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Rupert Paul  says:

UK’s 10 most dangerous biking roads – do you ride them?

A new Eurorap report has identified ten roads, nearly all of them in the midlands and north of England, as more dangerous to bikes than any others.    We want to hear from riders who know these roads. What do you think of them? Why are serious or fatal crashes more likely to happen here? Is it something to do with...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (25 June 2009 10:00)

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Mar 07

Posts: 27

isimmins says:

If you can't stop in the distance you can see to be clear you're going too fast..

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Aug 06

Posts: 119

carl27 says:

A537, 54, 5004

Ride them all regularly. These roads, especially the Cat', will punish mistakes and bad luck.

I've never crashed up there but I can see why people do, over cook a corner and you're on the other side of the road and/or in a wall/ditch/truck. Let's not forget car drivers frequently crossing solid lines to pass cyclists/caravans/HGVs and heading straight at you as has happened to me many times.

I wont mention the standards of riding I've seen on the Cat and Fiddle recently. Some very flash bikes with terrible riders (well posers).

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Aug 06

Posts: 119

carl27 says:

Close Shave

Check this out 2mins in. Not the safest rider in the world, but at least he only put himself in danger.

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Feb 09

Posts: 12

j4ff says:

Its not the roads that are dangerous.Its the way some of us ride them.Ive seen 2 off's within a mile stretch on the Hartside pass(2 in the list) both were single vehicle incidents both on corners.1 guy limped away the other was flat on his back in a ditch

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Feb 09

Posts: 266

ergf says:

ride 3 regularly

I ride three of them regularly. Even on a damp week day there is a steady stream of bikes on them.

Lots of bike traffic on a road is always going to mean an increased number of accidents. Its not that the road is dangerous its more the sheer numbers of road users.

Accident figures would mean more expressed as a percentage or ratio of users to accidents. So 100 bikers use a road and 10 bikers crash 10% accident rate. 10,000 bikers use the road and 10 crashes you get 0.1%.

These roads might have more accidents but we also know there busy. Be sensible and you will be safe

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Oct 07

Posts: 754

windy12 says:

I agree

We often can barely get in to Hartside Cafe car park there are that many bikes last time I was parked about 10 feet in I could get no further and it is a big car park with not one car in it, it is the sheer numbers.

I agree totally with erqf below, there are lies and statistics.



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Jun 09

Posts: 1

rideforfun says:

Cat and Fiddle

I ride this road regularly and I'm not surprised by the number of accidents on this stretch. Whilst not a fast rider, I do enjot this ride. However the number of people who treat it as their personal racetrack beggars belief. This is an unforgiving piece of tarmac. Some of these riders may be riding well within their skill levels, but it only takes one of the many sheep to step into the road and travelling at thier speed it's game over. It could be argued that this is their choice, but it also puts the lives of others at risk and gives ammunition to the anti biking brigade (it's big enough already!) I must also say that a large number of sports car drivers also use it in a similar manner. If you need to ride at double the speed limit and overtake on corners please go to a track, oulton park isn't far away!

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May 09

Posts: 269

JustBe says:


Tbh it's all Human error, not the roads.

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Apr 09

Posts: 99

Sanjuricus says:

1, 3 and 6

Ride 1, 3 and 6 regularly. 6 is my daily commute and preferred route to Buxton anyway....

I agree with previous points about proportionality not being considered. With all the traffic census' going on they should have at least an inkling of an idea of traffic density on a typical day/week/monthand be able to factor in deaths per driven kilometre per annum or something....

Speaking of proportionality, approx 2700 deaths per annum on the road (down from 3500 a few years back) out of a population fast approaching many zeroes do you reckon there would be before the decimal 1? I've heard it said before though that each death has a total cost of around 1 million pounds to clear thats 2.7 billion right there.

Lists like this are scaremongering plain and simples.




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Jan 08

Posts: 998

B1242.... Hornsea To Withernsea

Known as the gauntlet and Cadwell Road to many, few roads will allow near-safe toe-down at 30mph in the UK outside minimoto tracks!

Its devilishly quick, and really, the only road i truthfully can say is better AT the speed limit than riding OVER it (not that i ever do like!).

Well worth a blast if your near hornsea/ bridlington/ hull area.

just been resurfaced and the chippings are clear!

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