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Steve Farrell  says:

Motorcyclists ‘should automatically be blamed for cycle crashes’

Motorcyclists would automatically be blamed for collisions with cyclists under proposals by Government advisers. Liability for compensation claims should be assumed to lie with the most powerful vehicle in any crash, according to the Transport Department-funded group Cycling England. Cyclists would be held liable for collisions with pedestrians, while drivers and motorcyclists would automatically have to compensate either cyclists or pedestrians. ...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (21 September 2009 16:22)

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Feb 09

Posts: 68

nedd says:

Relax !

Well I agree with you but I was wound up enough in the first place seeing worsening antics of cyclists. Traffic trends and other culture things seem to spread from South to North and up here the pernicioous militant cyclist is only developing but I`ve seen enough already seeing that woman almost take out half a family "keeping up energy".    What stresses me as I get older is that we have people in power who are completely bonkers that is stressful enough.   In every area there seem to be more fascist jobsworths siding with the bad guys - you know the type who want to let off burglars if they`re also poor innocent druggies.   One of main stress causes is never find out who the idiots are so can at least have satisfaction of asking them why they are bonkers ? These poor cyclists do have Human Rights I suppose !!   Come to think of it you could ban a bicycle on Health and Safety grounds !!!!  Now there`s an avenue of progression.  Sorry Nedd is really still wound up and he`s also writing to M.P. about it.  Was thinking of contacting ROSPA and County Police about clamp downs and safety advice before saw this blogg after seeing suicidal / homicidal cyclist yesterday.        

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Nov 07

Posts: 540

All I can say...

Is check out this:


Whilst there read some of the interesting articles. Maybe some people on here will realise where I get some of my opinions from and base them on.

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Apr 09

Posts: 17

Tordy3002 says:


An amusing and well pointed report yellow ninja. Im thinking we should just flatten the bitches. haha.

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Jan 08

Posts: 274

aphmitchell says:


I like that very much. well written!

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Feb 09

Posts: 4779

philehidiot says:

This is why

my rocket launcher plan is such an amazing one.

It's based on a powerful rocket + secondary motor which is fired into to car, the primary motor embeds it in the car and burns out, leaving the secondary motor making the car the most powerful vehicle.

It's also good for those twunts who sit in the outside lane doing 40 on the motorway... fire the rocket into the rear of the car and suddenly the flow of traffic is restored.

Next on the agenda, sorting out students who can't afford food yet can somehow afford stupidly expensive "fashionable" clothes, such as jeans which expose their 3 week old underwear.

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Nov 07

Posts: 540


It's good to see other peoples/groups perspectives on things...


I find that site great for seeing the 'other side' of a lot of things in life. It is also great for the quick witted humour that is generally throughout the written pieces.


Stating the obvious is at times a great thing rather than trying to relate an issue to a specific subject...


For all the people on here who go off on one or over-react or want MCN to report purely on bikes maybe it is time to step back and see the bigger picture. If MCN didn't bring the general news and the implied impacts it has on bikers then where the hell would we get the news and from who's perspective? We would be left to analyse everything and take from it whatever we felt to be true but with MCN's little snippets of info and so long debate we find out far more than any one of us individually could achieve.

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Nov 07

Posts: 540

I find this place good too...


Keep looking people... The information is out there. Stop buying the Daily Record/The Sun and read some real journalism. MCN is trying to move on from nonsense reporting to proper in depth stuff with protests and the rest attached to the back end. Most are taking heed and standing up to be counted but there are some out there who are allergic to change. Embrace it and follow the wave or else you'll be sinking with the lone ship that is New Labour or indeed politicans in general.......

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Oct 02

Posts: 51

bigjames says:

Same road, same rules...

that is the rule in the US. Bicycles are under the same regulations as cars and motorctcles, all they way down to speed. (ands yes, I have seen a bicyclist ticketed for speeding) Accidents involving bicycles and motor vehicles over here are treated like any other road accident. If the bicycle failed to yeild and gets hit, they are at fault and liable for damages, pretty much simple as that. In North Georgia (US, not Europe), the share the road signs are bright green - and directed at the bicyclists who started riding 4 ot 5 abreast and thought nothing of holding up traffic or spitting at you as you went by... Police put a swift stop to all that with a few hundred tickets to a bunch of well deserved bicyclist who just didn't get the message... like us, most bicyclists are law abiding riders, but also like us, a few are real jerks...

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Aug 09

Posts: 45

GreenTea says:

Cyclists will be given green light to ignore one-way signs

And now they throw this one at us. Driving down a one way street in the dark during a downpour, and you're likely to get some prat on a bike, no lights, dark clothes racing straight at you from any angle. Would you trust all of them to ride on one side of the road?

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Sep 09

Posts: 406


Easy money ?

So your average UK entrepeneurial sub-species will be able to throw themselves under or near to the wheels of any passing motor vehicle at will and then claim compensation from the owners insurance company who is automatically at fault. Loads of compo as their shout goes !

I do`nt think the major 20 or so UK insurance companies will be too happy to accept this proposed legislation ?

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