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Steve Farrell  says:

Police target riders for not wearing hi-vis

Police in Sussex have admitted targeting motorcyclists for not wearing hi-vis bibs. The force stopped 150 commuters for not wearing hi-vis gear in a five-day operation and issued each with a bib which they were told they should wear in a road-side lecture. A force spokesman said: “Riders were given a free hi-vis vest and a talk about road safety,...

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  • Posted 6 years ago (20 November 2009 17:27)

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Nov 07

Posts: 11

chrispy102 says:

I commute 80 miles a day on v busy motorway and in my experience, its not that you are not visible enough, its that people dont take the required time/effort to have a good look around.

Its irelevant how visible you are if nobody bothers to look.

Dont blame the cops for trying though. They hardly have the budget to stand around junctions waiting for drivers to make a dodgy turn and then educate them, do they?

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Jun 08

Posts: 137

Ridefree says:

Breaking News

In an unprecedented degree of co-operation between Britains leading motorcycling newspaper, and most popular police force, MCM and North Whales police have joined forces to distribute HiViz clothing and self -adhesive flashes to Britains motorcyclists, free of charge, to improve visibilty to those motorists with severley limited driving ability. The exercise is funded by MCM and leading insurance companies, who have designed a range of HiViz wear in a mixture of hiviz colours to suit varying light and weather conditions, and suitable for our fashion conscious motorcyclists.

The exercise is modelled on the Texaco HiViz campaign of the 1980s, which was aimed at schoolchildren when they used to walk to school. Texaco supplied, free of charge, a range of Hiviz wear - possibly the last time any business in Britain gave anything back free of charge to its customers.

An MCM spokesperson, said "we decided to do something about this issue, instead of just moaning about it, unfortunately a police force had already started a campaign, so we just had to object to it, and it is believed that Rossi is going back to Honda".

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Nov 07

Posts: 63

Hi-Visibility - low interest

I'm sure Police actions in this case are well-intentioned but ultimately they're focusing on the wrong target.

I suggest if you plaster everything & everyone on the roads in hi-viz material people naturally adjust concentration & awareness levels to only the most obvious hazards.     In other words - people begin to rely on spoon-fed information the effect of which implies a FALL in awareness & concentration levels which is by far the biggest factor behind most serious & fatal road accidents.

A study this Summer (I think it was in Swindon ?) suggested driver awareness & concentration levels INCREASED when most road markings & signs were REMOVED !

Why ?

It was thought that road users are forced to THINK & assess potential hazards for themselves for more of the time in any given situation rather than switch-off & be spoon-fed information by the proliferation of road signs & markings.

I know this is a bit counter-intuitive but if anyone has had to drive on un-marked (re-surfaced) roads say in the dark - they'll know what I mean !

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Feb 09

Posts: 68

nedd says:

Good idea

What we need is more Education Stops like this but also target the motorists to remind them to look !                 I have thought for a while that a sponsored free bib campaign would give free adverts to the sponsors, help the riders AND COULD ALSO BE USED TO SHOW A RIDER HAS A PERMIT FOR RIDING INTO A CITY AND HAVING FREE PARKING ETC AND USE OF BUS LANES.  ONCE APPLIED FOR THE "CITY PERMIT" THEN GET THE FREE BIB. (Plus in London be exempt from congestion charge etc)  THEN FEWER COMPLAINTS FROM THE CYCLISTS (MOST OF WHOM SEEM TO HAVE FULL WARDROBES OF DARKEST CLOTHING IMAGINABLE AND CAREFULLY PICK DARKEST FOR WHEN DON`T HAVE LIGHTS AT DUSK!!!!). 

Even if there  is a small fee or a permit number attached it would be a handy thing.  Even a very cheap season ticket for free parking and use of bus lanes etc is better than no allowances.   Greetings, Nedd

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Jun 08

Posts: 32

mashedguy says:

hi viz

sorry, but i think stopping motorists who are driving within the law for no other reason than to give them a safety talk and a hi viz vest is taking the piss.  we have the right to drive a bike lawfully without harassment, if i wanted a silly little dayglo belt i'd buy one and as my bike is itself a dayglo yellow sportsbike i really don't see the need.  why not stop 150 random motorists and check their eyesight, or if their wearing their prescription glasses, that would probably save more lives than the little yellow straps. 

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Feb 09

Posts: 13

rdo350 says:

Hi vis

At least if they're doing this they're not hiding behind trees catching people for doing 7 mph over the speed limit....

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big baz 32


Aug 08

Posts: 18

big baz 32 says:

Hi vis vests

The police want to concentrate on bad car driving there are too many drivers on the phone, messing with their radio's, eating and drinking, arguing with the kids, reading directions, combing their hair and all manner of other distractions as well plenty who cannot drive safely at all, these people are driving a vehicle that is leathal to any one they collide with. They are the people the police should be stopping and lecturing on how to be safe, they should have far better things to do with their time than harrass bikers who have commited no crime just because they dont like what they are wearing!

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Nov 09

Posts: 8

police stopping non high viz

hear hear big baz 32 the police should concentrate on bad driver first i can,t understand today police i see it we all see it our roads are full of bad drivers young and old i may be one myself these our the people who the police should target come on.

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Jul 06

Posts: 12

oldgittim says:

Blind car drivers

I'm sorry but I have been Riding motorbikes over 20 years, and have been through the whole get yourself seen thing.
I feel that it is still down to Driver awareness.
I currently cycle to work (yeah yeah let the p1*s taking begin) and have gone for the whole look like a Christmas tree look.
Day glow waterproof jacket sleeve included.
Silver helmet with reflectors
Twin lights front and rear with one on beam other flashing
The result I have been pull out in front of and cut up twice in the last week, with the same “oh sorry mate I did not see you”. When I shouted at them.

So well done to the police for stopping law abiding motorist to warn them “look out some idiot might not see you”, rather than stopping all the ones I pass on the way to and from work, Talking on the mobile phone, No lights on at dark, smoking dope (you can smell it as you cycle past), driving unroad worthy cars.

Rant over
Yours off to eat readybrek so I glow like a tourist at Chernobyl

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Nov 07

Posts: 540

We get it...

Police are as thick as shit... They WILL of course focus their attentions on motorcyclists under the fake guise of giving a shit about their safety as motorcyclists are their TARGET GROUP. They target motorcyclists as they die, lots!

Rather than improve the roads, change/improve driver attitiudes or go after real criminals they would much rather prefer to hassle a minority group safe in the knowledge that they will get away with it and may even find an illegal exhaust or number plate along the way...


I mean, f$ck me... An illegal exhaust or number plate!!! What's the world coming too? Here son, have a hi-viz so we can see you in the distance next time and clock your speed and give you a ticket for that too!!!!

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