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Aug 02

Posts: 1754

cheekymonkey says:

Welease Wonnie

Jack Straw, you twat, release Ronnie Biggs NOW. Show a bit of humanity why dont you? Your quick enough to be soft as shite with terrorist muzzies.

This is just revenge. Just cos he made you all look the c...ts you are.

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  • Posted 6 years ago (06 July 2009 21:32)

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Feb 09

Posts: 43

Nobsy says:


Ronnie Biggs recorded a song with the sex pistols called `no-one is Innocent` so there you are, he admitted it.:lol:

But seriously I think that we are more pissed off with other criminals getting away with worse crimes , so the system needs to change

Ronnie Biggs never `coshed the driver` but he was in the gang that stole the money so he was guilty of a crime .

The trouble is any gangster from the 60`s is now treated as a hero(Krays , Fankie Fraser etc.) but they were still gangsters .

BUT does R.Biggs deserve to die in jail? Thats up to the courts

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Aug 02

Posts: 1754

cheekymonkey says:

Trouble is

No one has yet explained how he got 30 years for robbery in the first place.

Dont try and say that I`m hero worshipping him, because he was a thug and a thief. All I`m saying is... since when did anyone get 30 years for robbery?

Two blokes from our town thought it would be good fun to see who could knock someone out with one punch. They selected people at random and punched them in the face as hard as possible. One victim went down and died instantly. The sentence was 2 years, and they were out after 1. The guy was a nice fella with wife and kids.

So dont tell me 30 years is reasonable for robbery. There were 15 in the gang and nobody has ever even suggested it was Ronnie Biggs who hit Jack Mills over the head.

This gang with this audacious robbery and Biggs` subsequent scarpering made the authorities look like bloody fools. Thats all this whole thing is about. Nothing more. 

Even at the time when sentences were a bit tougher than now, there was widespread dis-belief at the severity of the terms handed down.

Biggs is 79 now and in poor health and poses a lot less of a danger than these other nutters who get let out to kill again and again. (because they`re not considered a threat)!



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Sep 07

Posts: 2821

James600zx says:


Tell us some more about the two killers who were freed after one year. If it's true then people ought to be campaigning against that injustice. Using it to call for Biggs' release doesn't make sense to me.

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Jun 07

Posts: 5241

R100R says:

Must agree

with James here.  Give us some facts Cheeky Girl.  err, I mean monkey.:tongue:

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Aug 02

Posts: 1754

cheekymonkey says:


I`m merely illustrating the difference between the two cases. There might be a good case for keeping Biggs locked up, if so, how can this other case for instance be justified?

Put simply...rob £2.1 million get 30 years in jail and have people say lets hope you rot there.....or deliberately set out to seriously hurt someone and get 1 year in jail.

Is it me?  I just cant see the logic of that.

Since you ask. Two blokes one summer afternoon had bet....lets see who can knock people unconcious with just one punch. They set off round town in their car and beckoned people over with the pretext of asking directions, then hit them so hard, one chap was killed.

Sorry, but I can fully understand why someone might want £2.1 million, but the other thing is again quite beyond me.

I merely ask, if its 30 years for robbery, what is it for murder?

Just checked R100R and can assure you everything is still in place down in the monkey`s pants department.

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Apr 08

Posts: 9696

old(ish)git says:

It's ...

a tough one...Yes I agree that the original sentence was ludicrously harsh.Said to be so, because of the amount of money involved,...and could be cited as a reason why Biggs ..'did a runner' as I think at the time there were restrictions put on when they would be eligible for parole.and although I have absolutely no way of knowing what he was really like, I can only assume that he was not in the same league with regards to psychopathic behaviour as the Krays and Richardsons,and their total disregard for the lives of people who 'got in the way'. I think he should have stayed put in Brazil and 'gone quietly into that goodnight'.like most folk do....As for being too old to do does seem to work as a defence for War Criminals...and lets face it,your f*****g heart might start going haywire if you thought you were going to be brought to trial over some of the horrors them bastards are accused to sum up....'Life is not fair' but who really cares?

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Jun 09

Posts: 57

Kegsie says:

Get your facts straight, gossip mongers.

There was no 'murder' during the robbery.  The driver, Jack Mills, who was hit over the head to subdue him, was offered, and took, early retirement.  He died seven years later of Leukemia.

   The reason their sentences were so harsh is because they robbed a Royal Mail train, that was seen as seriously pissing on the Government, a no no that had to be shown as such.

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