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Steve Farrell  says:

North Wales Police chief: ‘Riding motorcycle less rational than cycling’

Riding a motorcycle is less rational than cycling, a North Wales Police chief has said. Acting deputy chief constable Ian Shannon made the extraordinary claim in his blog on the force’s website.   He intended to question the logic of MCN’s campaign to reclaim North Wales for motorcyclists from heavy-handed police. But instead he showed the prejudice at the heart of...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (11 September 2009 17:29)

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Nov 07

Posts: 540

Further to this...

My comments below probably don't clarify my position clearly enough and are a little out of kilter.


The Police seem to see themselves as some kind of experts. This is a big problem. We do not employ a Police Force to give opinions or enforce nonsense legislations. The Police are put in place purely to serve the public by KEEPING THE PEACE. Someone, somewhere and at sometime changed all of this.......


People believe it's the Government which is partially true. Others believe that it is increases in deaths/crimes/public outcry or whatever........


Personally, I believe that there are far too many Police Orifices and instead of dealing with real crimes against real people (as oppose to speeding which is against the state!) these little dudes are left to patrol the streets and FIND crimes that are insignificant and pursue them and turn them into BIG crimes in order to justify their existence. This is endemic throughout the public sector, there are THOUSANDS of people who don't do anything except invent work. The politicians are probably the best at this although most public servants are tuned into turning nothing into something.


The Police Orifice will normally turn to their 'It's the LAW' nonsense when someone questions why the hell they're getting pestered. If all else fails then it's an 'attitude problem' that their poor victim has...


We all get swamped by statistics and figures that tell mixed stories. We get hit hard with adverts that portray the country as verging on civil war with thousands dying every day yet when we go out there we see Police Orifices keeping themselves busy catching people doing 35mph in a 30mph zone, catching people dropping pieces of rubbish by accident or catching the doggie poo criminals.... These all of course get processed into a big crime database and more statistics come out and the demand for more Orifices goes up as we have real problems... Apparently.


Wales clearly has too many Police Orifices. Lay of half the force and then focus the rest of them on solving some crimes... Some REAL crimes. Catching and charging a guy with a noisy exhaust on his bike doesn't impress me much. Catching some kiddie fiddling scum and castrating them does. What the Police need to do is get their priorities sorted out. Chasing bikers or trying to slate what is a minority group is simply discriminatory. They've kept their nonsense going long enough and now they are getting a reaction yet they are that thick they cannot understand why. Wake up you clowns and stop being arseh*les. If people pay insurance, taxes, MoTs and obey most of the laws then LEAVE THEM ALONE.

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Mar 09

Posts: 5416

Nostrodamus says:

What is 'rational'?

Yep put a uniform on a man and he gets all uppity with a deluded sense of his own importance. I don't see pedaling 150km through the Welsh countryside  getting all sweaty, dodging trucks and breathing diesel fumes whilst wearing a skimpy  stretch lycra suit (with extra large groin padding in Mr Shannon's case) as 'rational' - quite the polar opposite. Keep your prejudices to yourself little man.

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Oct 07

Posts: 754

windy12 says:

wild riders??

I often tour about slowly with my girlfriend on the back of my bike, we never exceed the speed limits or too fast round corners the times I have gone out with her on the back I have rarely been passed by another bike, in three years probably about 10 or 15 times at most, I go in to the heaviest biker areas in the north east and only support businesses that support bikers, some cafes have literally hundreds of bikes outside.

I am wondering where all of these wild riders are?  Surely they would be passing me in their hundreds, I generally go out for 6-8 hour runs, where are they all?

I think that  cars are built for show and comfort, except for really high priced stuff underneath they are very basic and nasty especially around suspension etc, because cars are all jammed up on the roads when the roads get twisty and bumpy (in the likes of wales) they get down to 35 mph and sometimes less, we can pass a load of them in one go safely and they do not like it, through annoyance and frustration and maybe on bumpy roads because their cars are hopping all over the place they presume our bikes do, but they dont it feels as if we could get off and push more quickly, then they vent frustration on us via the police, on Saturday I rode along a motorway and cars were undertaking overtaking sweeping in front on slip roads, none doing less than 80mph through a city!!  Where are the police for them?

