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Guy Procter  says:

What to do if it’s snowed while you’ve been at the office

Cold is the enemy of bike control – causing limbs to stiffen and concentration to recede. In order to have a safe ride through snow (or any really cold conditions) you must be warm. Luckily many places of work are rich in insulating materials you can co-opt if you need to improvise. BubblewrapUparalleled warmth-to-weight ratio. Wrap twice around your torso before putting on...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (20 November 2009 14:15)

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Jan 09

Posts: 61

tinktonk says:


I'd have thought that the problem if it snowed is that, well, it had snowed? It's normally colder in the morning than the evening so wouldn't you already have your collection of plastic bags, newspapers & bubble-wrap from the morning? Just leaving you to worry about the snow?

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Mar 09

Posts: 29

bergenhaus says:


What tinktonk said - riding in the snow advice might actually be useful, and that's why we clicked on this article!

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Dec 08

Posts: 9

mandrakejake says:

Slippy stuff

What about the fact that snow and ice is slippy!?

Try using higher gears than normal and resist the urge to rip open the throttle ;-)

PS. If you ride a twin like me, good luck gearing down!

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Sep 07

Posts: 166

andyjn says:

Above all

Keep your feet on the deck and practice skiing home as you fishtail all over the place and kiss our arse good buy if you need (through lack of planning) to brake suddenly, LOL

I’m thinking the lack of planning that gets you to the moment is - probably down to waking up half asleep, not watching the weather report or ominous cloud formations, jumping on the bike to work then think OH F##K ;)

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Ian Version 2.0™


Aug 08

Posts: 100

This article sucks

Don't you think that those of us that ride through winter will have already accounted for the fact that it'll be cold?

How about some actual tips on riding in snowy or icy conditions? You know, some tips that might actually be useful as opposed to 'If it's snowed - wrap up warm'. Thanks MCN.

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Sep 08

Posts: 10

900Number says:

Sort it out MCN!!

Do you ride to work in winter or do you take the car/public transport?? As it seems you've got no idea as to what riders really want tips on. I have the right clothes or I wouldn't bother in the first place and I know the insulating properties of trapped air. I'd like to hear pearls of wisdom on control, planning etc.

For those of us who's only transport is our bike regardless of weather, here are some things I've learnt so far:

Tree's overhanging the road are a hot spot for black ice. As are Diesel spills so all usual diesel cautions apply.

Bridges seem to ice up quicker so in borderline out.

The obvious be smooth with throttling and breaking. 

I take corners with as little lean angle as possible.

Never sit on a cars backside... or even close. I doubt I'd win in a stopping competition whilst staying upright so I always leave good breaking distance (even if sometimes that might be between car and car/path/barrier... but i wouldn't advise it)

Thats all i can think of for now so feel free to add more...

And good luck on the roads cuz thats probably what we need most.

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May 09

Posts: 2

AlfretonRed says:

Strange article

Anyway regarding being on 2 wheels in snow.

I've fallen off 3 times when caught out by snow, my advice would be:

Don't ride in snow.

But some will do, so

Ride on the left hand wheel track and try and avoid crossing over the central line of snow.

Cars right up your arse will be a problem so if poss pull up n let them go.

Side roads are deadly only use if necessary.

Feet up or down?

I prefer feet up but what do I know, I fall off.

Use a cheap scooter in winter so theres less chance of expensive damage.

But the best advice is keep up with weather forecasts and just don't ride if theres any risk of snow.

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Fly by night


Sep 07

Posts: 225

Fly by night says:

Well here is a tip one that is somewhat obvious but is often neglected.

If you happen to be riding on snow it is a brave person that will use the front brake in fact it is most unlikely that you will be able to stop or even slow down with the front brake, use only the back brake very gently, if the front goes the chances of you keeping control is very low, if the back goes you have a much better chance of controlling it.

However if you have a bike that has linked brakes you’re screwed because if you touch the brakes at all you are likely to end up down on the ground.

If you have ABS and you ride on snow the chances are it will get clogged up and become useless in fact quite dodgy as the brakes will snatch.

If you happen to own a deauville 700 and it snows leave the bike where it is and walk as they just don’t like snow and you will probably drop it, the one good thing is you may get lucky and only do minor damage, it is the hardest bike I have ever ridden in snow.

Also smooth throttling and give yourself plenty of room to stop look way ahead and keep an eye behind you because it is probably one of the only times a car driver can have fun in their car and get away with it without too much explanation.

Small bikes are better on snow than the big bikes plus much easier to pick up.

There used to be a substance made by jaguar that you could spray on your tyres to give them grip in the snow for short periods of time but for some unknown reason never put out for bikes.

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Mar 07

Posts: 5

olliewallie says:


Problems with riding bikes in snow are easily solved.

1) Take the car instead.

2) Move to Spain

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