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Guy Procter  says:

New VFR1200T Pan European-replacement revealed

Honda’s V4-based Pan European replacement will be the world’s most technologically-advanced bike when it’s released next year. Full details are in the new issue of MCN, but what do you think of the looks? Leaked Honda design drawings have shown the bike’s distinctive duck-billed styling, which we’ve made real using CGI. The colours are our guess – but the look...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (16 July 2009 15:52)

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Nov 04

Posts: 1

Why should I change

I don't understand the fuss about this bike, it looks just like my ST1300 with a few cosmetic changes.

Why should I change from a Bike that is already almost perfect? Things I would be ready to pay for:

1) Retractable wing mirrors to allow me to get through traffic

2) Better ground clearance so I can't smash the sump cover just driving up on to a normal height pavement (yes it really happened)

3) A decent battery - push starting a Pan is no joke, I always have to if I have left it for over a week (and the battery is new)

4) Better high speed stability - I wish it wouldn't weave above 80mph, disconcerting although not dangerous

5) Reduced weight - 20 kilos less would make low speed handling a lot easier

But I suspect that Honda will not offer any of these, instead a load of electrical gizmos which I don't need, following the new model strategy of cars. Fingers crossed anyway.

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Jul 09

Posts: 1

PanOwner says:


As an existing Pan owner, I was looking forward to the new Pan replacement, not that there is a lot wrong with the ST1300, hopefully a cure for the high speed weave, perhaps a more comfy seat and things like radio, sat nav etc built in rather than bolt on extra's. I was hoping for the new pan to be a more capable tourer, something which is still fantastic for the long journeys without being the armchair that has become the Goldwing. This is turning away from the touring aspect of the bike and making just another bike in the long line up of sports tourers which are plentiful. If I wanted a VRF I would have brought the VRF800 which is a lot cheaper, it might have a better engine, but its still a VRF and not a PAN.

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Jul 08

Posts: 1

jeddipoo says:

R1200RT looks?

Come on Honda - lets have something decent from the stable. As a Blackbird owner I'm still lamenting it's demise; what's that all about? I'm sure the CBR1100XX could have been updated enough (and get rid of the agricultural chain!!) for modern fuel /gas emission regs and given the FJR a continuing run for it's market share. I've just been all round Scotland on mine and not a bum ache at all - a lttle on the wrist but not nearly enough to wipe the silly grin off my face, even in the pouring rain! I still dream of owning the original Pan and although I'd love to look at this new V4,  money aside I doubt I'd plumb for it considering the vast popularity of the VFR800. Lets have a shaft driven straight 4 in various guises like BMW do with the R and K series.

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Aug 02

Posts: 19

Arrow says:

A quick look from the artist's impression/CGI drawing and you cold be forgiven for thinking it was a BMW K1300 GT which I suppose is going to be one of its main targets. What is going to sell this bike to those K1300 and Yamahe FJR 1300  owners Honda is out to get is the servicing and running costs. Servicing on a 4,000 mile a year sports bike is neither here nor there but on a 20 - 40,000 mile tourer can add a substantial figure to its running costs. I just wonder whether all this technology is going to cost a fortune to maintain, if  the VFR 800 costs £700 plus for a major service what the hell is this going to cost. Unless this has a long service interval with cheaper servicing costs I can't see this being a major seller. It wouldn't be so bad if all this high tech made bikes super reliable but it doesn't.

So would I like to ride one? Oh yes.

Buy one now? No - but wait and see later.

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May 07

Posts: 1

lancegorman says:


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this looks like one ugly duckling !!!

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Oct 05

Posts: 528

evilamnesiac says:

Remember its only a mockup!

This is MCN's cgi guesswork from a sketch! not an official Honda image, or real spy shot! hopefully the Jimmy Hill style jutting chin will never see production! VFR800 V-tec servicing is just the same as every other Honda with the exception of the 16,000 mile service (valve clearances) which is around £400, £70 more than than would generally be charged for a blade/pan/CBF, so you will have to cover serious mileage for it to make an enormous difference to your running costs. obviously this will be more expensive around the London area, but the difference between them should be about the same. most of the technology added to modern bikes is pretty maintenance free so I can't imagine servicing is going to go through the roof, probably the same as the VFR.

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darn do


Jul 07

Posts: 2

darn do says:


ugly,hope it doesnt go into production . will not part with my vfr 800 until honda come up with something more unique ,ie doesnt look like a pan or vfr

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Jul 09

Posts: 1

PompousPooch says:


I am still in love with my ’07 R1200RT. That being said... I remember when the first CB750 Four hit our streets in 1969. I was only 13, but I immediately hopped on the bus to Schenectady so I could drool all over one of those incredible beasts at the nearest Honda dealership. One day I witnessed four middle-aged men, each riding his own brand new shiny CB750. They were taking a break at the lake I was swimming in. I’ve been envious of those guys ever since that hot summer’s day. If the VFR1200T materializes in anywhere near the form of these photos, I’m finally going to know what those four guys felt like. Next year now has the potential of being 1969 all over again! Most things may not be as pure as they were back then, but this machine will likely make up for most of our present day’s shortcomings. I’ll take mine in dark blue and silver, thank you. Please throw in a generous fuel capacity and real automotive cruise control. Lastly, make the top box easily available to us Yanks. Hopefully, it will be well worth my brief 41 year wait. Maybe I’ll even inspire some nice young kid to have some fun of his own while he’s visiting this crazy world.

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Jun 09

Posts: 8

Rooos says:

can they do it? A new VFR!

I must admit that the photo shot does not make it look good, how-ever that will be seen in the flesh as to say wow or blah. As many have said that it's no real change over for their existing bikes, and maybe it won't be if Honda can not get it right.

As been a new bike well that's a little iffy, I've had a VFR750 1998 model [very fantastic for me as I added a bit here and there to beef it up a little 280ks on the straight] and it's still running today. Then they go and make a new version VFR800 to replace the 20yr version{so dies out the breed}, and they throw in a little spanner, the V-tec [not for everyone was it Honda].

The new Breed now VFR1200T is it really you HONDA or have you simply put it in the wrong hands! How can you start with a great concept and slip on the runway, surely you won't let you fans down, not this far along the runway. IT must not be too heavy, with great power out put, excellent handling, comfortable [not cramped like an ST Pan, two up], with brilliant lighting, good brakes [as you have those available already] and most of all as this is important for the sales is make it go the distance on one tank-full. Meet these all these neccesities and I'll buy one Tomorrow. Make your best or NO DEAL....( I'm a proud Honda owner 2008 CBF1000 and loving it , if the 1200 can handle as good as this put my name on the first one).              

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Fly by night


Sep 07

Posts: 225

Fly by night says:

New Pan

Well if their going to make a new Pan then why not make it so it can have good gas miles.

It's about time they put some tech in to making the bikes go a lot further for your gallon of fuel 45 to the gallon is not good enough any more, it's a bike it should be doing at least 80 to the gallon by now.

This bike may be high tech but it will probably be low tech fuel eco.

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