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Aug 02

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Dabbsy says:

Are AGV Stealth anti-scratch visors crap?

Dear MCN
Do you know of anyone else who has problems with the AGV ‘stealth’ helmet and the so called anti scratch visor on it? I say so called, because although I have used a clean soft cloth and water to get muck off mine, within a week of using it, the visor is scratched to hell.
My last helmet was an AGV (I think it was the next model up from the current stealth one) and the visor on that is a tiny bit scratched but, and this is the annoying thing, I had that nearly 6 years.
Call me cynical but do you think that visors made of easy scratch material are any thing to do with the fact that the stealth visor is removable and a new one is 30 notes a time? Why can’t the damn things all be made of the same stuff? At this rate I am going to be replacing the visor every month.
I don’t expect I will get any where if I complain to AGV as they will no doubt accuse me of using a scouring pad to get the flies off with.
In short I don’t rate it, if you don’t crash because you can’t see out of the damn thing, then you will almost certainly go deaf if you don’t keep your ear plugs in as the wind noise is incredible unless you look down at the petrol tank while you are riding.
Martin Webster

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  • Posted 6 years ago (02 September 2009 12:55)

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Mar 10

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oakwoodphil says:

BH Visor

It's early days, but there's been enough rain in the past few weeks for me to need to wipe my visor with my glove on the move (that's what appeared to scratch up the original). It's crystal clear with no signs of scratching, and doesnt mist up too badly either.

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Nov 05

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toosmooth11 says:

New Generation AGV visors

Here's why these AGV visors are scratch happy; they are treated on both sides with a single 'hybrid' anti-fog/anti-scratch treatment.

I am the product designer behind the MCN award winning V2 Sponge, and still own and run the company that sells them, and these AGV visors gave me sleepless nights when they were launched 2 years ago.

2 years ago when we did a Magazine cover mount, we had a flurry of users talk about damage - this in a matter of days doubled, trebled and then quadrupled the amount of complaints about damage we had received in the previous 3 years. The common denominator was that ALL of the visors were new model AGV's.

I picked up the issue with AGV at the Cologne show in 2008. Their product manager was naturally upset that this was happening and we engaged in an open and honest chat. What became apparent was that the recent relocation of production to China for the lower end of the AGV range was linked to this - the top range stuff is still made in Italy and doesn't have the same issues.

This meeting at Cologne was followed up with an exchange with AGV's quality manager. The reason he gave for this problem, which I simply didn't believe at the time, is that the new visors (on the Chinese made lids) were made using a single dip of a hybrid coating. Old way = specialist coatings each side, new way = single coating of dual purpose stuff. Motivation? probably cash.

Anti-fog coatings by their nature swell and soften when wet. This obviously makes them more susceptible to scratching.

How does this pass the EC22.05 testing for anti-scratch properties? - the EC22.05 test is carried out using dry sand dropped onto a visor which is on a rotating turntable. I believe if the sand was wet, the visors would fail dramatically, as it is, because the coating functions okay as an anti-scratch when dry, it passes.

I have been publicising the fact on the homepage since I found out, and we now include product warnings on inserts and bags about these specific helmets - we believe the range of the problem extends to at least the following: Stealth, S4, K3, K4, Longway, Airtech - but there might be more as new models adopt the same tech.

It's a real tough one to try and deal with - I have spoken to the UK importer who at the time hadn't heard of the issue, but then very quickly caught up to speed and asked their dealers to reiterate the care instructions, and clean only with soap and water, and warranty claims for any other damage would be null and void.

It's a shame, their lids are good, but this lets them down. For a look at the marks on a new AGV that signify if you'll get a problem, click on the banner on the homepage and there are details there.

The sooner they change these coatings the better, not just because they aren't compatible with the UK's favourite visor cleaner (well, I would say that...!) but because they are simply not good enough in real world use, as proven by the readers of MCN here.

Tin helmet now on, and I'll await the call from AGV....(whistles)

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Feb 10

Posts: 3

welshwarrior says:

Stealth SV

I too am disappointed at how easy this visor scratches and the incredible wind noise - even with good ear plugs in the wind is very loud at suprisingly low speeds.

Has anyone sourced an AGV Stealth SV aftermarket replacement (other than their original)?

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Jul 10

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Vehlin says:

Stealth Visor

I thought it was just me. I've had two AGV stealths in the last 3 years, bought the second when the wind blew my last one off my seat and into a wall. Both of them had this problem, and it's exacerbated over winter.

Spray off the road in winter is laden with salt, and I'm sure this is what has caused the damage to my visor. Constantly having to wipe salt infused water off my visor in order to see is a part of winter riding, there's no escaping it.

Does anyone know of any aftermarket visors that will fit the Stealth that don't have this issue?

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May 11

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barmybrookie says:

AGV Stealth

Dear MCN,


Its only since reading this forum that I have realised that the £250 quid I paid for myAGV Stealth lid was a waste of money. I have owned the lid for less that 12 months now and paid for 2 replacement visors and its still not solved the problem. One small fly hitting the visor and thats it.... scratched.

The lining in the lid is also coming away from the back of the helmet and HG now say that because I ride constantly then "thats the cause".

So if your a twice a year pillion passenger then the  AGV Stealth is for you.


Poor show AGV! This should have had a product recall!!

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Jul 11

Posts: 1

proflomx says:

AGV Visor

I work for for a bike shop and a customer ordered a new AGV S4 and the visor's coating was peeling off and looked like dried soap film on it, he took it and we told him we would call our rep and get a new one and our Parts Unlimited rep told us to contact you guys and we did. We called and sent an email with our info and months are passing by and still no visor. So far looks like I will order a new one or a new helmet out of my own pocket inorder to keep my customer:mad:.

Cycle Supply in Three Rivers, MI 49093

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Jun 06

Posts: 1

iansmiler says:

AGV Visor

I've had my stealth visor for 6 years - I commute to work 10 months out of the year, 550 miles a week and I expect scratches on my visor... obviously! However - I use brasso on it once a week to polish them out :winkie: I picked this trick up from a biker many moons ago :laugh:

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