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Guy Procter  says:

Revised 2010 Honda Fireblade brings all-new colours & tweaks

Honda’s CBR1000RR and CBR1000RR C-ABS lead a blizzard of tweaked and colour-changed Hondas for 2010.    Find a Honda Fireblade for sale Under the new paintschemes a handful of subtle crankshaft-focused changes aim to make the bike a stronger platform for racing.  Read the Honda Fireblade review The new Fireblades get:      - Sharper rear styling with revised shape and new tail-light with clear...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (04 September 2009 09:47)

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Jun 09

Posts: 3

baggiebiker says:


After years of ripping off other peoples designs,are the Japanese makers now reduced to ripping one another off. Looks just like an R1,looks just like a GSXR blah de blah,yawn,yawn. I suppose it will give the 15 stone fat boy with his explosion in a pizza factory Dainese leathers,goatee beard and orange juice,a golden opportunity to bored anyone he comes across with how this latest model is 3 nanoseconds faster over a standing quarter,63.2 grams lighter(potentially useful that)and 6.87% more inertial mass ooh yipee. I really don't mean to take the mickey too much but is this sort of thing just becoming increasingly irrelevant just like the Z1300's and CBX's of the 80's. Still with a loud zorst and silly plate an ideal way of getting nicked in Wales and bleating louder than a welsh ram about how unfair it all is. Cue lots of outraged posts from people recognising their above description!

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Jul 08

Posts: 139

Crasher_666 says:


Yeah you're not wrong baggie..  mind you the extra weight saving (I think you'll find its 63.29grams) should nicely accomodate an extra helping of chips at the roadside cafe.

Haha.. its always made me laugh.. people spending thousands on losing a few grams for that extra bit of performance, when laying off the pies will achieve the same for freeee.


Nip up fatty!

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Dec 07

Posts: 11

johnjohnson says:



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Oct 05

Posts: 529

evilamnesiac says:

Bitter much?

Baggie, your post is both highly inaccurate and offensive to the large numbers of bikers who actually are interested in the latest sportsbike developments, not all of them conform to your stereotype, and who are you to judge anyway? why post at all on an article about the revised 'blade if you aren't a fan of sportsbikes? Leaving a comment spewing drivel to get a reaction? are you really that sad? the reason the 1000cc sportsbikes all look similar is because they are all aimed at the same market you moron! that's like saying all stepladders look the same, of course they do, they all meant to do the same job! a brief perusal of your profile reveals you are not a fan of sportsbikes, so why comment?

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Sep 09

Posts: 126

baggie the cage rattler

Well here is my two bobs worth, I am in the market for a new one Litre sports bike so the article is relivent to me. Now Baggie I have seen that you are anti Jap as all your bikes are britsh or Italian but ripping off other peoples designs has been going on for eons some say that it is the highest form of flattery! So now that I am armed with the knowledge that this new revised blade is a few grams lighter i'm off to eat some pies! Whoossh.

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Apr 05

Posts: 6

Juicek says:

As much as I love the performance tweaks that come with each new model I am not a fan of the "Saggy Gut" look of this bike or the new R1. Maybe i am turning into an old fart but I really prefer the WASP like looks of sports bikes of a couple of years ago. No doubt though being a blade it will be a cracking machine.

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Nov 08

Posts: 879

Sorry MCN, you'll have to wait another year for a proper blade story

Three year superbike cycles should mean more highly developed products, but what it actually means is Honda et all will have to make make more mid term tweaks, which can seem a bit lame: 2008 new blade; 2009 ABS;  2010 a tiny bit more crank inertia, clear lenses, new colours, wow!

Extra inertia should help extract a tad more performance from the tyres, on track, by reducing the effect of inertial torque pulses.  Perhaps they're cocking a hat to cross plane crank opposition?  For road riding it'd take a lot more than 7% to make a useful difference - they should add a whole lot more inertia and a proper hydraulic clutch, but then the dieting elsewhere might involve doing away with the fan motor altogether...

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Jan 08

Posts: 998

Hahaha Nice One Baggie

Its kinda true in all fairness .. if this where a racers' forum, the re-action would be understandable, but 95% of riders on UK roads couldnt handle a Honda CG125 to the limit, nevermind a Blade.

I have to admit, iam fond of the paintscheme of the orangeboom-tastic first pic !!!!

I hope the Blades better for teams next year, the interia alteration should me traction control work more in their favour, a serious flaw of this years' bike .... (on racing)

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Apr 06

Posts: 1216

CosherB says:

oh how i yearn for the 2002 R1 and the 2006 Blade, or an MV F4 .... in-line fours that i wanted because they looked great.  i'm sure the 2010 Blade is a technical tour-de-force, but it still looks a munter in a shell-suit ... not for me thanks


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Dez Gray


Aug 02

Posts: 2

Dez Gray says:


Not keen on the, I quote, the "Orangeboomtastic!" paint scheme, but I do like the others. Anybody who says they they think the new 'Blade is dull, copy of this, copy of that, clearly hasn't ridden one. It does everything it says on the tin, without crippling you when you ride it.

Let's face who can ride any 600+ sports bike to the limit anyway, certainly not your average road rider!

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