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Gary Pinchin  says:

Donington Park operators enter administration

Donington Park faces an uncertain future with news announced today that the company holding the circuit lease has entered administration. For bikes fans the news places a huge question mark over the future of the circuit’s two major 2010 events:  the World Superbike round scheduled for August1 and the British Superbike round schedule for September 12.  The affairs of Donington Ventures...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (18 November 2009 16:21)

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Jan 09

Posts: 845

v1nn1e says:

Oh dear!

Perhaps cash that would otherwise have been poured into this place can be spread around some of the other circuits...?

"It needs people of vision to get the dream to the starting grid..."

Either that or someone that's completely blind... <¬)

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Nov 09

Posts: 146

Oh dear oh dear

This is awful news. Must admit its been a few years since I've been there, but had planned to take no.1 son next summer - it was a great circuit....

Whilst I usually hate the never ending calls for tax payer (our!) money to dig people out of holes, this must surely be a candidate?  Britain has more WSB riders than anyone and is a centre of excellence for GP cars and yet we are in danger of not being able to host either event. Given the billions thrown at banks who are now going to use some of it to fund their own bonuses, this would need a comparative drop in the ocean (I know it all adds up, but) would help employment and support national prestige (in a real dive) - just look at some of the new tracks that have been produced elsewhere with government support - how about a MCN led campaign/petition?!!

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Dec 08

Posts: 1291

boybilly1967 says:

The dream has turned into a right old nightmare, lets hope they can recover from this after losing 2 blue ribband events, MotoGP and F1.

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Feb 04

Posts: 194

shit hole

i am sorry but the last time i went to donnington there were porta loos any company thats diregards the paying public like donnington did derserves to go under  full stop.  lets get wsb to brands again then they can close the shit hole

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May 09

Posts: 35

MrRock says:

Download Festival

It's been donkey's years since I've seen any motor sport live at Donington but it's the rock festivals I go for.  Download festival was great a few years ago but the last two years have not been the best. Mainly down to leaky portaloos with p*ss and sh*t running all over the place and a band line-up that stinks like the loos.  Bring back Monsters of Rock!

I always thought is was an odd move to try and get the British F1 round instead of Silverstone.  As a circuit Donington is great for bikes and Silverstone is great for F1 cars, it made sense.  Changing the circuit to try and accomodate F1 seemed destined to fail from the start. I also heard some talk of Brands Hatch going for F1 but that seems to be more hearsay than anything.

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Feb 04

Posts: 987

Flatten it Forever

Please god let this awful place close forever and wipe it off the face of British motor-sport forever!

I hope the airport buys it and shuts it down

I feel sorry for people who used to work there but it just cant deliver acceptable customer care that is expected for the price we pay and the racing is nearly always spread out with boring finishes.

The opportunity to rid us race fans of this awful place must not be missed.

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Apr 06

Posts: 1216

CosherB says:

i admire the optimism of the administrator, but F1 won't be going to Donington, so get real.  once Silverstone sews up the British Grand Prix and gets a long contract, this will then allow the BRDC to redevelop the circuit and give MotoGP no reason to leave Silverstone any time soon.  if Jonathan Palmer can't be convinced to pick up Donny, or if there isn't a benefactor with a pot of cash (not credit) ready to spend, i fear the worst for the place.  there is plenty of time to tidy up Donny and get it ready for 2010, but a new operator needs to be in place asap.

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Dec 08

Posts: 1975

thestig08 says:

losing sight of the customer?

Since the very early days of donington they disregarded the lifeblood of the sport and set about segregating the paying public from the people they came to see,so much so that year by year you cant even see the numbers on the machines,and buying a programme is a waste of money as you can't follow it ,only those of us that just know "who it is we are looking at"can keep up with any one race,to take a friend or a youngster and expect them to be able to follow a race is pointless,and since day one the toilets etc have been a disgrace,but donington carried on ,oblivious to the cutomers needs,the corpoate suites grew in number and the expensive seated viewing also, and then follows only the red eyed greed of first the moto gp's and then formula one was on their list,a bite too big!moto'gp has gone home to Silverstone and unless ,Bernie Ecclestone wants to bag a bargain or a consortium including him,buy's donington and "awards"himself the f1 gp I see no hope for the place,it only has a real value to Ecclestone, and if he is not interested then it will either become an extention of the airport or a low grade race track fighting for it's existance on anb on going saga basis,there is a lot to be said for the Cadwells and oulton's etc of this world ,in life getting too big for your boots is not alway's the way forward,it's taken a long time but Donington,you reap what you sow !  I hope you survive but learn your lesson,somehow I doubt that both are possible

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Sep 04

Posts: 9

djer73 says:

poor managment to blame.

i love donnington as a venue, the track is amazing and offers some of the best viewing points in the world. for years there has been under investment and frankly they bit off more than they could chew by trying to get f1. if the management had listened to the fans year on year request for upgrades and implimented them annually, the cost for such a massive upgade, that wasneeded for f1, would have been much smaller. which in turn would have been more of an attractive proposition to investers. alternatively, they should not have even bothered thinking about f1 and made upgrades soley for motogp/wsb/bsb, spoke to each of the series bosses to try to arrange smaller hosting fees for each championship until the upgrades where complete. at least that way they would have been lees reliant on outside funded.

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Sep 04

Posts: 9

djer73 says:

to cosherb

maybe we could call roman abramovich! what's his number again? :)

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