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Guy Procter  says:

Kawasaki refines ‘flattened’ engine

Kawasaki’s next-generation Ninjas look set to feature this radical new engine design after plans for a ‘flattened’ motor were refined and re-patented for a third time in eighteen months. The dramatically re-imagined inline four is the work of the man behind the firm’s MotoGP-contending 800cc ZX-RR, Yoshimoto Matsuda, and promises to solve a number of problems at a stroke. Its stacked...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (16 July 2009 14:23)

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Oct 08

Posts: 83

im hopeful kawasaki can pull a good motor together that is what made the name just hope its diff to present bike as its ugly lol

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Jan 08

Posts: 998

About Fucking Time.....

If this was 1999, i'd be amazed that Kawsaki was able to us existing technology to better thier now olding road bikes.....

But its 2009 ....

If they arent 100% as good as the Yamaha, they will be a laughing stock, just llike they are now....

Come on Kawasaki, your the 3rd biggest engineering company on earth, only to Hyundai and Honda, and in all fairness, you can at least try and beat one of those manufacturers on the worlds stage???




i bloody hope the big green K comes out with something good soon, or they will continue their "only good enough for straight-line bastards-with-no-talent ... reputation"

Come on Kwak ....

If Triumph can do it......

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Jan 08

Posts: 998


Now..... Some might say that the modern superbike was made not by the kwak Z1, but by the Yamaha FZ series, due to their unique angled motors .... there where loads of bikes with "flat motors" in history and in current production ..... the BMW "off-road" series for example.

I'd hate to be an idiot for not knowning what im on about, but arent Kawasaki using technology that went the way of the dinosaur in the early 1900's with the Scott Squirrell series bikes????

Now i could start on the Co-Eff and FMEA and QAS and QFD and whichever design tool that a modern manufactuerer uses to EXCLUDE this technology ... but i feel it will be wasted.


PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!

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Sep 08

Posts: 498

sv racing

in reference to your comment - "only good enough for straight-line bastards-with-no-talent ... reputation"

That has got to be the dumbest thing I ave ever seen written I dont understandyour dislike of kawasaki, I have ridden so many different bikes of different brands gixxers tlr's fireblades r6 all sorts, and I have to say that I find the handling of the kawasaki's much more than what most people can tap into, They provide amazing feedback and tell you everything about what's going on beneath you, how much grip, hell even what the surface of the road is like, it may be a slightly rocky ride but theyre set up on the harder side, for real men! who actualy like to ride the bike as oppose to just being a passenger being ridden about by the bike. all the modern bikes aer awesome its just down to personal preference. Your oppinion if just ignorant and childish.

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Jan 08

Posts: 998

Well, I Was Pretty Wasted .....

Not really a great explanation, i get VERY vocal in critisisms when im drunk BUT....

My all-but brief motorcycling life of just over 2 years has taught me only the fewest of riders are fast on kawasaki's on corners, and a good deal of people just go for the Kawasaki green stereotype "head-banGGGer" look ..... I HAVE met people who can throw a kwak around with the grace and elegence of a ballet artist driving a monster truck.


My argument (now not AS drunk) remains....

What do the big K hope to do with this engine?.....

NOW the guy from the yamaha M1 project has come up with this idea, and I can only postulate this due to kawsaki get the "2nd option" after Yamaha chose the "long-bang-firing-order" for the M1 in 2003.

Clearly, they dont have the engineering might of Jerry Burgess (who I put as the sole tool that crafted Rossi's world titles ..... Before the JB effect, Rossi could only get 7th on factory aprilia machinery  in 125s after 3 years .....)

This cant be for real, or is it an MCN wind-up???


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Jun 09

Posts: 52

rotatingmass says:

oil return

I wonder how the oil in the head gets back to the crankcase. Mandatory wheelies every few minutes, or a scavenger oil pump.

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Jan 08

Posts: 998


Isnt the pain it used to be. BUT it does mean you have to think VERY hard over how you deliver it.

Most engine cases are now put togteher in "stacks" as opposed to having the central case and bits put on top and around it. having things mounted vertically makes them very easy to be made as pressure-tight as possible. This design goes against that too.

Cant kawasaki just pout their money into a rabid staggered-order V4 or even a V6???? hell, a V3 would be fine.

