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Steve Farrell  says:

Learners could lose right to ride alone

Learner motorcyclists face losing the right to ride unaccompanied under Government plans, according to the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI). Plans to scrap the right are likely to be revealed later this month, the Association fears. It would leave learners only allowed to ride while accompanied by an instructor and deny thousands of daily transport. The proposals are expected to be...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (30 June 2009 10:43)

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Aug 03

Posts: 56

deadloud says:


They don't want bikers. Anything that achieves that end will do.

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Sep 07

Posts: 166

andyjn says:


Way to much medaling, let’s get out of the EU and go it alone :)

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Jul 09

Posts: 1

jbarlow says:

i agree, they hate bikers, and this will make it even worse for us. i'm nearly 20 and passed my full license a year and a half ago after having a year and a half on L plates. that time on L plates i think was the most necessary thing for learning, that time going out learning alone was really important, everyone makes mistakes, i wont say i didnt have problems, i was involved in an accident once, but it all adds to experience. now i am riding a yamaha xj600n, with restrictor to 33bhp and every thing i have learnt has made me more experienced and safer as a rider.

lets get out of the EU, get rid of this government and actually get back to enjoying riding

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Feb 09

Posts: 7

Oldredeyes says:

Oh yer kidding! Just going to book my CBT this week and they come out with this...

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Oct 08

Posts: 7

50-50 on this

Whilst I agree with pretty much all the comments I read here, I must just say, I can see why (bear with me).  I commute daily into London, I'm not one of those people who Dawdle along, I make some quite good "Progress" but I have to say, I see some shocking riding behaviour from people who are desperate to remove themselves from the human genome in the most spectacular way possible.

Only this morning a rider (scooter) came hurtling through the blackwall tunnel in his trackie bottoms and tee and not only weaving through the traffic but also filtering in the Blackwall tunnel in gaps where his legs were touching the cars as he went through, he was still at the lights when I came out of the dark so he didn't gain any ground but he did increase his chances of eating philadelphia on a cloud with wings on his back.  He had an "L"plate and it's sad to say but pretty much every scooter or bike I see being ridden in this sort of manner usually has an "L"Plate, I don't want to tar all learners with the same brush as that would be unfair, I have seen some loons that have passed but they do have some road knowledge.

As we all know, this Government caters for the lowest common denominator, the humans most genetically similar to Pond Algae.  As such they apply rules as they see appropriate, in this particular individuals case, he clearly needs further tuition in addition to the CBT. 

Most bike shops add the price of the CBT to the price of a scooter and tell you that the CBT is free, this encourages the problem because you can order the bike on Sat and ride away on Sun.  Many of the people that take up this offer never bother to rectify the lack of education and help raise the road casualty stats.

Those that just buy a moped or scooter just to get around with no further education are encouraged to go further with the training but they say they don't see the point, these are the people that need it most and they have now shown up on the Governments radar and are target No1.

I think they should go further, anyone who wants to drive a car should first do a year on a moped/scooter, then they will be awoken to the fact that there are two wheelers out there and might actually look before exiting the A2 from lane 3 at the last possible moment.

Ride Safe.

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Dec 03

Posts: 317

hairyMuppet says:


If a rider has their done their Highway Code and Hazard Perception tests, and passed their CBT; I see nothing wrong with letting them cut about on a low-powered bike.  What, exactly can an instuctor do any way? It's not like a dual control car where that have their own control or can take the wheel.

Instructor (though radio-mic): "OK, be careful of the next junction coming up, it's usually busy and has poor visibility"

Inst: "Life-saver, move slightly right so people can see you more easily, slow down."Inst: "Slow down..."



Inst: "Oh FFS!"

CBTers are mostly a danger to themselves and that is a risk they seem to accept.  Of course letting people accept personal risk and responsibility is not part of EU (or UK) governmental culture.

I am not sure why the EU simply doesn't cut to the chase and ban motorcycles and trikes outright.  That's what they want to do, so why all this pussy-footing bullshit?  Have some balls and declare their actual intent.  After all Vision Zero (the guidng light for road safety in Europe) has no place for motorcycles....

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Jan 09

Posts: 5

Aduis says:


i see many 50s going around with only a teeshirt and shorts on they are not protected and will hurt them selfs really bad if not useing proper biker gear i used all my biker gear what ever the weather and i boil but at least im safe from falling of the motorcycle.

i belive the goverment shouldnt do this but make sure people use proper biker gear what ever the speed of the bike.

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Jul 05

Posts: 157

yamtcat says:

Tough one

Some of the 'learners' are driving around like idiots, i saw a guy on a CB 125R in Glasgow the other week in a t-shirt with no gloves. This was during rush hour too, total idiot and if you read this you did not look cool. I dont buy the 'they'll only hurt themselves' argument either as it could affect some poor car driver who has a collision with in these cases they should be stopped by policy and maybe then forced to ride supervised only?

On the other hand, riding alone with L Plates did me (and my confidence) the world of good. I failed my test with 3 serious errors and a list of minors initially. So I bought a 125 and rode myself for a couple of months, re-sat my test and didnt even have one minor...flawless! Being on your own gives you the confidence to learn from your mistakes without some instructor giving you an earbashing.

I think the 2 year limit on your CBT is maybe a bit too long, it should be simply a stepping stone to your full licence and not be used on a permanent basis.


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Jan 06

Posts: 1

steveviews says:

L plates?

i read with interest the comments that you guys all make about the EU, and sometimes wonder if you ever look over the fence that you are sitting behind.

I have lived in Spain for 21 years (i'm 56 and have been biking since I was 14 fiorst bike a Royal Enfield Crusader 250.....) so I speak with some experience. England seems to be the only country that takes an EU edict, disects it & then applies it in anyway that causes maximum difficulties for us, the public.

The biking here is fantastic and more importantly, so is the attitude of the majority of the public to us bikers. Example, been riding all day in pi***ng rain, stopped at first hotel at 11.30pm. They not only welcomed me but insisted that I bring the bike inside too!

My daughter age 21, has been riding since she was 16, learning under the Spanish system on a private training ground first, passed her CBT equivalent to get an A1 licence - up to 125 cc/11Kw- for 2 years, another CBT on a250 for her A licence - bikes up to 43Kw (i think) for another 2 years and is just about to get on her Fazer 600 for the first time. It is an excellent system and really does stop the idiot factor.

Only fly in the ointment here - you can ride a scooter with no training & usually no sense from age 14.

Oh well, can't have everything I suppose.

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Jul 08

Posts: 190

zephyrdave says:

No sense

As we all know it's experience, not age, that matters - which is what gave us the born again biker problem a few years ago. So why restrict young riders so much but allow older riders to go from complete novice to riding an R1 via DAS in a few days?!

Something does need to be done about the little twats on twist and go's who are getting themselves pasted all over the roads but raising the age of access to 17, in line with cars, would be a much better idea then at least we're not discriminating against those riders who are genuinely interested in riding bikes and not just annoying everyone on their scooter until they can get a car. 


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