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Steve Farrell  says:

Help MCN reclaim North Wales

MCN is to reclaim North Wales from the region’s anti-motorcycle police force by staging a mass ride to Snowdonia National Park.   MUST READ: what to do if you're stopped on the ride-out  With your help we plan to defy the force’s treatment of motorcyclists – described as an “enforce and displace” policy by police elsewhere – by descending on the scenic region in...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (14 August 2009 10:01)

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Sep 09

Posts: 1

Gownie1976 says:


Hi Zak, I will be going if weather nice, i am starting from Cannock if that helps.

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Slow in - Fast out


Jan 08

Posts: 5

North Wales

Greetings CapodiCapo. I'm planning to go on the rideout to Nth Wales as well. Do you want a "wingman" for company? - I'm in Bedford, riding a Guzzi.

Steve Farrell's stats '400 pulled-350 innocent' say it for me.

We all need to be on our best behaviour, have legal everything and spend money when there. Show the power of the Biker Pound and then Nth Wales businesses will have a reason to tell their police to back off.

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Sep 02

Posts: 6

rjohn says:

Help MCN reclaim North Wales

"MUST READ: what to do if you're stopped on the ride-out"

What does this quote in the original post refer to. I can't find it. :ph43r:

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Aug 09

Posts: 16

LeeSV says:


Hi, will anyone be travelling from Derbyshire? Perhaps Matlock? I'll be going if anyone is interested in meeting up. See you there.

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Sep 08

Posts: 13

macasm says:

Halifax - Leeds - Bradford

I'm heading out west to support, from Halifax. All my mates are busy or going to Croft so if anyone wants to meet up then let me know.

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Anonymous  says:

North Wales Police

These people are ridiculous.  Officious little things who find it far easier to stop bikers over something that should be legal compared with getting off their fat backsides and tracking down actual criminals who steal, rape etc.  These are lazy people who cost us as taxpayers a lot of money for a whole lot of nothing.

If you are one of the individuals who has stopped bikers over wearing dark visors, you should be ashamed for being petty and sad.  Either do what you are paid to do or change jobs.


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Sep 09

Posts: 1

bandido1250 says:

Hi, im riding out from Bolton near Manchester on Sunday anyone interested in joining up? 

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Sep 09

Posts: 3

eckyavfc says:


Whats the betting that there will be a low police pressence on sunday letting us get on with our day then come monday they will go straight back to their usual practices, no solutions but lets make it a special day anyway, everyone legal and enoying it.

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Oct 04

Posts: 38

akhall says:

police stop

rjohn, if you click on the link at the top it will give you some good advice about what to expect and how best to react to a stop,  plus someone put a further note stating that the officer must produce a "stop form" if you request one. I must say everyone should look at the guidelines on the metropolitain police website about stop and search forms. just put in police stop forms and look for the web site, its packed with great advice on your rights. It will keep him in the station for months afterwards, its great. I think its a general advice sheet rather then just london.

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Mar 09

Posts: 3

KwakaMart says:

Big Business

What people have forgotten is the police, like the government, are first and foremost a business. And like any big business their ultimate goals are to:
a) Keep their jobs i) By making it impossible to go to competitors ii) By making their services mandatory. (Think of it more as a protection racket and you should get the idea.)
b) Increase profitability. To become profitable they must go after the crime with the highest financial reward, this is usual to the determent of other enforcement issues. Has anyone’s council tax gone down? Ever? My police service charge went up 8% this year alone.
c) Expand and dominate. I’m sure this needs no explanation, but have you noticed they all want to carry weapons now? Tasers and CS gas etc.

With (reported) violent crime in North Wales being equal to and in some cases above the national average you could be forgiven for thinking that the police would concentrate on the apprehension of such criminals.


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