I think bike riders are tame compared to what they used to be probably due to traffic levels, probably some blast down straights in some areas and the police know where to wait, but they arent flying past me so I am starting to wonder are the bullshit comes from?


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Feb 08

Posts: 194

dev_d7 says:

Apples and Oranges

How could you possibly begin to compare motorcycles with bicycles? In terms of transport, fun, appeal, culture, speed, image (someone mentioned skin tight lycra) they are just completely different. I think next weekend I will make the "rational" decision to cycle down to coast... oh wait it is 400 miles away! DUMB ASS! Or even better - let me register for the next A-group at Donington and pitch up with a van loaded with "Treks" and "Giants". What a tool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aug 02

Posts: 69

slparry says:

Time to VOTE

on the right

"Are motorcyclists treated unfairly by North Wales Police?" Poll

Come one all answer a resounding YES!!!! Cos we are treated unfairly!!

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Oct 08

Posts: 68

JS4119 says:

Erm... I've heard a couple of people complaining about cyclists and lycra. Motorcyclists and leather, pot calling kettle black anyone? Cycling is a perfectly acceptable form of transport (in cities at least) and a nice hobby, much the same as motorcycling is. I don't think insulting cyclists will change the attitudes of certain people towards the motorcycling community.

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Sep 09

Posts: 2

RoloTamasi says:

Temporary Deputy Chief Constable, Ian Shannon admits not understanding this important issue, clearly any actions or decisions on this basis constitute a recipe for mistakes.

It is worrying that he admits to not understanding this simple issue as it is so fundamental to a broad range of policing activities, we must have concerns about the quality and selection of senior officers if they don’t understand it.

The fundamental fault is the police are attempting to impose something upon riders that is outside police mandatory powers. This is bound to create problems.

If the police wish to promote some form of driver training, beyond that required by law, then they can only do so by attempting to engage their target audience on a voluntary basis.

In the UK, as in all free societies, the freedom for people go about their business without let or hindrance is a fundamental hallmark of our societies values. It is necessary that the police have powers to occasionally detain someone against their will, but such a fundamental challenge to liberty has to be treated with great respect by those exercising it and the law is very specific about when and how it may be applied. The police behaviour described by Ian Shannon is clearly not complying with those laws.

Ian Shannon refers to Section 163 of the Road Traffic Act as a police “power”. This is a misconception; section 163 creates an obligation upon the driver of a vehicle to stop if instructed to do so by a police constable in uniform. All would agree that it is a sensible and required obligation.

However it does not define the conditions necessary for the police to require a driver to stop. Clearly the police cannot stop vehicles upon any capricious whim, the section on its own does not create a police “power” and any stop has to be necessary in the course of a policeman executing some other duty.

The police have obligations upon how they exercise the authority they are given and clearly the stop has to comply with those responsibilities. These powers need to be treated with respect.

Section 163 only covers the act of stopping. It does not give any power to “detain” however Ian Shannon is trying to mislead us to believe that it does and that power includes the promotion of advanced driver training. It is untrue.

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Jun 06

Posts: 390

9999steve says:


You should'nt all bite when they throw the bait. Give them enough rope and they will hang themselfs just be patient!

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Jul 05

Posts: 19

superbiker27 says:

As an ex Police Motorcyclist I think the man is a complete idiot,  OK they are trying to keep the roads safe for all but there is a right and wrong way to go about it, stopping motorcyclists at lib is not the right way and does nothing to promote good will. Glad I was not in his force.Superbiker 27.

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Sep 09

Posts: 1

bikermang1 says:

Cycling more rational than biking!

What a bloody stupid thing for a supossidly sensible member of the police force to say!

Given that biker's have to pass more than one test i.e. CBT, Theory and  main bike test to ride a "big Bike" on uk, roads and if under twenty four have to comply with power restrictions compared to the fact that any numpty can buy a push bike and jump on to it on uk roads without having to pass any test whatsoever to show their competance (or lack of) it is clear to any thinking person that such a comment is completly wrong at best. How are we supposed to respect our coppers when they make ludicrus statements such as these.

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