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Jul 09

Posts: 388

BIGMat says:

Test Tomorrow

Got my second Mod 2 test tomorrow. Nervous is not the word!!!!!

Failed miserably last time out, I was shaking so hard, I couldn't keep the bars straight. Failed as I pulled out of the test centre, didn't look hard or long enough, then I left my signal on as I went round a roundabout towards a right hand junction, got a word in the ear for that, then I ploughed into a corner and jumped on my front brake. What a tosser I felt.:upset:

Still, only cost me £200 for a re-test:mad:

I'll let you know how badly I fail when I get out of the pub tomorrow night. Only kidding, But I am shitting a brick, tried taking that rescue remedy thing this time so hopefully that will help.


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  • Posted 6 years ago (25 August 2009 19:59)

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May 09

Posts: 61

nico8161 says:


so unlucky mat! i'm sure you'l get it next time:upset:

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Aug 02

Posts: 29180

Kamchat says:


Sorry to hear about the test.

You ain't letting anyone down ... in fact your determination to jump back in and try again is an inspiration. :winkie:

'Winners never quit ..and quitters never win'. :winkie:

You'll get there in the end.

Good luck with the next one.     

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Jul 09

Posts: 388

BIGMat says:

Thanks everyone.

Cheers for all the support.

I agree with you all about being a better rider for it, I'm still learning loads every time I go out, who said this was easy? and d'ya know what?, I'm glad it's hard, it proves to me that it is not as simple to get a licence as I first thought.

I will clarify my 'fail' for you.

As I shoulder checked I steared slightly and pulled accross the white line. The problem was that, as I crossed the line I was probably only 10 yards behind the car which had just overtaken me. When I spoke to my instructor about it, he said "I do that on a daily basis, but I know what I'm doing (been riding 28 years(fair point)) and you are under test conditions." So basically the long and short of it, is, There wasn't actually much wrong with the manouvre, it was just not something I should have done on my test.

What really hacked me off was, the 17 year old child who done his directly after me had 12 minor faults and passed.

Bloody kids!!!!!! (not really, fair play to him.)

Anyway, thanks for all the support and I will persevere until I can call myself a biker. Probably not a 'REAL BIKER' but a biker never the less.:tongue:

Thanks guys and girls.

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Jan 09

Posts: 845

v1nn1e says:

Real world riding

"I do that on a daily basis, but I know what I'm doing (been riding 28 years(fair point)) and you are under test conditions."

If these testers are going to test riders under real world conditions, then they need to expect real world riding. The question the testers need to ask themselves is if they rode like they normally do then would they pass the test? If not then either they need to be riding differently or the test needs to change.

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Custard Tart


Nov 07

Posts: 53

Custard Tart says:


I really feel for you - got my 3rd attempt tomorrow & am absolutely bricking it. On my first test I kept forgetting the final shoulder check just before turning right (never mind the 2 I did on approach, what a numpty!) but on 2nd test I came off the bike after pulling over on a steep camber, that might make you feel better as I felt like a right muppet! Unfortunately it's knocked my confidence quite badly, maybe I shouldn't be riding if I can't get that right. What happened to you seems very harsh, though my off was classed as a dangerous fault because I "let the bike go."  Ok I should have picked a better place to stop! I'm not griping as it wasn't his fault, but it didn't help my confidence. It's not a bad thing that they're strict as long as they're consistent, I just wish I didnt get nervous. Oh well, deep breaths! Good luck next time :lol:





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Jul 09

Posts: 388

BIGMat says:

More determined!!

Thanks everyone.:biggrin:

I feel more determined than ever to pass next time, I took 4 goes to pass my driving test 17 years ago, and this just brings back depressing memories. You know what its like when you're 17 and desperate to get some independance, well, that's exactly how I feel now. Desperate for independance from the poxy enclosed space that has become, and will continue to be, my work space, my van. Sorry Gizza but it is a needs must situation.


Thanks again for all your support.:biggrin::wink:

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Jul 08

Posts: 86

cooljig says:

3rd time lucky mate !!

Mate you know that you will do it this time, and just for the record for an examiner to comment on how well you are ridding means that you dont need to beat yourself up as you clearly have the ability to ride a bike.

Good luck mate !!

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Sep 09

Posts: 1766

beaconsman says:

Big Mat

Hi, just reading the comments on here about your bike test,I was nervous as hell when doing the part 1 test, for a start it was 100 mile return journey to the tst centre, had an hr lesson before, then rode to centre through heavy traffic.  examiner was a right git as well, but took it on the chin..

I passed mod 1, but his parting words were, if i didnt folow his instructions clearly on part 2, he would terminate test..wot a tossah, i was really pissed off, i went back in to the test centre, told my instructor wot was said, he had a word with senior examiner at the test centre and she spoke to me, i showed her licence, basically, bike licence is the only thing i havent got, mainy due to having crossers most of my life and had no need for licence, but since mates have done theirs, i bought a zzr1100 and been doing her this year, so thought i ahd better get full licence, lesson tomorrow 3-5 then hopefully get part 2 booked in october half term...dont give up m8..and, if u have an unfair examiner, complain..i did...

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