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Matthew Birt  says:

Casey Stoner: 'I pushed my body too hard'

Casey Stoner believes he pushed his body too hard in trying to overcome a mystery virus that has forced him to withdraw from the next three MotoGP races. The 23-year-old will not ride his factory GP9 machine in Brno this weekend or the back-to-back races in Indianapolis and Misano as he tries to overcome a mystery illness that had dogged him...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (10 August 2009 15:21)

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May 09

Posts: 85

robjohnson81 says:


Get well soon lad, come back when your 100% and not before, at least JT will be 1 place higher for a few races

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Aug 02

Posts: 725

grayzx7r says:

GPs wil miss him

I'll second that comment.I've never been a big fan of his but his ability on the bike is without question and the racing spectacle will be poorer without him.

Get well soon. 

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Jul 09

Posts: 44

zzrbear says:

Is this Freddie Spencer MK2?

I've written under Ducati's statement already , but reading what Stoner's saying all looks a little familiar from a time 20 years ago ... Maybe Stoner's body just is'nt going to be the same again and three years of wrestling - and he has had to wrestle it make no mistake -  the Ducati has taken its toll . As I 've also said a few weeks ago they said they knew how to treat him having diagnosed the illness. Riders who've taken long periods off have always struggled to get back to their former level  . I think he knows the titles gone now , which it surely has , the Yamaha is the better package and allows Rossi and Lorenzo to push harder for longer , a lot of the will to carry on has gone , we may not see him again this year . He IS mentally affected by Rossi's apparent invincable popularity and even Lorenzo has become more popular and it  is'nt just in Britain , I think he really thought if he beat Rossi then the "dragon " would be slane and he would just naturally become popular . Unfortunately Rossi's popularity is'nt just built on winning , its natural personality and a sense of fun too and Ducati can't build that for him  . His ability is'nt in question , the differences between the top 4 , when they are all on their game, is very small and thats when the mental toughness plays its part. I hope he is back soon and I hope Ducati are brave enough to get other people out on the bike while he's away , we need more, not less bikes on the grid .

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Mar 08

Posts: 264

stompmyduke says:


There seems a big chance that Casey will never be seen in MGP again. If he takes, say, a season off and then returns he'll definitely be retracing the steps of Freddie Spencer, who suffered serious arm pump problems, but thought he could make a comeback, even after six years. He never made it - the problems kept flaring up again. It's an interesting comparison, as both riders had an unusual riding technique, which flumoxed their rivals, and brought them the championship. Who can forget Fast Freddie leaving a darkie as he slid the front into a corner, and leaving a bigger darkie as he smoked the rear on the way out. Needless to say, Casey's balls out style will be missed as much as the American's antics.

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Aug 09

Posts: 8

kwakasak says:

casey stoner

i will third that comment grayzx7r never been a big fan of casey due to his immature moaning but you cant take away his taming of that ducati when he is on form if he does'nt get better he will be hard to replace

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Mar 09

Posts: 5416

Nostrodamus says:


The only immaturity on display comes from you and your ilk Green Balls (you want to get that condition looked at lad, tis a rare affliction in MotoGP land nowadays).


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May 09

Posts: 145

Agostini15 says:


I hope Stoner makes a full recovery from this,the guy is obviously not well and regardless of all of the negative comments this is not an excuse from Stoner,the guy is ill.

Spencer had problems from 1986 onwards which was diagnosed eventually as carpal tunnel syndrome which at the time not much was known about it.It was later traced back to a nerve problem in his neck/shoulder.Had this been discovered at the time he was having serious problems the condition would have been cured and you would have seen Spencer riding again like he did in 83 and 85.The problem Stoner seems to be having is very similar to a problem Barry Sheene had sometime in 78/79 (Epstein Barr Virus).Sheene overcame this problem by the end of the season but his symptons were pretty similar.

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Apr 09

Posts: 1402

Richard1967 says:


Alot of assertions being made , with very little evidence to support them. Lets hope he gets well , whether its psychosomatic or a virus of some kind .He must feel lousy having to ride at his level while he's ill.Stoner gets alot of stick for his attitude and maybe rightly so Mick Doohan was a complete wanker as far as I'm concerned and so are and were many other sportsmen , It goes with the territory , ego maniacs one and all

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Aug 09

Posts: 11

belize1981 says:


I am sorry and maybe my dislike for the guy is effecting my view but I just think the guy has made too many excuses in the past and I dont buy this one.  I think that if he thought he was going to win then he would not be quitting. Let there be no mistke the guy is quitting, he has been finishing in the top three so he cannot be that ill.  People say you cant ride a 250bhp bike when your ill which is exactly my point, he cannot have been that ill to get the results that he has so far.

The problem is psychological and he knows that he will be third in the championship and there is nothing he can do about it.  I will miss Stoner but the reason being is that I will miss watching Rossi beat him.   

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Apr 05

Posts: 338

Fuller46 says:

it has to be genuine

im all for slating casey whenever these press realeases come out. but lets face it - this must be genuine for him to miss three races. Considering riders are these days riding with broken bones and torn ligaments etc, he must genuinely be ill to give up the championship so early on. He's a fighter no doubt and though it pains me to say it. I think we would all be posting get well son messages if rossi had been saying the same instead of all this crap about excuses. give the giy a break - he's given himself one

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