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Steve Farrell  says:

Police sell stolen bike without contacting owner

A motorcyclist spotted his own motorcycle for sale on the internet – only to be told by police the seller was the bikes’ new rightful owner. Strathclyde Police had in fact recovered teenager Andrew Stevenson’s dirt bike shortly after he’d reported it stolen. But the force had flogged it without making any attempt to contact him. Stevenson’s only way to claim...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (20 November 2009 17:23)

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Nov 09

Posts: 146

MCN trying to spread trouble

The headline is 'Police sell', but later on in the text we find that it was 'sold under contract by recovery firm Robb Vehicle Services' ie NOT the police.

We also learn that the police are looking into what went wrong - ' A police spokesman said enquiries were ongoing into when the bike was recovered and why the Stevensons had not been contacted.' and that compensation may be in order.

This is p*ss pour journalism which just seeks to spread controversy amongst a group, many of whom already feel that the police are out to get them.  If some police are, anti bikers I can begin to understand why - Steve Farrell stop trying to stir it; life is already tough enough.

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Oct 07

Posts: 5

cjbevan69 says:

I guess the insurance has already paid up, which I imagine equates to more than the bikes selling price. So therefore, either pay the £60 for the bike and keep the insurance payout, or, pay back the insurance pay out and claim the bike through the courts.

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Sep 09

Posts: 712


If it was regestered as a road bike, OR holding a recent MoT or Road Tax, then it would of been instantly picked up as it would of been red-flagged... Sounds like he wanted it nicked ....

Not taking sides like, but yeah, could of done a lot to stop this ......

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brutale r


Dec 07

Posts: 3258

brutale r says:

sieger and cj

have you 2 clowns ever thought he mite be a MX rider and not a road bike

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Feb 08

Posts: 276

Trumpton3 says:

They've done it before

The police once sold a mate of mines bike he had stolen. He spotted it and informed the police, only to be told that the new owner was the rightful owner now. So he stole it back, and the police came round his house and insisted he give the bike back or would be arrested. So he dismantled the bike totally and handed all the parts back.Now thats an almost happy ending......

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Jul 09

Posts: 7

Yeh Seiger & cj

Why hadn't this 14 year old boy registered taxed & mot'ed his bike.

Perhaps because a rt100 is not a road bike, it's a kiddies field bike, it's not even a proper kids motocross bike. 


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Dec 07

Posts: 61

tackyaccy says:

It's a fact

that if you register you bike or car with the DVLA they become the owner, if you look at your V5 document it states that you are the registered keeper, thats why if you leave your bike or car on yellow lines for a day or two they can hoist it onto the back of a wagon and take it to some compound and charge you an extortonate amount of money to get it back. If the vehcle is not registered and they took it, it would be stealing under common law.

When you passed your driving test you signed the Motoring Act which tells you that you have to pay fuel tax get insurance and an MOT cetificate so that it's legal to ride on the roads of Britain, as Britain is a CORPORATION that the government own and you break the rules of the CORPORATION, they will send you an invite a (summons) so the CORPORATION can lever as much money out of you as possible under statute law.It's the same for anything you register wether it be a bike, car, house,you submit an application and registeration form,   Just stop and think for a minute wern't we all registered at birth by our parents, did we get a choice!. mmmm. The Goverment own us all to do what they like with us, SLAVERY. under statute law. Has the penny dropped !



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Dec 08

Posts: 1982

thestig08 says:

why wouldn't a 14 yr old register or insure it ?

What dickheads would say such rubbish ? he is only a kid wanting to enjoy riding a bike off road,maybe it would of been better if the police could of took it off him and crushed it for riding on a green lane or something. I'm sure the poor lad will grow up respecting our "boys" for their help,Some of the comments on here make me wonder if anyone can remember being less than 40! I wonder if he would of been treated better if he wore a track suit a hood took drugs and abused old ladies? No wonder this country is a mess

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Mar 09

Posts: 3

Police State Mafia

This is a very common scam in USA. Police towing contractors are given free title by police to any vehicle listed as stolen. The wrecker contractor either strips the vehicle for parts, or resells it at secret auction. Our previous sheriff confessed in the newspaper to stealign cars with a convicted copkiller towtrucker, and our previous sheriff was sent to prison for stealing $1-million in vehicles per day from RV dealers. I had 2 cars stolen this way, with police and wreckers denying they took them for 2 months, then sending me a $2,500 tow bill. Three class action lawsuits, felony charges filed and 100 towing contractors fired, but I never got my cars back. Here's the court records to prove it.

Now I carry a gun.

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