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Discuss This 2010 BMW S1000RR first ride update: “An incredible track tool” First rides & tests

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Trevor Franklin  says:

2010 BMW S1000RR first ride update: “An incredible track tool”

MCN Chief Road tester Trevor Franklin is currently testing the all-new BMW S1000RR superbike in Portimao, Portugal. This is his latest feedback: “For the final session of the day the bike was put into all-or-nothing ‘Slick’ mode, where the traction control, ABS and throttle response are set for full-on action on slick tyres. Win a BMW S1000RR! First ride: Troy Corser's WSB S1000RR “As...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (17 November 2009 17:15)

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Jan 09

Posts: 61

tinktonk says:

The looks

I'm confused as to what is wrong with the look? I'm guessing that the main problem with is that it doesn't look like everything else, so if you were to ride one you may stand out from the crowd? That seems like a bad reason. Maybe it just 'looks wrong'? Well, so do most new designs, until everyone else starts copying them, then everything that came before looks wrong - or simply old - instead. We shall see... but I'm glad that someone's tried to avoid producing another identikit model.

Would be nice to get a little more info about what it's like to ride. Anyone? MCN, even?

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Apr 09

Posts: 3


I've actually ridden it!

I have been lucky enough to actually ride the S1000RR in the spanish sunshine on the fantastic Castellioli circuit about a month ago so I guess I should put my two-penneth worth in. First I have to state the bleedin obvious - I work for a BMW dealership and therefore there will be readers who will assume I am going to be a teensy bit biased, but genuinely I will just be honest.

On the subjects that others have brought up in this blog, all I can say is this:

  1. The looks of the S1000RR - those who say its ugly need to see it in the flesh, in thunder grey or BMW Motorsport colours and you WILL change your opinion I promise you, especially if you see it parked next to a Fireblade or R1 like we did. However, I will admit I'm not keen on the asymmetic headlights plus the fact that the right hand side fairing with the 'sharks gills' looks so much better than the plain left hand side.
  2. The performance is genuinely amazing and even if you ignore the 193bhp at the crank, it puts out a genuine 182 at the wheel. Whilst I am not a regular sports bike rider myself, many other BMW dealer staff on the trip were, and they were all blown away by it. Many were talking about actually buying one themselves, which for usually cynical dealers is unheard of.
  3. The traction control system: unbelieveable. One of the instructors we had set out a hairpin of cones on the infield. He approached at speed, braked hard and went down into first gear, threw the bike on its ear with his knee on the deck and gave the bike full throttle. It simply drove out of the corner with no drama and he did this 10 times just to prove it wasn't a fluke.
  4. BMW bikers - working class? middle class? upper class? What f**king century are we in? I cant believe bikers are still thinking like this! I do have one customer who is a Lord if that helps to keep the chip on the shoulder brigade happy, but to be honest we have a broad cross section of the biking community and the S1000RR will just add a new group to the gang. I don't give a toss what you do for a living, you will get a good welcome at any BM dealership.
  5. Is the S1000RR better than the competition? I genuinely, honestly believe that this bike will  be as big in 2010 as the R1 was this year and I can't wait to read the first group tests. In my humble opinion if you want a 1000cc sports bike that has no real downsides, can be bought for under £200 per month with a modest deposit, has the best residual value after 2 years, and is in an insurance group way below its rivals there is only one choice. See you at a BMW dealer on the 5th December or at the NEC Show!

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May 05

Posts: 144

cardiology says:

Nogmanager you sod. I'm not jealous in the least. I think it looks fantastic, this bike. And I agree on the democratic nature of biking, I don't care if you're a binman, a traffic warden, a bloody movie star or a lord of the realm... if you're into your bikes, you're alright by me.

I am tempted to hold off for a year to see the way the thing beds-in, but I'm also VERY tempted to throw the cards on the table and stick my £1K down now.

ANd call mw a wuss, but things like traction control and ABS may be laughed out of town by some, but it doesn't half make a difference for us blokes who have a job, family and all the responsibilities that go with it. These things won't stop you getting into trouble but they won't do any harm once you're there.

That's for the input Nog. I know someone else who was at the dealer launch and he said much the same things as you have. Cheers fella.

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Nov 08

Posts: 880

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but it's a BMW...

...and that means whacky idiosynchracies that were never really needed, and were engineered or assembled with inadequate attention to detail.  Interesting ideas, sketched out and tried at buyers' expense.  From K series engines on their side (why) that dripped oil into their combustion chambers to G whatevers with ball joints that were never engineered for the full braking loads and rear shocks on off roaders that can't take a stint off road, to F's whose ABS has all the wrong priorities, dodgy networks of bike stopping technology in place of simple quaality looms.  It seems is if BMW use their buyers as test riders.

Lets be real.  The inscrutable big four could easily dial another 10 bhp out of their superbikes, or shed 3-4kg, but so far they've stuck to very careful incremental engineering resulting in an enviable reputation for durability and dependability in a finely honed and efficiently mass produced product.  A gixxer thou or a blade is at home on the winter commute as on a track day by the med.  I sincerly hope the big four don't go chasing BMW's out and out track newbie focus and lose sight of the fact that a superbike can and should be an utterly a dependable road vehicle.

I wonder if Charlie and Ewan would contemplate doing a Sanders on a couple of S1000RRs with no monster support crew?

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Dec 07

Posts: 11

johnjohnson says:

Fugly or just run-of-the-mill Teutonic weirdness?

I've read some comments referring to a BM.  Is that short for bowel movement?  It would fit as this bike looks like sheit.

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Jun 09

Posts: 851

Hay great input NOGMANAGER, everyone should read your comments as you have actualy ridden the thing

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Aug 02

Posts: 21

powerj says:

midrange power !!

I have seen the s1000rr going around darley moor race circuit with Richard Cooper on board ( he has the lap record here ) . Richard is riding one in superstock next year and recons if you want to win superstock you need a BMW !    He came 5th on an R1 in 2009 ( the only R1 in top 10)    . However it did seem to lack midrange power compared to Blade ---my observation .  It needed clutch to lift the front on most occasions . I will try one before I trade my 09 blade for one thats for sure. I did have a site on it in the paddock too . Im 5ft 8 and could touch the floor with both feet almost flat so it definately fits me better than any other 1000 .   

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Mar 08

Posts: 65

lucas66 says:

a face that mamma can't love

damn, this bike is ugly.It looks like its been crashed already. But i'm glad it does . This is going to separate those who want a bike that looks pretty , from those that want a bike that is a performer. Hopefully somebody will pitt it against the CBR and R1 soon so we can see if its up to the task.then i'll take one in black so i don't have to stare at its ugly lines in broad daylight...

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