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Sep 06

Posts: 8579

fuzzrr says:


F*ckin arseholes !!!

I got  phone call off them on Friday offering to give me a quote.  I told the guy I was just about to start work and if he was quick then fine.  He lopped £100 off my initial renewal, but I was unable to give him the bike registration as I didnt know it.  He said not to worry, but to give my payment details and he woud phone me back the next day to complete the policy information......

Meanwhile, my present insurance company, dropped my excess and lopped anothe £50 off the MCE quote.

I phoned MCE back the following day to tell them I had a better offer, and to delete my payment details as I wouldnt be proceeding with the policy.  The t*ats had already processed the payment. Not only without all my bike details, but also a full 2 weeks in advance of when the policy was suposed to start!

They were adament that there was a policy in place. And after asking many times about how could such a policy exist without them knowing the exact identification of the bike, they are not accepting that it is impossible to have an insurance policy without the registration number.

I put it to them many times basically, that I could take ANY Triumph Daytona out tomorrow and I would be covered fully comp as if it was my own. They declined to answer. I asked them to send me out a copy of the cover note, they declined, as they couldnt, as they didnt know the reg number.......

So.  They stung me for £30 to cancel the 'non-existant policy'...... I cancelled it Saturday, but lo and behold the payment left my account today.  And whats best, it could take up to 30 days for them to put it back, minus the 30 quid.

Now £30 isnt a great deal of money, but I am fucking livid. Personally, and if you think I am wrong then just say, personally i think they were morally wrong to take that payment without all the details of the bike.  How the hell do they know what triumph they have allegedly insured?

I may have been hasty to hand over the payment details, but, that is besides the point.  I sent them an email, on Sunday complaining but no reply.  I sent another today, and phoned them to be told the same bullshit, that the bike was insured!! Well, A) the policy wasnt due to start until the 2nd week of July and B) how the fuck is an anonymous bike insured by them???

Well im in touch with the Insurance Ombudsman now. And if the worse comes to the worse I will take them to a small claims court for the £30 and any interest the theiving fuckers owe me.

Also note.  It takes a maximum of 1 minute on hold to get through to their 'lets rob your money' quote line.......But it take atleast 15mins on hold to get any fucking joy on their 'we talk a load of bullshit' cancellation line.

Be carefull with these fucking cowboys.  God help you if you need to make a claim off the c*nts !!!

I will bump thispost for the next fookin millenium.  If I put one person off taking insurance off the t*ats i'll be happy.   Oh yeah, there are cheaper insurers out there to. C*nts. :mad:

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  • Posted 6 years ago (30 June 2009 13:56)

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Aug 02

Posts: 808

steveb says:

I had a call from MCE

earlier this week asking if I wanted a quote because my renewal was due. "It will only take a couple of minutes".

My current policy is with Ebike and covers 4 bikes, a couple of which are modified. I told MCE this, but not a problem, it would only take 2 mins. Then they transfered me, Then they transfered me again and again until I ended up at Swinton Bike???? Over half an hour later I had a quote which was almost double my renewal premium with Ebike. MCE then phoned straight back and wanted to pass me across to Bikesure???

My advice, if MCE do phone you, and you have a modified bike, or a multibike policy, hang up and phone a company that actually deals with them in your own time.

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May 09

Posts: 91

Istate75 says:

MCE still ripping us off

FZR Phil, I thought it only happened to my son. He had a SMIDSY in May last year. Car driver was prosecuted by the police and had to attend an awareness course, result! :smile

We had bought recovery has part of the policy and MCE said recovery isn't supplied as the result of an accident..:shock:

We had to get a mate with a van to recover him. Then comes the claim part.....lost count of the number of times they were called to sort the claim over several weeks. By August, still nothing, so called again and told they had no record of a claim! Decided to give up and repair the bike ourselves as it's obvious they had no intention of doing anything.

Renewal arrives last week...guess what? Double premium due to claim. :blink: Spoke to Highway (insurer) no record of any claim.

I know that most if not all insurance companies are rip off merchants (Swinton tried to increase my premium changing from a collectable 500cc to a collectable moped) but MCE really do seem to be the worst of them all.

Problem is we have to have insurance by law, but we have no protection in law from criminal companies like these.

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May 04

Posts: 10

FZRPhil says:

Still no luck

Guess what

It is now October 2012 my off was in June 2011.

I have contacted them several times and even spoken to them at one of the BSB meetings.

But all to no avail

They still haven't even bothered to contact me :mad::mad::mad:



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May 12

Posts: 1

stewilson1 says:

mce insurence robbed me

MCE insurence hastled me for a further policy 3months before old policy would run out. Sadley i agreed.Then i changed my mind they never refunded my money.

I understand MCE insurence is an internet company acting on behalf of another obscure insurence company ripping people of left right and centre.
Better of getting mugged in the street.
I asked if mce insurence was an insurence company they said no we act on behalf of an insurence company.I said ok,why is all your paper work got insurence all over it if your not an insurence company.
Mce get commision on behalf of an insurence company.Been suckered by this lot of scum.dont touch 2011/12

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Sep 09

Posts: 1766

beaconsman says:


went with bennetts after 1 yr with mce..bandit 600 modifications declared, and zzr11..£250 a year..with all extras, helmet cover legal, blah blah...

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Mar 10

Posts: 1032

bmwgs says:


i am with ebike been that way for the last 2 years and they are doing me a good deal and i have made a claim in the past and it was sort out quick and a nice deal

plus they dont charge for taking a pillion which i do a lot.

mce was like 400 more then ebike

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