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Steve Farrell  says:

Police target riders for not wearing hi-vis

Police in Sussex have admitted targeting motorcyclists for not wearing hi-vis bibs. The force stopped 150 commuters for not wearing hi-vis gear in a five-day operation and issued each with a bib which they were told they should wear in a road-side lecture. A force spokesman said: “Riders were given a free hi-vis vest and a talk about road safety,...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (20 November 2009 17:27)

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Apr 08

Posts: 295

forklift says:

Good idea!

I personnally don't wear one but high vis vests need to be better secured to the body. A good zip type with elastic at the waist would stop flapping about and riding up, but then again i tend to ride on dry, clear days as i admit i am a fair weather rider.


Now watch the incoming for being 'a girls blouse'.

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bob the builder


Feb 03

Posts: 197

It wont be long before your house ins companies insist on you wearing one going to the shops or out walking the dog in daylight, just so your covered incase someone walks into you and makes a claim ?

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Apr 08

Posts: 295

forklift says:

very good...

Bob the Builder has hit the nail on the head...however i sometimes wear a high vis vest and end up sweating like Gary Glitter in a Toys R Us aisle.

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Nov 09

Posts: 1

mouseman says:


I think is a great idea i us then in the dark morning and night 

but dont think that when you have it on its a bullet (car ) proof vest  

them car drivers in there heated ,armour, airbagged shell

cause its not them but  YOU WILL COME OF WORST

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Sep 07

Posts: 17

dazzling says:

its our choice.

when will the law let up adults make our own mind up on matters like this, i ride most of the year and always wear a hi-viz in winter, i only wear it so if im in an accident the I BELEIVE plod will treat me different (imo) and lean to my side, as i can argue ive done all i can to prevent this,


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Nov 09

Posts: 24

Morgano says:

Hi viz

I wear a black and white textile jacket designed for a purpose, the purpose to be worn on a motorcycle. But my gripe with wearing a Hi Viz jacket in and around Central london is that I believe that car drivers see Hi Viz equals a bicycle rider and therefore slow, so pull out not bothering to judge speed/distance. The main way to make car drivers aware of motorcycles is every time a car driver is caught doing a dangerous maneuver is to clamp their car for say 2 weeks. No car for 2 weeks, then lets see how they come out of a junction the next time.

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May 09

Posts: 35

MrRock says:

Better Training

If all road users were trained to use their eyes better in the first place then they'd have no trouble seeing a biker or anyother traffic for that matter.  I wrote an old boys car off when I was driving a van because he just pulled out from a side street without looking right - where he would have seen my big white VW transporter with headlights on as it was raining before he put the pedal to the metal less than a dozen meters from where I was travelling within the speed limit.  Twat!  I admit I don't like wearing a hi vis and only do it at night or in rain, fog or other poor visibility conditions, although I do have a denim waistcoat which I wear over my jacket which has plenty of thick scotchlite strips sewn in.

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May 09

Posts: 8

gabbro says:

Strange effect

I started wearing a high vis vest about six months ago and whilst I now rarely encounter people blindly pulling out in front of me, I have noticed (or maybe it’s just coincidence) that some road users who I’m pretty sure have seen me seem to take more chances with me when I’m wearing the vest than when I’m not. Morgano might be right when he suggests that the people see hi vis and equate this to a slow bike, or maybe they just don’t like me.

Overall good idea.

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Jun 08

Posts: 137

Ridefree says:


After years and large mileage on bicycles and mc's the only times I've been pulled out on or rammed from behind at junctions were all, and without exception in exceptionally good visibility and when wearing hiviz. When a motorist says "I didn't see you" they either have eyesight problems or are lying. If you wear hiviz, don't expect that everyone will "see you", in fact ride as if you are not wearing hiviz. But it makes sense to wear hiviz in poor vizability (which is what it's designed for). As our police and ambulance drivers well know, lots of motorists can't see a police car or ambulance close behind them with lights flashing.

"I didn't see you" really means "I didn't look".

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Sep 09

Posts: 210

GSFK9 says:


Enjoy please...

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