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Gary Pinchin  says:

Hodgson close to Motorpoint Yamaha deal

Neil Hodgson is thought to be close to agreeing terms to ride for Rob McElnea’s Motorpoint Yamaha team next year. McElnea was the former WSB champion’s first port of call when he visited the Croft BSB round back in September – when Hodgson admitted to MCN he was looking to make a return to BSB. And he’s also to visit the team’s...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (02 November 2009 12:29)

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Jun 09

Posts: 289

Parkway70 says:


People like you crack me up ...You must spend most of your life on this forum just prattling on about Hogdson`s loaded is he...?how the fuck would You know and what business of Yours is it anyway..?good luck to the fella if he's got a few in the quid in the bank...He was a world champion! besides don`t You think its a pretty dangerous occupation?..You`re so much of a bike racing fan that I bet You can`t even remember Hodgson sticking his privateer Yamaha on the front row in the 500`s [at 21]..with a bit more support in that class he could have gone on to much greater things[GPs]..I always rated him as a better racer than Criville...don`t forget also that he could have defended his Superbike crown at least once or twice more but he chose to take a gamble in MotoGp[less pay ,shit bike]...oh, last thing Stig Mate ,don`t  start preaching about certain peoples popularity as most of us know You`re one of the biggest Tossers on this just piss off

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Mar 09

Posts: 5185

Nostrodamus says:

Duck, here comes another handbag

Ah yes the Brit's reserve their 'finest' vitriol for their own kind. Rawdawg's initial posting was spot on and provides a good bit of perspective. Pray tell wise little whingers just where is this young blood talent you say should get this ride? Do you not think their talent should be enough in it's own right to get a ride? Hodgson brings a wealth of experience and a stella career back to BSB. This is good for all concerned, the series, sponsors, T.V, fans, housewives. But no, you want a spotty little no-name twat that wouldn't get within a couple of seconds of Neil at Brands short track.

Nobody races for their pension - I'm so sick of hearing this shit. Racers race for the sheer exhilaration & adrenaline hit that only punting a bike fast can provide, and because their ego says they're the best. I doubt very much Hodgson needs a piddly little BSB pay packet. He's racing because he has a point to prove still, and if his dicky shoulder works then watch out BSB.

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Nov 08

Posts: 44

robwatkins says:

own team?

you people that are saying that neil should start his own team, why? neil is a racer and a very good one,, he doesnt want to be stuck in the box or on pit wall, he wants to be out on the circuit. it is near on impossible to run a team and to race at the same time. if you know anything about racing you will know that the reason for choosing a rider is because you think that he can give you, and your sponsers some good results. rob mac is no fool, he knows that neil can deliver and wants him in his team for next year, i think that at this moment in time, although there is some good young riders about, they are not quite in the same legue, and just like the young guns, neil has something to proove as well, he wants people to know that he races because he loves the feeling off battling for the win and that he is still capable.

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May 09

Posts: 514

leecho says:

why not ?

why not set his own team up i have got nothing against hodgy, but he has made enough money out off the sport, and if he wants to race that much like some off you are saying get a bike and get on with it, rutter is talking about it out off his own pocket, but he is a racer not just in it for the money, like i have said before give the team bikes to the young up and coming riders.

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Oct 09

Posts: 198

ThePornstar says:

What a load of tosh.....

Jesus, this MCN site certainly brings out the tossers eh? Any rider who gets a BSB ride can obviously ride, why the fuck would he pay for it himself regardless of how much he's supposed to have earned? I am not the number one Hodgson fan but the bloke won BSB and WSB, has done OK in the US and was half decent on a 125 to. He's easily good enough, even at his age to walk BSB.  AMA is a joke now and for years Mladin was shooting fish in a barrel until Spies came along and made him look like a twat. Hodgson did way better than Mladin in GP so give the guy some respect.

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Dec 08

Posts: 1960

thestig08 says:

we will see soon enough

well no matter what his motives or current level of ability is we will see soon enough,and prattway you think he was as good as Criville ? not even going to bother stating the obvious differences and in response to your opinion of me that you seem unable to resist any opportunity in giving yet are still unable to express without abuse or venting spew,grow up you moron!

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Jun 07

Posts: 370

travis73 says:


Shows how little you know... Mladin used to test the RGV and was always on the pace straight away. Mladin was on the Cagiva (no pwer or relaibility) at the age of what 19...  And if Hodgson is any good and Mladin is crap... Why has hodgson done NOTHING in AMA... Not even a podium.

Hodgson could dream about being spoken of in the same breath as Mladin...

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Oct 05

Posts: 323

BrandsR6 says:

Too old?

Haven't Hizzy and Reynolds proved in the past that, given the right bike/team and motivation, BSB championships can be won by riders in their late 30s/early 40s????

I'd love to see Hodgson back, there's plenty of room on the grid, especially if the new BSB Evo class takes off, which is supposed to make the series more affordable and attract more teams/riders.

Not sure if Rob Mac's Yamaha's are good enough though, going on this years results.

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Aug 02

Posts: 18

chubbie says:

Glynn Racing I'm sure all this did happen when Mike Hailwood made a comeback (and won) back in 1979 at the ripe old age of 39, but Mike Hailwood shut every f**kers gob by winning, so it's up to Hodgson to do the same. There's nothing says 'up yours' more than winning on a bike that's considered to be not the best, if he did that then good luck to him.

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Dec 08

Posts: 1960

thestig08 says:

glynnracing milk or cream?

Very droll your probaly right though!,Just one thing I would like to clarify I for one don't have an issue with his age,many many great riders have achieved some of their best result at the end of their careers Hailwood,Plater,Hizzy,Reynolds,Reggiani,Mcwilliams,Marshall,Mackenzie,Les Judkins(joke,for those of you that can remember bless him)Chilli was always value for money and i think Walker is still better than the bag of spanners he is on? and the great Mr Sheene was riding as well as he ever had when he retired far to early only 34 but in those days age was an issue in gp's plus he had upset a few bosses he wasn't to tactful!,with Hodgson I just can't warm to the bloke (yes I have met him in the paddock and in the bar) I don't think he gives a monkeys about the "fans" or that his heart will truly be in it but we will see just an opinion,BTW chubbie/glynnracing No it didn't happen when Hailwood returned His heyday was well before my time but him and Ago were absolute legends and I was really looking forward to seeing him ride, he was due to race against Sheene at Donington in78 which would of been a memorable treat but sadly Mike fell in practice and broke his collarbone I was gutted but the draw he still had was amazing,but i think there is no parallel to be drawn between Hailwood and Hodgson,If there was he wouldn't be touting for a ride they would be fighting over him,which begs the question, the team managers are the professionals in the know ,why aren't they? Rob Mac I can understand as he will pay peanuts and use Hodgson to attract sponsors ,to the Hodgson fans enjoy seeing him back,to those that are not enjoy him getting beaten? everyone can be happy

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