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Steve Farrell  says:

Police target riders for not wearing hi-vis

Police in Sussex have admitted targeting motorcyclists for not wearing hi-vis bibs. The force stopped 150 commuters for not wearing hi-vis gear in a five-day operation and issued each with a bib which they were told they should wear in a road-side lecture. A force spokesman said: “Riders were given a free hi-vis vest and a talk about road safety,...

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  • Posted 5 years ago (20 November 2009 17:27)

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field archer


Apr 08

Posts: 69

field archer says:

hi viz

Sussex police and council seem to have lots of money to spend on their own personal critera but not on real road safety, i,e new pretty pink tarmac in Haywards Heath while potholes are left unfilled, stopping bikers for hi viz, motorists on mobile phones, jumping red lights, no indicators, drinking, eating toast on M23 etc ignored. If you live and ride in Sussex you will know what I mean.

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Mar 09

Posts: 18

sidspeakin says:

nice police man

Why doesn't plod turn out at bike meets  to hand out hi viz vests instead of pulling you over on your way to work.

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Oct 07

Posts: 754

windy12 says:

re fozzy bear

Good point about slow riders not keeping up with traffic, especially in poor light etc, ie not perfect visibility.

That is one time where they would work, especially where cars are swooping round them rather than giving them their part of the road and indicating etc, which they are supposed to do but dont.

I agree with that situation.  A good High VIS belt should do the trick.


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Nov 09

Posts: 3

Police arget riders for not wearing Hi-Viz

I sort of 'compromise' on the hi viz thing & wear an "H-Belt" (same as police riders) does it make a difference? Pass!!

The people who posted about car drivers not looking are quite right, most of 'em don't, but I haven't got a scooby as to how to make them do so. One guy I used to work with nearly had a Police Biker off and gave the old "smidsy" excuse - to a copper wearing hi-viz and the bike have more stripes etc than a tiger!! The bollocking given was something to behold!!! 

Quoting Article 8 of the HRA is irrelavant, Police have the Power to stop any road user under the Road Traffic Act, and will continue to do so.

I think there is too much Hi-Viz around (especially the yellow sort) as it's now so familiar it just 'blends in' with everything else - maybe wearing a orange hi viz would be better?  



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ste birc


Aug 07

Posts: 210

ste birc says:

Good idea i'd say well done!

For those who have read this or a member of mcn im sure we'd have something to say. Well we would have because we are bikers and we have opinions about what effects us as bikers.

Now what about those bikers out there who are not a member of MCN and who are new, old, grey, fat, blue, yellow, tall and slim and have no idea of what MCN is? This initiative is probably to target those bikers who would really benifit from the Police involvement. It does work.

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Oct 05

Posts: 13

deebeeh says:


Before having to listen to some condescending lecture from a police officer it would be best for them to put their own house in order.

Police cars cause nine crashes every day 6/05/2009
More than nine crashes a day are caused by police cars, according to new figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.
Officers admitted causing 3,357 crashes last year, an average of more than 64 a week, many caused by basic driving errors.Crashes resulted from failing to stop at junctions, doing U-turns without looking, taking bends too quickly and failing to use mirrors when reversing.The figures show that of the crashes caused by police, 2,492 involved people driving another vehicle, with 126 of these people needing hospital treatment.

Previous figures have estimated that more than 150 people have died in police-related car crashes since 2004, including 79 during pursuits.

A spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers, defended the national driver training programme. He said: “These figures must also be viewed in the context of the fact that there are tens of thousands of police vehicles on the road.”

(Daily Telegraph 06 05 09)

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Sep 09

Posts: 11

fozzybear says:

Police Driver Training

Beats me how ACPO (chief officers) can defend the National Police Driver Training Programme.

The last training I had was in 1990!!!! The rules for pursuit driving in my force alone have changed at least 4 times since then, and I've had no further or refresher  training!!

Yet everyday I'm still expected to drive to the standards I met nearly 20yrs ago. Not going to happen is it??

Too deebeeh -  whilst I fully accept the figures re police admitting to 3357 crashes last year, you have to put the tragic "police related" fatalities into perspective. Obviously even one is too many. But there are no actual figures kept of these where the police driver is at fault. For example if I'm involved in a pursuit, and then abhort for whatever reason, and the other vehicle crashes 10minutes later it's still recorded as police related, even though I'm now miles away!!

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Mar 09

Posts: 743

bikerbit says:

Ok high vis would be good but in the end pointless yes you heard me pointless it doesnt make you more noticable if the person isnt lookin which I have to point out is the truth about ppl in cars they dont look all in there nice little bubbles and completely oblivious to things around them lets face it  is there anyone hear that can honestly say that they dont have at least one near miss at least once a week where the person just pulls out with out looking

Sorry people but high Vis wont work they will still say they wont see you hell you could have a brigth yellow bike the loudest can you can find and they still dont see you and its not because you are invisable its because they dont bloody look or think they can pull out on teh bike cause he will break or if I hit him will just say didnt see him the police them selves are more likely to prosicute the biker because he must have been going to fast and while your laying at teh side of teh road unable to defend your self or carted away to hospital the guy who caused it is getting teh boot in while your down so to speak 


So unfortunetly Hi Vis is pointless as teh arseholes still wont see you and pull out any way teh only time high vis coud be handy and I stress this could would be dureing fog as the tail light on bikes are harder to see or better yet put fog light on a bike as standard 

its all lot of crap if your pulled over and given a lecture and given a high vis vest hand them it back or give them a smack as lets face it you wouldnt put up with any one else giveing you a lecture when you have done nothing wrong so why put up with theres remember people all they have is a badge not a god given right to do as they please 


But am sure they will pass a law saying you have to wear hi vis but realy if the car cant see the big head lights  or teh noise of the bike then high vis is a waste or time 

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Nov 09

Posts: 1

Dreg says:

Hi Vis Vest

Now we are being forced to wear day-glows are the Police going to give one to all cyclists & pedestrians & teach them how, to cross the roads correctly at crossing points, & teach cyclists how to use cycle lanes & stop them from jumping of the footpaths & on to the roads with out looking & teach them that a stop sign or a giveway sign also applies to them!
It not what you wear, it is down to attitude, you can be a "Day Glow Derek" & the driver will look at you square in the eyes, still pull out & will still do the "Sorry mate I did not see you" because he still thinks it's only a bike !
When I rode sports bike, I got pulled out on by your Reps in their Vectras, phone clamped to their ears all the time, & you know he saw you as you were looking him in the eye! Yet when I was on the chop I was never pulled out on, I was all of a sudden visible, not because I was wearing a Hi-Vis Vest, because I was not, I had a matt black pisspot helmet on, wrap round shades, a long beard, loud pipes, & an attitude to match, The drivers saw me just as they had before, but this time I had Attitude on my side, & the drivers stayed where they were & why because they feared if they pulled out on you, they might get hurt!
It down to Attitude not what you wear!


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Oct 05

Posts: 13

deebeeh says:

Damned lies and statistics

Hi Fozzybear, you make a good point about misleading statistics and that's my point too.

If police collated records on police accidents do not reflect the true accident causal rate, then why are they collected?

A statistic worth knowing would be the number of riders not wearing hi-viz involved in no fault collisions with motorists compared with those who are so equipped. You could then make a rational decision about the effectiveness of the clothing.

I'm prepared to bet there is no significant statistical difference and the whole "give a jacket away" scheme is another ill thought out stunt worthy of the lame brains in ACPO and just another excuse to look concerned.

By the way, do you know if eskimo motorcyclists wear matt black hi viz?



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