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May 09

Posts: 14

nickyipee says:

Counter Steering

Hi Ive just hit the streets as a learner again after a 10 year absence and lately ive been reading a load of what I believe to be horse s$%t, in MCN about countersteering. Call me old school but I tend to aim the bike in the general direction im going and wow it gets me there. I dont need to turn the handlebars to the pavement, or pull any other MOTO GP style manouvers to do it! :tongue:

Am I missing a trick here. It sounds like something that relates to how fast, what angle your hitting the corner and the angle of the corner itself. basically something you would do on a track. None of that has been mentioned in any of the articles. Apart from having a speed of over 20MPH.

It wasnt taught on my CBT and my Dad (a biker of 50 years) never heard of it.


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  • Posted 5 years ago (16 October 2009 13:39)

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May 09

Posts: 49

Wriggler says:

How do you

steer a bike?

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Jan 09

Posts: 845

v1nn1e says:

Direction changes

The only time I am conciously aware of counter steering is when I have to change direction quickly when travelling quickly.

Otherwise you have to slow down to do the same direction change.

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Sep 07

Posts: 2800

James600zx says:

Head Angles and Steering.

I first read about counter-steering not in a motorcycle publication but in 'Richard's Bicycle Book,' a sort of cyclist's bible (in the days when I still turned a pedal).

Here is an engineer's explanation of steering and counter-steering:
Moulton on counter-steering

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Oct 09

Posts: 337

late60sbiker says:

Countersteering discovered 100 year ago

Countersteering was discovered over 100 years ago by the Wright Brothers, inventors of the aerospace industry, who also owned a bicycle factory.

So you can thank Orville and Wilbur Wright for this discovery.

I remember  my mate telling me about this back in the time of Dunstalls' clip-ons and Dunlop TT100's.

(not the Wright bros bit)

He used to spark the centre stand on roundabouts and windy country lanes.

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Jan 09

Posts: 28

DivingPJ says:

Counter Steering

I passed my test a year ago and counter steering was part of the training. In the new test the swerve test is a lot easier with it. I use it all the time and it makes cornering very smooth and natural when you are looking through the bend.

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Jul 09

Posts: 388

BIGMat says:


I passed a month ago, nobody trained me how to do it or why it is done, but if you try it, all will become clear.

Countersteering makes the bike 'fall' into the corner a lot quicker, and as was already mentioned, when you're in a corner and going too fast for the lean angle, a little forward nudge on the roadside bar, and the bike feels like it digs in and pours round. Just my opinion.


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Dec 05

Posts: 13

reddevil11 says:


Check this video guys
:winkie: is all there

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May 09

Posts: 14

nickyipee says:


Hey thanks for the replies. The video is usefull and I get it. Wasnt too keen on the last part of the film. Suggesting you need to be experienced to pull off a countersteer. I wouldnt want to drop my precious bike! It still appears that a straightforward lean at low speeds is perfectly fine. Until I mange to start MOTOGP ing it round corners of course :smile

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Jan 05

Posts: 21

minkyhead says:

you may need it

is very usful  in day to day riding  ..a lot of riders use nothing  else   even on the way to the garden centre any input you give its a matter of degree ..   for normal riding its  not difficult to do    just a slight push on the bar in the direction u want to lean   will steer your  bike   ..

nothing dramatic required  it takes a little getting used to  

put simply  when you push the left bar  it shows the inside of the left profile of the tyre to the road   and the bike will follow the decreasing profile  and lean lean   ..the more profile u show the more lean u get  ..

you can use it in the wet  but generally  its better to keep it to the dry conditions   ecpecially if your not used to it  

   please open your self up to learing it   ..a bend that tightens   unexpectantely [ok misjudged  ][weve all been there  ..   it gets your bike down   ..if you  start trying to yank the bike down   to lean you could give it the wrong instruction   and end up  inputting  the oppisite effect than u want   ....or resorting to shedding speed midcorner   which in most circumstaces     is not what u should be doing  

without input into the bars  you aint going to be going around any corner   so its a good way of feeling  your way  into cornering  and will give u a better understanding of the bike  


      its not a dark art or anything like that  its a very usefu thing to learn   ..dont dismiss it may need it one day      

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Jul 08

Posts: 190

zephyrdave says:


Everyone uses countersteering subconciously, it's fairly basic physics. But if you think about it and make a concious effort to do it then it can be an extremely useful tool to making efficient progress on all types of roads from coutry lanes to ring road roundabouts...

Some people prefer to pull on the opposite bar as opposed to pushing on the inner one but it does the same job.

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