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Got something to say?

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Aug 02

Posts: 2541

MrHarlequin says:


I'm bored with this forum


Bored with it's lousy infrastructure and technology


Bored with the constant bitchiness, lack of humour and even greater lack of intelligence


Bored with the fact that few people on here seem to be interested in sharing a common pastime and are more interested in insulting each other.


Bored with the need some people have to send offensive messages and posts


Bored with the frankly racist overtones of much of the content


Bored with the cretins


I may pop in from time to time, but until the tone changes and some of the mentally deficient posters move on, I don't think I will be posting very often.


Bye and be safe

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  • Posted 5 years ago (04 October 2009 22:08)

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Jul 07

Posts: 1515

Frieda says:

Mr H you shouldn't

don't let a bully win

however if you take no pleasure from the forums, keep in touch by PM with people of worth

my two cents


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Aug 02

Posts: 2541

MrHarlequin says:

Thanks all

Just to be clear, I'm not leaving because of bullying, insults or intimidation from the trash who seem to have infested our forum.  I'm frightened of dentists, spiders above a certain size and my tendency to spend money without thinking, but not of people with less intelligence than a pay-as-you-go phone.


I will check from time-to-time and anyone who wishes can PM me and is welcome to my email if they wish.  Kam, you have my details (and your lovely and way-too-good-for-you lady has my FB details :biggrin:).


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Mar 09

Posts: 351

crackfinder says:

Mr H

have you tried this

there are some very nice people there, very friendly and welcoming, no trolls in sight :biggrin:

 and it has an IM type chat thingy....and a proper chat room, a couple of people from here already use it.


it's not much fun here.....watching the valued members leave.:upset:

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Aug 02

Posts: 29262

Kamchat says:


Kam, you have my details (and your lovely and way-too-good-for-you lady has my FB details :biggrin:).


Thanks ...err ..I think. :tongue:

Keep popping in. :winkie:..You never know, - one day a miracle will happen and this site may work properly ..and be cretin-free.:tongue:.

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Mar 07

Posts: 3215

Boult says:

you don't

really mean to 'go'  -  just not look in so often :wink:

Good to see Taz's avatar back in here too.

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Jul 08

Posts: 408


The leaving of a forum

Hi MrHarequin

I too have become disinterested in this forum of late. There doesn't seem to be the kind of light hearted banter and the kind of knowledge which we can all share regarding our interest in motorcycles.Winter is almost upon us and there may be more time to exchange views now the dark nights are here. I have enjoyed the views of many of you and so wish that it should continue. Maybe my interest will be re-kindered again when the right atttitude is adopted.:smile

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Oct 04

Posts: 2970

Spire says:

Waves (probably too late)

I too have spent less and less time on here.  Same reasons as you.

I do pop in every few days just to see what everyone is up to, but its not a place you would choose to spend a lot of time.


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Nov 04

Posts: 3833

750FLYER says:

Mr. H..

You're inane ramblings will be greatly missed sir!!!

By whom though... I do not know!!      :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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Aug 08

Posts: 721

Mjollnir says:

I Like Spire

and several others spend less and less time here, for similar reasons.

The number of great people who have left this forum for all the reasons you have listed Mr H, tis such a shame.

Ride safe

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Apr 07

Posts: 997

gizzabreak says:



Bored with the frankly racist overtones of much of the content


I agree with that.

I have bought one particular racist remark to the attention of MCN and got no response.

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