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May 09

Posts: 24

JKAPUS says:

shifting without clutch?

I am trying to figure out the best way to shift gears,smoothly.I remember as a teen after taking off, not using the clutch,if you timed it right? of course this was on dirt bikes in sand,less trachion of course,but it seems like when i shift my 750 I can't get the clutch lever to operate fast enough to shift smooth.It has been 30 years since I rode and don't want to mess up my gears,but It seems like when I'm on my wifes 200cm by the time i shift the clutch is not all the way in and it seems smoother?I know it sounds crazy, and I have heard of people shifting without the clutch,If you know what you are doing!Could anyone tell me about this subject.seems like by the time I get the clutch in I miss the syncro timing,and it is cluncky.when i was young and dumb,it was what my friends told me to do,but I'm afraid to try it now.I even remember down shifting? Thanks for any advise.seems like a dumb question.

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  • Posted 5 years ago (28 October 2009 04:59)

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Mar 09

Posts: 8874

jaffa90 says:


As you know a clutch is for shifting gears smoothly,ok you can upshift with a jerk if in a hurry, but downshifting will harm your box and transmission and knock your fillings out,if using your clutch and it feels clunky it may be the wrong clutch adjustment or the engine oil,just try to keep the engine buzzing a little when changing up or down and always use your clutch:biggrin:

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Feb 09

Posts: 4738

philehidiot says:

30 years

You'll need time to get back into it.

A new bike generally takes me about 2 months to get properly smooth gear changing. Just take it slowly and the smooth changes will come - if you're like me you'll find yourself using less and less clutch and eventually using hardly any on upshifts.

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Apr 05

Posts: 19

yzfr10000 says:

shifting without clutch?

I never use a clutch to upshift, nor do most of my racing friends, if you time it right on the downshift you can also change, (but it's not recommended).

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Oct 09

Posts: 337

late60sbiker says:

done about 200 miles on my Bonneville now.

Just bought Triumph Bonneville after 30+ years break from bikes.

Been driving automatic car for over 10 year.

Found it took a few miles to get used to the gear change and braking, especially around town.

I need to be light on the throttle as the bike accelerated faster than any of the old British bikes I've have had all those years ago. 

Disk brakes stop quicker than the old drum brakes, and the feet forward controls (America) took a while to get used to. Bus pulled out on me as I was slowly passing, front brake locked forks dived, dead stop, when I was expecting the brakes to take a fraction of a second longer to come to a stop.

I am just getting the feel of it now,  clutch did take a while to judge, but I know now where it begins to bite.

Getting used to which gear I can pull away in on a rolling start, in slow moving traffic, it's all coming together now.

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Apr 09

Posts: 908

m1ks says:


The manufacturer of your motorbike fitted a clutch for a reason, short shifting is pointless in anything other than a racetrack sistuation where 1/10s count for everything.
Practise using the clutch, stop thinking of it as a switch (in=off out=on) and start treating it like a drive feed system, you may not need to pull the clutch right to the bar on some bikes, some require only a short action to disengage it, pre-loading the gearshift lever often helps with smooth changes too. Re-engaging the clutch progressively is the key to a smooth shift when balanced with the throttle.
In all it's a balancing act between clutch gears and throttle and only practise will tell you the right combination.
Do not use clutchless shifts unless you like the idea of forking out for a gearbox rebuild, even experienced racers can trash a box with a fhandful of bad changes, it's not big and it's not clever.
Kind of like wrenching your front door open with the letterbox because your mate tells you you don't need to use the door handle.

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Aug 02

Posts: 3265

eatcs01 says:

clutchless upshifts

clutchless upshifts will not wreck your gearbox.

Also, this is not called short shifting.


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Oct 05

Posts: 323

BrandsR6 says:

Clutchless shifting

When done properly, shifting up without the clutch does not harm the gearbox.  It takes a bit of practice to get it right and over time it will become natural.  It also makes accelerating quickly a lot smoother, as you are only off the throttle for a brief moment.  However, lots of botched clutchless changes will wreck the gearbox.  Clutchless changes from 1st to 2nd are not generally recommended either. 

The key is not to force the gear lever too hard, if it does not slot into gear with normal pressure, you are not rolling off the throttle correctly.

 For instructions, see the link below.........

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May 09

Posts: 24

JKAPUS says:


Thanks for all the info.It does seem to be an art,and I think down shifting would be risky. I just think  back sometimes how I could do it.Of course on a dirt bike in sand there is less traction,thats why I could do it easy.and on a honda 70.I live in florida,lots of sand,Thanks again,I think the combination of what was said about part clutch and easy throtle roll off will work for me.It is always interesting to read this forum.Thanks for the website.

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ste birc


Aug 07

Posts: 210

ste birc says:


shift up the box without clutch. always down the box as i have no slipper clutch so i feather out the clutch when i think the rear will not lock.

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