We are coming to the end of the road for conventional inline-4 cyl bikes, with Suzuki rumored to be developing a "smart-staggered-firing-order-cam", Yamaha with their long-bang engine ... Honda with just a quality engine (which will end up being a V4 in 3 years time) ...... Triumph WILL let out a 1064cc (1075cc restriction) inline-(or V)-3 engine, Aprilia with a V4, Ducati with a big-bore traction controled V-twin, BMW with a traction controlled (eventually) pnuematic inline 4 ..... Just a straight 4 will be their well over-due end.....

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Jan 08

Posts: 998

Good Points.....

OK, there seems to be some POSSIBLE advantages to be had...

  • Packaging 1. The air-filter will benefit by having more space and less heat around it
  • Packaging 2. The petrol tank can be lowered to aid mass centralisation
  • Weight distribution. Weight is more forward and crank inertia will be VERY forward-central
  • Cooling. Engine is so far forward, cooling can be quite easilly remedied!


But these are best guesses based on a patent pics with no extra labels.....

Anyone have the link the the patent ?????????????????? (i cant find it on the US/ british sites)

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Jun 09

Posts: 75

kauriboy says:

Out of the mouths of babes ...

Sometimes you just have to wonder WTF is rattling around in some guy's heads? This instant " expert ", the deeply brain deficient " toe down sv racing " is surely shitting us all or looking for bites here? By his own admission he ( or she ? ) has only been riding two years but this incredible wealth of experience has already delivered wondrous and great truths like - people buy Kwaks because they are green, and - this really impresses me - most of them can't ride around corners or lean their Kwak over enough to wear anything but the centre of their tyres ...well, whoop de do. This 24 month storehouse of motorcyling fact and knowledge would never, ever have heard of riders like Dave Simmonds, Ginger Malloy, Kork Ballington, Greg Hansford, Anton Mang, Wayne Rainey,Eddie Lawson, Mick Grant, John Reynolds, Wayne Gardner, Doug Chandler, Scott Russell, Aaron Slight, Anthony Gobert, Simon Crafar and Akira Yanagawa - all quite handy Kawasaki riders, big brain. A little story for you: rock up to the cafe where we meet B4 going out West into the Ranges & Valleys to frighten old ladies. ZRX 1200 R there with radiator off an M1 tank ( looked like it anyway ), an exhaust system with mysterious Japanese characters never seen in my very long life, braced swing arm and huge non-standard forks, brakes and lines etc. Noticed the Metz racing stickies were truly " burned " right off the edges - front and back. Jeez! Just then a bloke in his mid-40's walks out to the bike. I recognise a World class racer that was right up there in both big production and superbikes and pure GP stuff like RG500's. And his bike was red. My ZX-12R is silver, it was black but I like silver and wanted the later model's radial brakes etc - so it got re-done. When you get to the stage in life you can indulge yourself, you do stuff like that and as they don't make any more - the bikes a keeper. Newbie germs like you, wouldn't see which way this guy went on his red K, and if you tried to keep up you would splatter yourself somewhere, so let's knock-off the bullshit and stupid, ignorant generalisations, OK? Oh, by the way - a tip - save the road heroics and big lean shit for track days. We would like to see you keep coming home after rides out. Hopefully, you'll get old enough to learn something.

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Nov 07

Posts: 576


I think you're being a bit OTT against toe down there.

only read a few posts, but he clearly aint stupid.

I've had a red/black zx6r g1 was the best bike i have had so far, except carb troubles. i also had a 93 gpz500s, both of these bikes handle a dream, ive only been riding 6 years, ive had 9 bikes and 3 of them being KWAKS, they've all failed on me, but when working they have been great fun, including on track and needing a new set of knee sliders.

I was on a rideout with the IAM and 2 riders questioned if my bike was the zx9r rather than the zx6r and there were on an r1 and a blade. its not the bike at all its the rider. I was on my KWAK GPXZ 250 and people thought theres no way thats a 250, I mean the thing only did 110mph but people thought it was a bigger bike. Im not being big headed but, Really really tell me i wont be able to keep up just because of the bike im on. abosolute bull**** mate.

i also had before it got stolen an sv650s 2001 model. the kwak was a far better bike, the sv just sounded nice.

i now own a 96 trx 850 yamaha, handling wise it beats, the kwaks, sv, even the cagiva mito.

Any engineering taking place these days are only going to be put into production if its an improvement and clearly this will be a great motor, i mean really how many bikes out there dont have a good motor. wether a 125 or 1200 its still going to make you smile in someway and thats what motorcyclings all about.


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