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Guy Procter  says:

Honda V4 VFR1200 is a triple too

Honda's new Pan European- and Blackbird-replacing V4 can run as a twin, triple or V4, not just the parallel twin and four-cylinder modes expected, MCN has discovered. The latest news emerged from Japan where the final intensive stages of testing are in progress. Honda engineers and testers have been particularly hard at work ensuring the engine has the expected Honda...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (13 August 2009 16:47)

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bob the builder


Feb 03

Posts: 197

Dont you think bikes are getting just too complicated these days !!

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Dec 05

Posts: 6

Rhysg says:

Nothing new

Now this is clever...

My 23 year old Yamaha YX600 Radian automatically senses when it is raining then acts to soften the power delivery to reduce the risk of a mishap on a slick corner .  Not that the has much power anyway, but unlike the honda, my bike will sense moderate rain and then drop a cylinder - softening the power!  In heavier rain it will drop to two cylinders leaving me with  a  sedate 300cc twin to safely continue my journey unitil it dries up a bit.  When the rain stops and roads are drying, normal 4 cylinder service is restored.

Doesn't anybody else's bike do this?

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Oct 05

Posts: 7

maxbg says:

Quote "The engineer was also keen to point out that the V4 enjoys the same much-praised crossplane effect as the R1. "Yamaha would have built a real V4 if they thought they had the experience to do it" I don't think this comment from the Honda engineer is valid. Yamaha prefer to retain the I4 for the R1 because of the inherent advantage of front weight distribution. They incorporated the Long bang angine to have the best of both world. Yamaha has a real V4..... it's called the Vmax!

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Jan 05

Posts: 165

nigel100 says:

v four what?

As in all these things technology doesnt come free and costs even more for the customer to maintain. the vfr800  has formidable servicing costs, how long and how much for a valve shim check? makes a ducati look cheap. Can you imagine how much a clutch mechanism with ecu would cost?

I think there is some interesting technology here, and I think it is way beyond time that a manufacturer finally grabs the fact that many people want a bike that gives better consumption than a car It is all very well governments dictating pollution levels, they should now be dictating fuel economy levels as well. Not everyone wants to go 2000MPH ! However Honda (car or bike) have never been very good on fuel economy so I am pleased to see that finally they may be addressing that.

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Aug 02

Posts: 177

sack1 says:

The proof is in the ..

Yes they are getting much more complicated and the need of qualified technicians goes with it. The downside is cost. No longer will many service, or be able to service their bikes in their garages. But the proof will be in the riding of this bike. If it is all that it's being made out to be it ought to be quite a ride. Not everyone's cup of tea but I for one think it's well past time that Honda spreads its wings and shows what it can do. Their offerings in this country (USA) have gone stale for too long!

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Aug 08

Posts: 244

Paulvt1 says:

As Honda UK is raising their prices next month, i can see this being the thick end of 15 grand. No thanks.

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Jun 09

Posts: 8

Rooos says:

Owning a honda V4

As a previous owner of a V4 but a VFR750 V4, I find this new 1200 V4 a complete and excellent concept of modern tecono. I had 4years of great fun on my VFR and I must say that it just went all the time [and it went very well], always kept up with the big boys out there offering me great reward at the end of the days ride.

    I have now moved on as a family member needed to buy my bike, so now I ride the new Honda CBF1000. This bike is a bigger fit for me {not as cramped as the 750 was] and I find it a more relaxed ride. The fuel tank is smaller on it but it still gives the same distance with a much greater speed acceleration and cornering is fab, as the bike just loves the corners [narrower tryes then the 750 had]. The 750 got 300Ks a tank full on tour, the 1000 [in line four] gets the same with 17 lts , the 750 had about 22lts.

   If the new VFR1200 is as good as it should be then yes I'll be one to buy ONE. But I do reserve that to the fact that the 1200 should also be of  modern sports bike weight [no over the 200kgs]. My 1000 is just about that figure and  it feels good on the road. heres hoping the 12's a good one to aim for [as in price as well].

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Aug 08

Posts: 12

Haluk says:

People should expect from this bike only what it is advertised to do. Things like consumption and simplicity are found in so many other alternatives. After all this is meant to revolutionise the biking world with its performane like the VFR400 had done. When the VFR was voted best roadbike for years in the nineties, it wasn't because it was the most economical bike. My '97 VFR750 isn't exactly economical either, but I wouldn't change it for any other bike at present.

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Apr 04

Posts: 19

daveball says:

Honda V4

Is it just me? or do you agree that it looks like a BMW's ugly sister and thats saying something. It's all very well having the best engine around, until they put it in a half decent looking bike I think I'll pass thanks.

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May 09

Posts: 11

48gixxer says:

Honda get off the grass

This bike pffft.Ok boys lets get a VFR and a Pan throw it in a blender and see if the suckers swallow it.A poor design effort.Is this the company that gave us the RC30/45 ,CB1100R, the Fireblade (excluding the styling disaster of the 08 fairing,the snub nose and the side vents pfft...). Honda why are you wasting money in moto GP and throwing away your great heratige in search of blandness.Give us a modern 1100R, bring back the SP versions.I conceed the need for high end tourers, but Honda go back to what you do best,give us some cutting edge high quality machinery that the company is known for.The engineering is as sound as ever, but the europeans are starting to overtake the japanese with innovation, styling, performance and reliability.

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