic as hell knee down almost everywhere, the ledge star & garter biker pub unfortunately was closed down due to people whining about the noise. The road is now a motorcycle red route and is plauged with police =(

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Jun 09

Posts: 2

davebox says:

Roads not bad

Have been on a few in the north and there are quite a few riders kicking the arse out of them. Pretending they are on a race track and not being very curtious to other road users. Plus the shear volume of bikes doesn't help in the good weather.

I have been in my car on way to work sometimes and i am ashamed to be a biker sometimes with the way some riders bully their way though on wrong side of road etc.

Just think that in any motoring group there are clowns who spoil it for others, give us all a bad name.

I hate it when routes are plagued with coppers, makes everyone pissed.

ride safe guys and gals.

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Mar 07

Posts: 3215

Boult says:

Ride on roads 1, 5 + 6

Challenging - yes, interesting - yes, picturesque - yes  -  Dangerous - NO..!!!


The Cat and Fiddle road, I would suggest, is safe. Well maintained tarmac (newish), well marked out and for the most part well policed.


The road itself is not dangerous. We as bikers make it dangerous if we 'push' that little bit too far. Car drivers make it dangerous with the appauling standards of driving that they display. Even the hiking community make it dangerous when 'ambling' on the road in dangerous locations (whatever happened to walking on the outside of corners).

The local faming community also contribute to the hazards (not deliberately) with the escapology tendencies of the local sheep.


The branding of roads as 'dangerous' is nothing more than a deceitful smoke-screen to allow ½wit do-gooders to put up yet more cameras and 'clamp down' on a section of society that doesn't fit in with their own views (ie bikers).

Dis-ingenious, deceitful, dis-honest and wrong.

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Jul 07

Posts: 41

tomo870 says:

Roads are not dangerous

Couldn't agree more, It's the rider/driver who tells the vehicle what to do, not the other way around.

Roads are only as dangerous, as the people who ride/drive them, show them no respect and treat them like a race track, at your own peril, the cat can catch you out very quickly, and it will punish you.


I think the main cause of accidents is lack of skill and judgement, i've seen loads of riders hit corners at speeds that you could get round, but because they have the lack of knowledge or skill set, they bottle it, brake lights on, standing the bike up, or running well wide onto the other side of the road, we must of all seen this.

Like i said in a previous post, i think training is the key here, Maybe scrap that stupid test they do now, and put some real road riding elements in there, ie how to corner properly.

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Aug 02

Posts: 19

stumpyjock says:

A17 Sleaford to Boston

I'm of the opinion that some roads can be more dangerous than others. I am an IAM Senior Observer and I was riding on this road, when an off duty police offier passed me at the last bit of dual carriageway, so I can be proven to be riding at 55-60 safely. A few corners later, an out of control car smashed into me, writing off both vehicles. The off duty copper saw this in his mirror, stopped and basically saved my life. I'm in hospital now, have been for a month or so. First 10 days were coma, destroyed right leg, smashed right arm, fractured skull, neck and pelvis. I've had my leg amputated, trying to use my hand again and lying in bed tryiny to let the fractires heal. Did i see him coming? No. Was he an over the limit, Iraqi with no licence or insurance and 3 bald tyres on a borrowed car? Yes. So in answer to a few of you, it not always the rider, sometimes it's things beyond your control.

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Jul 07

Posts: 41

tomo870 says:


I'm sorry to hear about your accident mate, what a bummer!, hope you get better soon buddy.

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