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Rupert Paul  says:

UK’s 10 most dangerous biking roads – do you ride them?

A new Eurorap report has identified ten roads, nearly all of them in the midlands and north of England, as more dangerous to bikes than any others.    We want to hear from riders who know these roads. What do you think of them? Why are serious or fatal crashes more likely to happen here? Is it something to do with...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (25 June 2009 10:00)

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Jul 05

Posts: 4

spankied says:

cat and fiddle

given up on the cat and fiddle due to complete tossers coming round blind bends on the wrong side of the road,come on guys we all love a decent  bit of road but there`s far too many out there who just can`t read the road,and i hate to say it but usually race reps.

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Mar 05

Posts: 3

iiitsnotme says:

Dangerous roads

The road never moves, the rider does, I regularly see out of control 'weekend' riders,. In to a bend too fast, or worse still, hurtle down the straight and stop for the bend! Then there are the groups, usually led by a riding 'God', with the rest playing catch up.

The answer, boring though it is, is don't speed unless you are capable, get advanced training, and have your riding assessed, IAM, Rospa or your local filth, all offer good training, it could save your life.


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May 09

Posts: 24

gazspaz says:


i rang up the bike safe thing yesterday.. full until next easter!!!    bummer:wacko:

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Nov 08

Posts: 879

it's not always the rider

Stumpyjock, you're right. Sometimes there really is no way out, and, as you say, the biker isn't always to blame.

My grandad lost his right leg to a drunk driver coming the wrong way round a roundabout one Christmas 'eve many years ago.  Short of staying at home what could he have done?  My father-in-law lost his left leg to a sawn-off shotgun.  Short of scrounging, instead of taking that security job when the Sheffield steel industry collapsed, what could he have done?  At least there's life after amputation...

Yes, there are dangerous roads, dangerous modes of transport, dangerous times of the year, dangerous occupations, etc.. but I think all of these dangers come down to individuals...

I realise I'm vulnerable, but I still choose to ride a bike daily, and sometimes I choose to ride those roads.  I wish the government were doing something, anything, like more visible, more professional (and more expensive) roads policing, to address and influence the behaviour of individuals, rather that just installing the latest techno panacea wealth (and accident) re-distribution kit.

I'm really sorry for your loss and I hope you make a good recovery.


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Feb 09

Posts: 6

RandalDavies says:

Grosse Lüge (Big Lie)

The phrase 'speed kills' has been pushed at us for so long that the average person now believes it. Adolph Hitler used the same technique, see here:

In fact it is incompetence which kills, not speed.

Some people will always be a liability on a bike because they just won't ever understand what's going on with grip, lean, traction, speed, distance etc. I seriously doubt it is a training issue, I think their brains just aren't fast enough. If anything will ever help, it will be a *much* harder bike test which will be impossible for the incompetent ones to pass, to keep them in a car out of harm's way.

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Mar 09

Posts: 21

leopardboy says:

dangerous roads

read this story on the BBC website, strangely if you remove biker accidents the No1 is between Jn4 M65 and Higher Walton, Nr Preston Lancashire. Doesn't evenn make it into the top 10, otherwise...

'Dangerous'? doesn't that nearly always mean 'interesting'?

there's a reason why the cat & fiddle is popular with bikers, and thats because it has incredible scenery and the road itself is like a tarmac rollercoaster. Wonderful, but keep your wits about you, and ride like your doppelganger is coming the other way doing the same thing...

putting the ones I haven't done yet into the satnav as I type...

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Nov 08

Posts: 879

Too thick to ride - then drive...???

Okay, RandalDavies, you may have a point, perhaps some people lack the brain power to become a competent and safe rider.  But if so, what makes you think it'd be a good idea to let them loose in a car?

Surely driving a car places similar demands on the user.  It also creates a false sense of security with all that passive safety (NCAP ratings and all), provides endless opportunity for distraction, and poses a much greater hazard to everyone else when it all goes wrong...  The car test should at least as difficult as the bike test, and traffic cops should be all over the roads reining in unqualified drivers.

Perhaps what rider qualification (CBT, tests or whatever) really lacks is the ability to drive home just how vulnerable we are as riders?  Periodic BikeSafe style training and assessment might help - if only some resources were allocated.

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