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Mike Nicks  says:

Blog: Thanks, JT

Thanks, James Toseland, for everything you’ve done for British motorcycling in the past two years. If you hadn’t had the guts to risk the move from a safe home in WSB to leap into the raging MotoGP waters, Britain wouldn’t have had a single rider in motorcycle racing’s glamour class.  Motorcycling fans have long complained – rightly so – that...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (11 November 2009 09:53)

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Mar 09

Posts: 171

jonnyrocket says:


Poor old James, crap year, no confidence in himself, the bike or the team.  On a good note in your first year in Moto Gp you proved you could ride with the top six.  Take that positive ...James back to WSBK where the real racing is.  I like your style and your manner, you're a top bloke and we will see you in the paddock in the podium conference after the race in Salt Lake, the wife will have her Donny Rovers shirt on, so please sign it, just to keep her happy.

WSBK is the place to be next year anyway James, you know that.

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Aug 09

Posts: 48

snoman1956 says:

It was a pleasure

Thanks James for giving me an interest in watching MotoGP again for a couple of years, i have to admit I had lost interest and having a Brit in the pack gave me a reason to watch, thankfully it means i know about Bradley and I will continue to turn on to see how he gets on, but th eothers will be record and fast forward jobs and if the reports are bad not even that.  There can be little doubt that the class were the consistent racing and passing will be is the WSB series, so James will be a welcome addition. 

Seperately I really do not know how we can get the sponsorship to get our best riders into motogp and moto2 , I wish I did , it has as much to do with the sponsorship as ability these days and sadly unless there is a major sponsor wanting to support a uk rider its not gonna change in the foreseable future.  Until then I am more than happy to watch the more competitive BSB and WSB



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Dec 08

Posts: 1923

thestig08 says:


Many thanks for yet another boring and abusive posting aimed at myself,Interestingly you state you are not angry because JT lost his ride,and that you think Spies is an exeptional talent (one L in talent btw),you also say you don't like 90% of my postings,however i have some statistics for you, you have made 32 postings, your very first one abusing me, a total of 12 in the same vain a further 6 at your 2nd most hated poster,killahrat, and 7 more abusing anyone who doesn't share your opinion and love of JT, making 25 out of 32 postings on one topic alone, mainly containing your fine use of T**t ,C**t and F**K to express yourself, 6 other postings on 5 other topics would you believe! and 1 other in response to a posting by mcn on 4/9/09 where you state Ben Spies is nothing special, so its nice to see you have had a change of heart there, as you now say he is deserving of his moto gp ride, and exceptional,a bit like buying a lottery ticket after the draw but there you go,Anyway ICCY my dear chap thank you for your unwanted attention i'm flattered i inspired you to start posting, maybe next year you can branch out a little as you have an interest in wsb, bsb .and now moto gp with your new favourite rider to follow,and may i suggest as the statistics do point that way,that if these postings annoy you or you don'like them, don't read them or get some medication,but try and temper the swearing many thanks.

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Jul 09

Posts: 82

Icarus7 says:


Wow stig.. I love you!!!

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Dec 07

Posts: 61

tackyaccy says:

So sad

to see JT thrown out of motogp,lots of folks slag him off coz he's not fast enough what a load of crap. The truth is the bike he was riding wasn't fast enough to compete with the likes of Rossi and co,lets for a race put Rossi on Melandri's bike, do you think he would win a race.? It must have been really frustrating for JT yet he held his head high and tried his best for us Brits on a bike that plays second fiddle to the top four, I say well done James and lets see if Spies can do any better than 6th, I doubt it on that bke.


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Apr 05

Posts: 76

velopete says:

mike nicks article

Thank you Mike for a decent balanced article about JT, the bloke showed us all that he deserved to be in moto gp in his first year, he impressed Yamaha enough to rush to sign him for two years straight away, the bloke has the talent, OK it all went tits up this year probably for many different reasons which we can only speculate about. I wont forget seeing him at Brands in a bemsee meeting when he was riding in the CB500 cup at 15 years old, I went home that night and said to my wife "I've just seen a future world champion" the only time thats happened to me apart from with more established stars. James stood out a mile. Shame he was unable to ride for a team with less politics but there you go, onwards and upwards James. Real fans with an understanding of the sport will be behind James in 2010.

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Nov 09

Posts: 6

wheeliemal says:

JT in general

Just thought I'd add my twopenneth to the JT debate/motoGP/WSB, I have over the years been equally impressed and frustrated by JT, but wish him nothing but good luck for next year. Who on here really doesn't want to see a successful brit, as most of are riders surely we must appreciate the talent , skill and dedication that goes into riding a bike at BSB/WSB/MotoGP level. So go on JT prove all the doubters wrong and do well/win WSB next year......... 

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Dec 08

Posts: 1923

thestig08 says:


maybe you do ! ,but for this year my rod line and hook is going away,and for what its worth i love the sport and happen to have been around it and involved for a long time,my opinions may not always be welcome or may ruffle a few feathers, but i try to be honest and objective and i don't buckle with the ebb and flow ,this season may not have been what we wished for in moto gp,but we have a lot of potential in wsb next year for 2011,and Ben Spies has been a revelation,we should all savour his arrival ,and my final word on jt,fair play for the effort and courage to go into moto gp ,good luck in wsb ,and the sooner 2010 begins the better

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Bob Buttamasangy


Jul 08

Posts: 1293

Oh Well!

I sincerely hope you poms get someone to cheer for in the top series sooner rather than later. Shame for JimBob, but for whatever reason, just not up to speed. You know what they say about good blokes finishing last!

Did I mention that when this new pommy mesiah comes along, I'm gonna laugh when he's the epitome of everything every one of you has taken the piss out of each rider for this year. Sort of a Foggy/Kocinski/Stoner/Yates rolled into one. Just kidding, good luck to JimBob. It would be good to see him buck the trend and make a successful comeback to the GP scene in a coupla years. Longshot? Yeah, but would be good.

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Apr 09

Posts: 1381

Richard1967 says:


Motogp Is crap so he'll be better in wsbk which is way better racing GP's had it , its tried to be pc and lost its way 4 people can ride the bikes no one else can . Toseland will go well in wsbk , he knows how to ride I hope Crutchlow gets a few wins as well.

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