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Oct 09

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New rider what Helmet????

I`m just looking to purchase a helmet, looked at Shark 900 or RSI.
Looking obviously for quality but budget is less than £250
Any advice please.

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  • Posted 5 years ago (26 October 2009 19:04)

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Feb 09

Posts: 4769

philehidiot says:

I just got

A shark RSR2. I know it's out of your price range but if you can find something with the same visor on (RSI may have it) then I'd strongly recommend that - it's cracking. If you're buying now I'm assuming winter use is on your list of things to do so a visor that sheds water and won't scratch when you wipe crud off it is essential.

Shoei do a budget hat within your range as well. Don't know enough to recommend or not.

Avoid Arai. Like the plague. Fine for summer, leprotic, black bollocks for winter.

Unfortunately you can't just have two hats and go for the one that people say is best - it took me about a month of hunting to find a hat that fitted properly (even then I needed different cheek pads). Fit is the most important thing so go out and try on a load of hats, get the people in the shop to tell you if it fits or not and make a list of those which fit.

Then come back and ask opinions and google some reviews.

Also, make sure that any shop does not try and sell you a display helmet - it MUST be new out of the box. If you dropped a £400 hat on the floor, rendering it useless, would you admit to it or would you quietly put it back on the shelf? Also, you don't know what has had it's head in the display one.

It's all about fit - a £30 hat that fits will protect you better than £1,000 one that doesn't.

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Oct 09

Posts: 7

UKGlenn says:


fit, fit, fit.


Re make i have a AGV Titech, great helmet, light fits well got an outgoing colour scheme for 180 a while back so that might be an idea.  I got mine from hiene gericke.

I had an arai cant think of the model offhand but another great helmet imho.

Both have their faults but im not sure anythtng is perfect.



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Oct 09

Posts: 8

Helmet 5 star rating


When I first started riding I thought the more you paid for the helmet the better it will be. I bought a Shoei XR1000 for well over £300. It was only a couple of months ago when I discovered that there is a 5 star helmet safety check, very similar to the ones they do on cars.

It is I believe it is quite new so don;t believe it has every helmet on there but give it a go. I was suprised to discover that my expensive shoei got less stars than my mates cheap AGV. He paid less than half what I did.

Hope this helps others as well as yourself

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May 09

Posts: 30

knives4apro says:


Passed this year and got myself a Marushin. 5star etc... Saw a flouro yellow one in Norway but decieded for a white one, Really light weight and blocks alot of noise! Worth a look as i got mine for £50!!!! end of line clearance!

Always remember to try before you buy!!

Good luck

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Feb 09

Posts: 4769

philehidiot says:

Sharp ratings

I've put an explanation as to why expensive glass / carbon fibre hats get lower ratings than some plastic ones in another post in the clothing section under sharp ratings - it's the last post.

Suffice to say, they're useful but mark down good helmets very aggressively.

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Mar 04

Posts: 160

jdavies123 says:


Get the best helmet you can afford.

Dont know why phil is not keen on the Arai range? They are probably the best helmets you can buy. (Pinlock visor, 5 year warranty, free servicing, and fitting?!)

Nolan, x lite, shoei, Schuberth (great for commuting) are also very good.

All i would say is.....dont go for the polycarb helmets.

A dropped Arai would not be rendered useless

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Feb 09

Posts: 4769

philehidiot says:


All helmets are constructed in the same basic manner and a drop from the 2 meters mine was dropped from will likely cause internal damage. If an Arai was not damaged by that force then I would seriously doubt it's protective capabilities.

I've written at length my reasons for not liking Arai in other posts. I don't doubt the protection, despite the SHARP ratings. I think they're probably fine for a summer rider but they're over priced and the visors are nothing short of pure, unmitigated crap. You need to replace them stupidly often and they're over priced. They're now boasting about removable linings.... which everyone else has had for years.

Pinlock - why the hell should I pay for anti misting inserts when pretty much everyone else can make an anti misting visor with no detriment to quality? 5 year warranty - not like that's unique to Arai. Additionally all consumer goods in the EU must come with 2 years anyway so anyone claiming one year is lying. Free servicing - I will give you this. They offered to x-ray it for free after it was dropped. Very impressed with such aftersales. Free fitting??? Urm.... you mean the sort of fitting that every bike shop should be able to do? For free.....

Sorry if this sounds like a rant but I'm far too pissed off right now to phrase it nicely.

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