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Andy Downes  says:

VFR1200F test rider speaks

Honda test rider Dave Hancock is adamant the new VFR1200F is so good it will change the world of bikes for the next decade. More info on the Honda VFR1200 Hancock has been a Honda test rider for the past 20 years and had played a key role in developing bikes like the Super Blackbird, Fireblade, CBR600RR and now the VFR1200F. He...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (14 October 2009 17:10)

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Oct 09

Posts: 1

stuart1066 says:


Thanks Honda

You have saved me  a shed load of money. I was seriously ready to buy  the new VFR

however I fail to see the point of it .The weight , the tank range ,after market luggage ,

the looks , all go against a sports TOURER. I was expecting something totally different to this lemon

I had all ready sold my BMW (in MCN), fortunately  no money has changed hands .I will probably now ring my buyer and tell him the deals off and keep it for another year


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Nov 07

Posts: 541


Pan replacement DID cross my mind... First thought I had! Would fit nicely into the Police Forces around Britain. It would be a massive 'change' as far as those aspects are concerned.


All Honda need to do to keep the majority of moaners on here is increase the tank capacity by 4 litres.... Can't be too hard surely???


As for the rest of us... I am sure we will come up against one ridden by a more experienced and fun filled rider... We'll nail our 600 sportsbikes and get trumped by the big fat Honda....

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Nov 07

Posts: 541

Hee hee...

I ain't a potential customer as I ain't old or grumpy enough...


18litres is quite a decent size of tank and for most it would be more than enough. Bigger would've been nicer but, hey, that's what they've delivered and I am sure there is a reason for it.


Maybe, as you were hinting, they designed the fairings first and then went about sticking the engine in it... Then they realised there wasn't enough room for the airbox so they simply made the tank shallower...


They could gain the 4 litres simply through redesigning the tank. Don't see anything else that would be effected in the equation...


Cylinder de-activation WOULD have been a handy thing... Maybe they ran out of budget and simply slung an unfinished bike out the factory gates... I will be interested to see the smaller brother when it comes out...


As for Ford Focus vs Honda VFR in weight... VFR is still about 1/5th of the weight (at least) and generates more power than all but the ST models... Hee hee.

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Sep 09

Posts: 2

cad169 says:

No Missing Link!!

For the life of me I dont understand the comments of those who say its great looking, cant wait to ride it ect. But then maybe I can. Maybe they are the guys that are in the market for a BMW or an FJ or a GTR. In no way can they be the guys that already ride VFR's and Blackbirds.

Could those guys please understand that those of us that ride VFR's or Blackbirds rode them because they could scratch and tour, but above all they were the missing link between sportsbikes and tourers. I rode my Blackbird because I loved the fact that I could tour to the Alps two up, and that it still LOOKED like a sportsbike.

I was so looking forward to the new Blackbird. Wow, how sporty looking was that going to be, yet would still address the (very few) issues of the old Bird. Instead we get this.

Yes I am sure it rides wonderful. But there are a dozen woderful tourers out there. Most of us bought Blackbirds because it rode wonderful and it LOOKED great. We could have bought a dozen tourers out there ten years ago, but we bought the Bird because it WAS the missing link. it WAS different. There was no Busa or ZZR1400 (just an aging ZZR11). In the same way the Fireblade was an evolutionary step so was the Blackbird.

This is not even in the same ballpark. I appreciate the technology but the bike is still pitched to compete with an FJ or a BMW, in a world where there are already a dozen choices. Thats hardly aimed at the guys who ride VFRs and Blackbirds.

The test rider says' it will still feel like a sportsbike without the need to work at it'.

So Mr Honda, are you saying you want it to be a sportsbike? So why not design it like one. It may go fast and handle, but if it looks like a tank, boy have you lost a massive market.

The reason why the Fireblade was such a massive sales success was not only its evolutionary step, but that it looked  great compared to its competion, as did the R1. This looks like a barn door.

The guys that bought VFR's and Blackbirds are not the guys that buy touring BMW's FJ's or GTRs. Those guys will look elsewhere.

Honda, I feel have made one big mistake and alienated a vast part of its consumer base who will go elsewhere for that 'missing link'.

People like me. I waited for the new 'Blackbird' but this it aint. Just bought a nice shiny new ZZR1400. I think Kawasaki and triumph are going to do extremely well out of Mr Honda not listening to the hand that feeds it



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Jun 09

Posts: 8

powermatic says:

Huge, huge disappointment. Butt ugly with a capital 'B'-the fairing is bad enough, but whomever designed and okayed that exhaust needs a damn good thrashing. I look at my '99 VFR and think 'ten years old and hasn't aged badly at all'. This thing looks bad from the get-go: where will it be in ten years? Yikes.

Plus, I don't understand the market segment that they're aiming for. There's already plenty of 1 litre+ sport tourers out there-</i>including one built by Honda! Are they thinking that this is a Blackbird replacement? Come on! Major fail.

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Dec 04

Posts: 70

Jackspratt says:

Honda have entered a new word into English language for "ugly"...

Well I'll tell you what, you can make the fuel tank as big as you like; it'l still be damned ugly and look unwieldy.

Honda has lost the plot with this one.

The designers should be forced to hang photo's of that new 961  Norton, or the R1's, or the 916 or something equally beautiiful on the walls of their bedrooms until they understand the difference between "handsome", and "as ugly as a bulldog licking p**s off a nettle"!!

Just a minute!!!  I just noticed a trend 916 (duke), 961 Norton - get it?

OK, OK here's an idea, just call it a 169 and it will wake up dead handsome in the morning!

Hmmm, or maybe a sequence of numbers that doesn't sound like a bus service.  BUT, no, nope, on second thoughts stick with the bus service number, after all it looks like a bus...but not quite as pleasing to the eye.


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Oct 09

Posts: 3

sylus says:


I've just seen the pictures of the bike

It reminded me that contraception stops ugly children from being born. With this and the dn01 honda's designers need to be on the pill. Honda...really? is this what you think people want?

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Oct 05

Posts: 528

evilamnesiac says:

To be fair, the DN-01 looks great, and got ALOT of interest before Honda decided to price it into oblivion and give it a dull as dishwater engine. Loads of people were enquiring when it was out and how much it would be etc. the looks weren't the problem. As for the VFR, the general consensus as you read up the posts seems to be that people are warming to the looks at least, its a grower. but not the range! Honda give the fuel consumption (WMTC cycle) on the VFR as 15.5Km/L or 43.3mpg which gives a range of 286.75KM or 178.18 miles. so slightly less the the MCN figure on the 1050 Sprint of 185 miles, but slightly better MPG (43 versus 40). though these figures are generally meaningless in the real world. its not as far away range wise as people are guessing.

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Nov 09

Posts: 8

sdv9r says:


At last a bike for all seasons......but thats what they would expect us to think, im sorry to put the boot in, but this bike has been designed around some great idea's that have not really come together in a very pleasing way. I hope it has good lights as i think the only way i would ride this would be at night....with a blind fold on so i didn't see it's reflection anywhere, yes that's silly but its not even a nice colour is it. Top Gear should be given one of these bikes so they could drop a caravan on it.....sorry HONDA.

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